They say a year is a long time in football


October 20, 2010, was a year ago tomorrow.

A quick internet search will no doubt remind you that October 20, 2010, was the day that Apple launched a redesigned MacBook Air, the day that thousands of Americans wore purple to work and school to recognise anti-bullying occasion Spirit Day and it was also the inaugural World Statistics Day.

You, however, might remember it better as the day the world changed. Actually, I’ll rephrase that… the day that Gareth Bale changed the world.

Yes, believe it or not, it was still less than 12 months ago that a reported 12,000 of us were basking in the sunshine and soaking up the culture and unfamiliar surroundings of a major European city… on a WEDNESDAY.

Inter at the San Siro was THE one. The game which every Spurs fan with adventure in their heart and space on their credit card was going to attend.

For those of us under the age of 35 it bore all the hallmarks of a once in a lifetime experience. Our one guaranteed dinner date at the top table of world football. Our one chance to make an impression, a real impression.

Well, we certainly did that, and the memories are still fresh a year on. And it’s a good job too because we need them even more during Champions League nights this season.

Our absence from the Premier League’s top four places in May left one huge, overpowering question.

No, nothing to do with Modric’s future, Harry’s court case, Blue and Yellow or the Olympic Stadium, nope, it’s what the hell are we supposed to do on Champions League nights now?

As I see it there are six basic options for disgruntled Yids.

Option 1 – Watch The Filth game in the burning hope that they suffer horrendous misfortune and end up failing miserably.

The pros are that it can be funnier than a comedy and more gripping than a drama. Con is they might win.

Option 2 – See Option 1 but replace The Filth with Man City.

Option 3 – Get bored to tears watching Chelsea win 2-0 against the third best team in the third best Scandinavian league.

Option 4 – Play ‘questionable refereeing decision at Old Trafford bingo’ as United snooze past another Romanian minnow on their way to topping their group with 16 points from 18.

Option 5 – Pick a random game on the red button to scout some obscure Burkina Faso striker who will absolutely, definitely, 100 per cent be signing for us in January.

Option 6 – Watch a random game between two teams which should provide decent footballing entertainment. This option is generally fine for the first 15 minutes until reality sets in and you realise that Champions League football is only exciting when we’re playing it.

In hindsight, none of those look too appealing do they?

Maybe it’s best to sit through a double-bill of Don’t Tell the Bride to keep the other half sweet, safe in the knowledge that the goodwill might come in handy in 12 months time when you tell her you’re off to watch Spurs away in Munich during Oktoberfest.

By Alex Hoad

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  1. This year, Chelsea isn't in a group with any scandivavian teams. Last year they beat the best scandinavian team of all. Get your facts right

  2. The Scandinavian reference was not based on this week's fixtures, and actually neither was the United one. They were in reference to the perceived 'easy draws' which English sides seem to get in the CL group stages.

  3. Belguim is in Northern Europe. Its full of great chips decent bottled beer and peds. Bit like Highbury without the cips and beer. How the fuck can you think Belguim is in Scando my clit is frozen land.??????????????????'


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