Why there was a huge drop in people watching the Champions League final this year

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
Dom Le Roy

The Champions League final may still be a painful memory for some Tottenham fans, as they watched their club fall short of the trophy earlier this month.

Spurs took on Liverpool on June 1 in Madrid for the honour of becoming Champions of Europe, but were unable to find a way past the Premier League runners-up.

However, the route to the final was certainly a memorable one for Pochettino and his players, as they saw off the likes of Borussia Dortmund, Man City, and Ajax in the knockout stages.


Their semi-final second leg against Ajax in Amsterdam will go down in history as one of the greatest ever Champions League matches, as a 45-minute Lucas Moura hat-trick completed a 3-0 deficit turnaround to see Spurs qualify for the final on away goals.

However, there was a huge drop in people actually watching the final this year, as two Premier League teams battled it out for the trophy.

The game was free to watch in the UK via BT Sport and, as such, figures were up 76%, unsurprisingly with such strong Prem representation.

However, Brazil saw a drop of over 90%, while Germany also posted plummetting figures. Overall worldwide figures were also down 53%, with pay-to-watch TV being blamed for the fall (Football London).

Spurs Web Opinion:

Price hikes are killing football, in my opinion. Hiding the Champions League Final behind pay TV is like charging to watch the World Cup final. Football should be about the fans, yet supporters are squeezed of every single penny from season to season, purely for trying to show their support and enjoy the beautiful game.

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  1. I agree wholeheartedly. In America we used to get every game every weekend but 2 seasons ago NBC brought in the Gold Pass so now we get whichever games they think are important enough. The rest you must pay for the gold pass in order to see them. I will never pay for gold pass. The money grabbing, greedy pr*&s! If you cant afford to show all the games then don’t bid to be the Premier League broadcast station in America. I’m sure FOX would love to have it back. Anyway you hit a touchy subject with me. I am not sure that was the reason for the drop in watching or not but im sure it played a part.


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