Woodgate injury concerns Redknapp


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Harry Redknapp has expressed his concerns over Jonathan Woodgate’s protracted recovery from injury, with physios claiming they are still to get to the bottom of his injury.

Woodgate hasn’t appeared since the 9-1 demolition of Wigan in November and Redknapp has admitted he is a little worried that the cause of the problem is unclear.

“Hopefully when he comes back he will be able to train properly, but he is not able to train at the moment.

“It is just a case of trying to get to the bottom of what is causing the problem. He has had a few operations on that area and we are finding it difficult to solve the problem.

“It is concerning for him as well.

“He wants to play football as much as anybody, more than anybody. But hopefully in a couple of weeks, it could go away in the same way as it came.

“They feel that the strengthening work that they are doing now is starting to show some signs of improvement. We just hope that that’s going to do the trick for now.

“But I think he feels he’s working hard now and he’s hoping that he’s on the way back.”

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  1. This injury reminds me of the sad day that my Football or Rugby league days where finished .This sounds like its coming from is spine and the position he plays he will be Lucky if he carry “s on playing .When you have groin problems your hips Tilt to stop the pain and your groin muscles weaken and then under pressure they pull.The way to help this if he is doing weights is tape the weak area up and then use the weights and keep moving this tape right up to is groin and work on the opposite hip to see if woodgate has a small Tilt in is Hip area after fighting a spine disease at the age of 20 and then at 34 a new hip through cortisone injections .I learned to fight it my own way,and 58 years onmy other Hip is still my own and I was told both Hips would need replacing


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