Why we never score from corners


Perhaps the following helps explain why our 20 (twenty!) corners went to waste on Sunday.

Picture one is a pic from up in the gods at Wembley, Bentley clipping one in in the second half towards the waiting pack.


Picture two is a blow up of the six yard area and shows why neither Bassong nor Pav are likely to get on the end of it.


Wrestling anyone?

So given that the ref wasn’t going to give us the time let alone a penalty, perhaps our lads need to learn to be a bit more savvy & lot more physical in the box.


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  1. Doesn't really matter when every single corner is aimed at Crouch…the same corner…over and over again. You've got to wonder why they even bother to hold Pav and Bassong, they ain't getting the ball.

    That said, I'm surprised Portsmouth didn't get a free-kick after the two defenders were impeded like that…

  2. I just can't understand why bale does not take our corners on the right,he has a wicked left foot and if he whips it in at pace it woul cause havoc,all I ever see is outswining corners that come to nothing it's infuriating when we have a lethal weapon in bales left foot….for f—'s sake someone have a word with Harry !!!

  3. This wrestling happens in every game. How other teams handle is by using their team-mates. One to block of the defender so the other can go after the ball. Unfortunately it never happens with the Spurs team. Everyone is on their own. You don't realy see much team work. Everyone just goes into the penalty box and hope to get the ball.
    One more thing i realise from our corners, Modric alywas runs up for a short pass but they hardly use him. Only 1 time out of 10 …maybe. Its such a waste. He should be hanging around outside the penalty box instead.
    Agree with Jimbo, all corners are for Crouch to knock down in the penalty box. He may get to the ball, but he doesn't head it very well. He had 2 clear headers in the game but just couldn't place it. Its a waste realy.

  4. Beacuse when he is playing full back he may need to get back quickly if the ball suddenly gets back into our own half, basic stuff. Not forgettting Bentley is the new Beckham!


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