Why Spurs fans should get off Trippier’s back

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Tottenham Hotspur right back Kieran Trippier has received mixed reviews throughout the season so far, but in my opinion, fans need to cut him some more slack.

The full back was injured in England’s semi-final against Croatia at the World Cup in the summer, but returned to play in the third place play off just days later.

He was part of the side that gave England fans some of their best moments in years, and because the country made it so far, he was barely given a pre season before the Premier League kicked off.

Trippier never really recovered from this issue sustained on international duty, and endured some extremely patchy form in the League before finally falling foul to the injury.

We all know that on Trippier’s day he is a fantastic player, capable of defending sensibly while offering a unique attacking threat.

Since returning from injury, Tripps has played plenty of minutes over the Christmas period, and played a big part in sensational wins over Everton and Arsenal.

He has still been a little dodgy in defensive areas, but with the severe injury problems and fatigue he has been contending with, I think we have to allow the odd mistake.

His main back up, Serge Aurier, is also out injured, with only Kyle Walker-Peters around to relieve Trippier and give him any kind of rest.

Despite this, Tripps has continued to be an attacking threat, and is still racking up assists and chances created with his pinpoint delivery.

We know he can reach a higher level defensively, Spurs fans just need to be patient while he recovers and rediscovers his best form, in my opinion.

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  1. I have been going to every spurs home games since the last season at the lane and have seen 1st hand that trippier is not at the standard needed for what poch needs at rb. On his day he has a great cross but when thats not working he offers very little else. Defensivly hes always been lacking and gets esposed by any winger with pace or skill.and going forward apart from a great cross, he cant beat a man and always 90% of the time passes backwards. Hes only good when we have the majority of possesion against teams like cardiff. In the games it matters in the prem and CL hes been exposed too many times. Hes a major downgrade from walker. All the above can also be said about davies on the left

    Chillwell and perreira from leicester would be good replacements for davies and trippier

  2. Seen all games this season and clearly he has lost too much for him to rely on regular games. He nearly never can outpace or beat his man and shows no confidence. His passing back or sideways causes the team to stop pressing resulting in me groaning when he does get the ball. A long rest is needed.

  3. Not good enough-all this bull about rest after World Cup is a joke-He’s been well below par this season-Aurier when fit shout be 1st choice RB-Last 5/6 games he’s been all over the shop-Liability

  4. Kyle Walker is now being found out at Man C. Good deal getting £55m for him especially as he ratted on Spurs at a crucial part of the season. We have three options but none of them perfect for RB. But Seb is right; there are too many Tottenham fans whose main interest is in baiting our own players. Some of the juvenile taunts leveled at our own players will not improve them. But patience is in short supply with some people; not why I would call “supporters”.


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