“Worst referee in the league” – Spurs fans furious with Michael Oliver over penalty calls

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
Dom Le Roy

Tottenham came away with a 3-1 win over Leicester City at Wembley to keep themselves in the hunt for the title.

The game which was a closely contested affair, saw quite a few controversial calls by referee Michael Oliver.

In the first half Son Heung-Min was booked for diving after he went down from a challenge from Harry Maguire. However, replays clearly showed that the South Korean had gotten a touch on the ball before he was tripped by the England defender.

Oliver made another controversial call in the second half when he awarded a penalty to Leicester after James Maddison went down under a challenge from Jan Vertonghen. Looking at the replay, it was once again clear that Oliver had gotten his decision wrong as it was Maddison who appeared to force the contact with Vertonghen before going down easily.

Fortunately, Leicester didn’t manage to convert the penalty as Vardy’s spot-kick was well saved by Hugo Lloris. Staggeringly, it took until the 52nd minute before Spurs were handed their first free kick in the game as all the decisions had gone the Foxes way until then.

Naturally, Spurs fans weren’t too happy with the officiating in the game. Here’s how some fans reacted on social media:



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  1. Oliver performance today has been disgraceful, has the FA asked him to make sure Spurs done win.
    Wouldn’t let him officiate an under 16 match, he is so bad

  2. Unfortunately we have some pathetic referees in the premiership. Mike ‘Adolf Hitler’ Dean who spends more time looking at the camera than the match, Martin ‘Blind as a Bat’ Atkinson who is either taking bribes or is trying to win twat of the year award and Michael ‘Should have gone to Specsavers’ Oliver who would struggle with a kids under 5 match. Yes mistakes happen and are part of the game, but do you see this rubbish in Rugby? Are the supposed ‘refs’ big enough and honest enough to come out after the match and apologise for their failings? Or do the miserable old farts that run football ever come out and admit that the standard of refereeing is rubbish? No never. And that’s why English refs are a laughing stock around the world. Oh yes, Oliver wins dick of the year award, worst performance I have seen this season

  3. And don’t forget this is the same ref ,who denied a penalty against LFC when Son was taken out ,to give us a penalty with the last kick of the game …….does he hate Spurs or is he just a rascist who hates Koreans


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