Why I am counting down the days until Christian Eriksen is sold

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
Dom Le Roy

I am a huge fan of Christian Eriksen and always have been since he made the switch from Ajax. The Great Dane’s mixture of free-flowing attacking play, devilish assists, deadly shooting from the edge of the box, and taste for late goals makes him exciting to watch.

I am also a firm believer that there are few playmakers out there better than Eriksen at this moment in time, so why am I so keen for him to leave?

The short answer is: because he wants to. In an interview with the Danish media, Eriksen revealed that he wanted a new challenge and a step up from Spurs next season (Ekstra Bladet).

While he still remains at the club weeks later and no bids have come in for him, I believe that those words have sealed his fate.

You simply cannot state that you want to leave and then suddenly flick a switch and be fully committed to staying.

Even if Eriksen signed a new deal with a buyout clause, who is to say that he would get his head down and play well next season? What would happen if Madrid came back for him next year? What would happen to Tottenham’s transfer budget?

I do not blame Eriksen for wanting to join one of the biggest teams in the world, but in my view, he has made his bed now. I wish him all the best and will applaud him and thank him if he is to exit, but Spurs should cash in and invest for the future now.

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  1. Applaud? Nah mate not even a slight clasping of the hands. Downed tools last year like a baby, not like Toby or bale in his last season, doesn’t show up in the biggest game of his life!!!! I’ll applaud for his attitude outta the club yes.
    And your 100% correct, he’s made his bed and has nowhere else to go now but out the door

  2. Out shouldn’t be offensive that an additional 150,000 pounds a week to play at the biggest club in the world is an attractive prospect. Of course he wanted the move. But If that’s fallen through, and no other huge opportunities come through them im sure he’d like to be at spurs next season. And just because you are interested in a better opportunity doesn’t mean you’re suddenly going to stop doing your job well: ambition doesn’t cancel out your work ethic. Bale wanted to leave for a couple seasons, yet his last at spurs was his best by a margin. Same with Suarez at Liverpool. How long did de gea want to leave United? 5 years? If eriksen leaves then fair play, but he’s undeniably one of our best players, and entirely professional and mature enough to keep working hard for the club if he falls back on signing a new contract at spurs. Id love to see a midfield of Ndombele, eriksen, alli, and lo celso. Don’t think that’ll happen, but dare to dream.

  3. Eriksen hasn’t had his heart in Spurs’ success for some time now – impressive performances are occasional, and he has been as like to sit on the edge of a game as take it by the scruff of the neck. As far as Poch is concerned, once a player says he wants out, he ceases to exist, and I think that’s the way it will go. Even if he can’t be sold, he will be marginalised

  4. I find the treatment that Eriksen has gotten from the fans since the interview in Danish media rather troubling. Besides the fact that most of the fans have not seen the interview and that most of the fans would be unable to understand the interview if they saw it as it was in Danish, it was an interview in a Danish tabloid so there is no way of knowing exactly what he said. Christian has spend the last 6 years with the club and has given us more kilometer on the field and has been involved in more goals that any other player on the team. For that I think he deserves much more respect than what had been shown from the fans the last couple of months. And he has been doing this at a salary that has below his maker value. If he want to explore the market to see if he can get paid closer to market value I think he should be allowed and if we want to keep him we would have to more than double his current salarY. It doesn’t seem to be a problem for us to pay this kind of salary to some of the new players coming in so why should it be a problem paying that to Eriksen considering the importance he had been for the team.

  5. Decent player, but fails too often on the basics and attitude. Also saves his best for his international rather than club shirt.

    I’ll never forget them interviewing him seconds after the CL win over City. Everyone was ecstatic and he was completely flat. I thought them that he must have been thinking of moving on and so it proved.

    Poch is wedded to the Project, Eriksen is clearly not on board and is focussed elsewhere. I’d take anything over £50m for him and get Lo Celso, Fernandes or Fekir in asap

    Let Eriksen go see if the Madrid Circus is everything it’s cracked up to be, we need a guy in his shirt with an appetite for the next chapter

  6. Decent player, but fails too often on the basics and attitude

    Really??,,,,do watch a lot of games?

    People seem to have short term memories, he was crap in the last game (CL final) therefore he`s rubbish:

    Can I just remind:
    He is often our player who covers the most ground in games (look at the stats)
    He scored a blast minute goal a few games before the end of the season (Brighton) that effectively got our CL place next season
    Maybe his performances weren`t up his usual high standard in the 2nd half of last season as he was the one player who seemed irreplaceable, therefore played nearly every game and was perhaps knackered?

    By all means say it`s time to move on the a bigger club (so Real, Barca, Juve or City) if you want, but don`t talk shit saying he has a bad attitude and will not be missed


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