YOUR VIEW: Is Tottenham’s Champions League dream over?


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A couple of weeks ago, the majority of Tottenham Hotspur fans had faith that Harry Redknapp’s side could finish in the top four of the Premier League.

Last night, we had the humiliating fact of Wolves doing the double over us this season.  Have we now blown the chance of qualifying for the Champions League?  Can we even finish in the top six?

Or are you still confident that Spurs can still push for a top four finish?  Whatever your view, share it below with your fellow Spurs fans

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  1. Why is it over due to one bad result

    I’m sure Man U fans don’t say they can’t win the title after losing to Villa at home
    I’m sure Liverpool fans don’t say they can’t get in the CL after losing to Portsmouth
    I’m sure Man City fans don’t say they can’t get in the CL after losing to Spurs
    I’m sure Wolves fans don’t say they can’t stay up after the ultimate embarrassment of losing to Portsmouth at home

  2. Pretty much over, we’ll huff and puff at the next chance that comes along, when citeh, villa and liverpool next drop points and they will, we will push for it again, but it’s all to late we could have been in such a strong position, but we have dropped far too many points (Imo unless we win 10/12 remaining, drawing the other two, it’s over)

  3. Yes the 4th place will be between Liverpool and Villa. Redknapp has to be blamed for fielding an under strength team against Wolves and taking too many risks with the selection. Its more realistic for us to aim for 6th and a battle with Villa for the last Europa League place.

  4. anon, …have a look at the fixtures mate, Arsenal, chelsea, manu, all back to back, if we can’t beat wolves, how the hell are we gonna win any of those games?? say good night to those 9pts, where will that leave us?? drawing with villa twice, drawing with hull, losing to stoke, and a down trodden Liverpool side, whats gonna change in the last 12 games?? that hasn’t in 24?? (we huff we puff, we fail to blow the hose down) listen mate, it’s a wrap, I’ll be chuffed if we finished 5th!

  5. I’m not sure that Spurs believe in themselves enough to do it, or that Daniel Levy would welcome it anyway. Financially, Spurs are doing ok floating between 5th to 8th spot regardless of what the fans say. Rubbing shoulders with Arab and Russian billionaires and the mega-debt clubs would involve a lot of money and the sort of risk taken by Leeds. Not surprisingly then, the only thing that really seems to get Mr Levy going is fear of costly relegation.
    But if Spurs do go for it Harry Redknapp needs to stop messing around with the team and leave Palacios in all the time. Spurs need more fighters and without them traditional strolling ‘Spurs’-types like Messrs Bentley, Jenas and Huddlestone won’t ever really trouble the big boys.

  6. It was over when we let Everton come back to draw. Not literally over but that symbolised much that is wrong. Losing Lennon and Ekotto was the last straw. Bentley and Bale may have done relatively OK but the results with them in the team are no coincidence.

  7. This proves beyond a doubt what is going on in Football this year and its not confined to these shores only ,but in Europe especially Italy there is a small deterrent.There has bean two high profile cases Mutu and the Ac Milan full back serving two years under (ANCELLOTI )for the latest steroid no bulking but all the benefits.This country has had no cases since Mutu a disgrace. Because Uk SPORT told me energy cheating is rife and it pisses me of when all you hear is high tempo and they put in a good shift or never allowed them to play we had great energy today or we worked dam hard all these managers who shocked Spurs said these words.So this means we are not fit or what i am saying is a pack of lies or every punter in the country is rubbish at picking a team to win the staggering ammont of money being lost is mind blowing in football bets. I swear on my life if i was a gambling man i could have won a lot of money on Spurs getting beat and quite a few other teams last night i told my friend is club would beat Chelsea and Wolves would beat us and the last one hurt a lot. The last time i heard teams and players bragging they would beat a team on paper and in the eyes of experts they would do the double something last done in 1982 .Is in rugby league that was until some high profile cases of ephedrine abuse all conquering Leeds they played at breathtaking speed then Kieth Senior and Ryan Baily failed drug tests for yes Ephedrine the very substance that allows you to brag like my nephew used to do about is rugby team even when they had lost six game.The reason he could bag is because they had stated using Ephedrine so i went to watch them and see for myself the they won and put 30 points on a team thta had but 50 points on them in the previous game .They went on to finish second then they finished Champions and the head lines in the local paper where what they lack in size they more than make up for it in there energetic displays this drug makes you lose a staggering amount of weight .And the funny thing is where he got these capsules from they finished second the same year.So all i ask my fellow fans to do is go easy on Spurs because every game or interview i see this drug is in the faces and eyes of players and last nights ex Manchester trainee was no different to my mates face an eyes bright red.

  8. I think Spurs had a good chance and despite it not being over by a long shot we have to look at those games we have thrown points away. The games we should be winning and are not, whereas top 4 sides finish the teams off.
    For this season we can only hope that Liverpool, Man C and Villa slip up again so we can take advantage. Lets not turn the focus on the FA cup as there is still a long was to go there too!

  9. Games like this make me sick…and of course it’s over. It was actually over when City started winning. We’re now 7 points behind them (no, not one) and let’s be honest, team that loses to a relegation-bound team twice doesn’t deserve 4th spot. Missing one good chance is one thing, but screwing it up (at least) every forthnight is mid-table-sh’t. Anyway, hope we get back on track. COYS!

