Yet another plot twist in the Alderweireld saga

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After a deal for Toby Alderweireld to join Manchester United was believed to be sealed, The Daily Mail report Spurs have not yet even received an official bid.

Another bombshell has been dropped in the ongoing saga of whether Alderweireld will stay or will he go?

It was reported on Saturday, a deal had been agreed between the two sides for the Belgian defender to join the Red Devils for a £60m fee.

Only four days remain until the transfer window shuts for the rest of the year but Spurs remain the only side not to have signed anyone.

If a deal for Alderweireld to leave fabricates it could leave Daniel Levy in a mad-dash to replace the Belgian.

Spurs had been linked with a move for Ajax’s Matthijs de Ligt earlier in the summer but to no prevail.

The other major European leagues have not signed up to such an early transfer deadline, meaning Levy could tempt a foreign side such as Ajax to release one of their defenders.

However, if he could get the deal over the line in such a short space of time would prove to be a small miracle.

Spurs fans, on a scale of 1-10 how frustrated would you be to see ALderweireld leave so late on in the transfer window?

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  1. I’m sick of the whole thing to be honest. Why we would be willing to lose a player of his quality baffles me let alone let him go to a rival!! Maybe Alderwiereld is the problem and wants to go??

    • Couldn’t agree more, Toby could have gone on to be as big legend as King, but now he’ll be remembered as just another Adepaymemore player, sad really!!

  2. I’d honestly be really disappointed if he would leave in the next 4 days. I know that he wants to leave but he is one of the best centre-backs in the world. With Toby in 2016/17 we managed to concede only 26 goals in the league. Last year it was 36 with mostly Jan and Davinson. Plus, he is a great threat from set-pieces. So, it doesn’t really make any sense to let him leave, especially for a rival. 10/10 disappointment for me if he’d leave.

  3. Or levy could put the money in the fir a rainy day, !!! No signings of any consequence at Spurs this window, oh same as previous windows, buy poor players at the last moment maybe??

  4. A deal to stay with Spurs could still be done, with a good pay increase though for three more years rather than at this stage for anything longer. After that, one-year extensions by mutual agreement. It would show both sides had compromised and wanted to continue with a much-loved player and a club going somewhere. If he were to go to Manchester United, then I’d want that to be part of a swap with Martial who sounds like he can’t take much more up there.

  5. It’s all one way traffic with Man Utd – their way. We should never sell to a rival, look at Walker. If we are going to sell then we need a comparable replacement not a star in the making 2/3 years down the line. Levy always wants cheap so that he can make a handsome profit and I understand and accept that BUT we need a team to compete for the title/cups not be an also ran! No silverware this season and we’ll be seeing our best players joining the likes of Barcelona, Real Madrid, Bayern and PSG irrespective of new contracts this year

    • On that “nobody knows” thought… I wonder if Toby wants to leave no matter what? I haven’t ever got the sense that he was tight with the rest of the boys.

      However, the Levy leavin’ it late thing is just so stinkin’ old. It seems that both Spurs and MUDevils should have worked the “trade deal” to happen first thing this morning so that both Toby and Martial could have at least one week to settle?

      Last, I’m hoping that Yerry “Monster” Mina has been getting lined up sooner than later. Spurs having Davinson should make this easier for both player and the team….sort of like the Toby/Jan partnership but being younger and faster.

  6. A) Why do you want a player who clearly does not want to be here, no matter how good?
    B) Superb 2 seasons ago, however, he couldn`t get into our 1st team for nearly all of the 2nd half of last season….when he did he wasn`t that good – had an absolute stinker last game of the season v Leicester

  7. Agreed on both counts peter….4 goals against Leicester was the indicator that maybe Poch was right about leaving him out previously.

    • Was anyone else playing in defence for Spurs that exciting last day of the Premier League season? Rose, KWP, Wanyama, Toby Alderweireld and Eric Dier were around and about at the back with Hugo Lloris in a team selection that was missing several regulars. 5-4 memories are of an open game back and speedy play throughout, with no player obviously at fault although with advantage taken by goalscorers on both sides.

  8. He wasn’t good last year because he started off injured and then, probably because he was angling for a move or a huge pay rise with only 18 months to go on his contract, he never got enough game time to rediscover his form. If he wants to leave then let him. A player that wants to leave is no use to the team and only makes it worse with their attitude. Shame, as he was/is a great player, but there is no point in trying to keep him.


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