‘Worst footballer I have ever seen’ – Some Spurs fans slate this starter after Newcastle game


Tottenham Hotspur’s Harry Winks has been one of the brightest sparks in the Lilywhites academy and in English football in general over the past two seasons.

Since emerging as a first-team regular, the youngster has improved his game year on year, adding driving runs, ball retention, killer passes, and pace to burn.

However, over the past few months, that seems to have all gone out of the window, which was encapsulated by his performance against Newcastle.

The Spurs academy graduate’s game was reduced to simple and boring sideways passing, which he still managed to give away on numerous occasions.

We are used to seeing Winks collect the ball, look up, pick a pass, and play is positively, smoothly, and sharpish into feet.

He keeps the game moving and makes it far harder for opposition teams to shift from side to side when defending. However, yesterday, he slowed the game down to a painful level.

Some Spurs fans were not happy on Twitter:

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  1. Friggin Toon played with 10 players defending … Spurs should have run at them forcing them to foul. Not that Dean would have been bothered considering his failure to notice the Grid iron tackling being used on Kane? Running at a pack like Toons is a good way to break down the ‘parked bus’. The commentators kept saying we needed more width, they just sat in front of the goal so that wouldn’t have worked.


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