    P.S.: Does anyone know were I can get tickets for Wigan away for a reasonable price? thx.

  10. It’s not looking good. We need to put a run of four or five straight wins in before April and then try to nick 4-5 points from Man U, Chelsea and Arsenal.

    Still if we get close to 65 points it will represent a good season, no matter where we finish.

    Who knows, sixth or seventh place may be enough for a champions league place. Davspurs is just dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s on his ‘energy abuse in football report’ and once it’s released a chain of events will be set in place that will see Chelsea, Man U and Liverpool kicked out of the football league!

    CL here we come!!!

  11. Quite simply no. Losing at home to Stoke and Wolves, chucking away 3 certain points at Everton, failing to score at home to Hull and then getting done over again by a club second from bottom shows we are mid table not top4. We have a serious lack of belief and talent that actually realises its potential. Harry has done very well to drag us out of the situation we were in and still the right man for the job. However we are just too soft for some reason and perhaps believe our own hype far too much and that arrogance trips us up time and time again. We are still a good team but that same problem of not being consistanht enough over a season gets us all the time. I am surprised we have been in the top 6 for such a sustained time since the start of the season. Now it is between Liverpool and City unless they both start to wobble as well and we start to put in some big results. I would rather us not be in Europa League and instead make another stab at the CL next season. The club is sound financially but the opremier league is changing and it is not just about good passing football, there needs to be some steel and winning ugly which we just dont know how to do. Look at Man Utd, they hung on to a valuable point away from home with 10 men, thats a point we could have done with last night.

  12. What Champions League dream? Did anybody really believe Spurs would be there? If last night’s game was an embarassment, can anybody really imagine playing against a series of very good sides? I’ve said it before, die hard Spurs fan that I am, that Harry isn’t and never will be the man to take them to the next level, love him though we may. Just reflect on all the points wasted and ask the question where does the buck stop?

  13. Harry lost the plot last nyt. Kaboul who is a dreadful centre bk playing at right bk in place of charlie is a disgrace. Then jenas 4 palacios, fukin jenas is the worst centre mid wev got id rather o’hara livermore or taraabt over that waster, he jus wonders thru a gme no ergency cnt pass cnt tackle absaloute waste of space. Then gudjonsen ahead of pav for god sake arry giv pav a run of games and see wat he can do cus apart from defoe crouch and gud are terrible. Thers a reason barca got rid of gud and thers a reason monaco wntd him out big wages and jus not gud enuf. Up front is wer we hav lost top 4 this season. Only defoe is gud enuf, get rid of crouch send gud bk let keane stay at celtic nd giv pav a the rest of the season to prove him self. Harry shud be ashamed of our January deals and the team he picked last nyt was a disgrace!!! Oh and yeh top 4 is gone u cnt lose to stoke at hme wolves hme and away and draw to hull and expect to be any where near 4th place! I hope we finish bout 8th now cus i cnt be arsed wiv thursday poxy channel 5 football ruinin our chances of gettin champs league football nxt yr!!!

  14. i think that what gets to most of us is that we really thought we had a good chance to get into the top 4 this season, liverpool looked weaker, city were building a whole new team, the scum were well the scum, what happened?,arry really needs to look at his mistakes, constantly playing ofform players, his inability to make god tactical subs, it seems clear to me that teams know how to beat us just load the midfield & harrass us we break in the end yet yesterday he goes into the game with two weakest tackling midfielders, this has been a season of lost opportunities, soz lads it’s another season that promised much, unfortunally we have used to this.

  15. The dream is far from over. We knew from the beginning this will not be easy. We must finish 4th. One thing about this season, is that all teams have been inconsistant. Nobody is unbeatable. Nobody. Man City, Villa and Liverpool will mess up as well. This is our best opportunity of recent times to finish 4th. Also, dont forget that our most influential player will be back from Injury and hopefully will play the rest of the season. We have a good keeper, a good defence (Ekoto, Bassong, Dawson, Corluka). I left out Bale because we need our backline to defend and Ekoto is better at this. Top class midfield players like Modric, Kranjcar, Palacios, Huddlestone and Lennon. We cant afford to leave 1 of these players on the bench and since we only have 1 good striker we should play 5 midfielders supporting Defoe. This will ensure we win the midfield battle. Our Manager wont do this. We have to hope Crouch gets injured. Last night when he brought on Crouch, I felt he should have brought on Modric for Gudjonsen. This way he would have changed things instead of introducing like for like. Fourth is there for the taking. Lets take it.

  16. I agree with Jim Higgins. I wish we had more supporters like him. Specially his reference to the manager and the players is absolutely right. As far as our president concerns two things are for sure: he doesn’t have the faintest idea about football and he is also incapable, as we’ve seen all last years, to engage the right managerial staff to buy the proper players in order to make Spurs a top team (if he has such an ambition).

  17. I can’t believe so many Spurs fans thought we could finish fourth…. we have the softest team in the league, any sign of a battle and our midfield of jenas.. huddlestone… modric etc all run and hide… should never have let Jol go…. if he could have signed his own players we would have been in a better position!!


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