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Now that Tottenham Hotspur have completed the signing of Peter Crouch from Portsmouth, we want to hear your view on the deal.

The transfer was for an undisclosed fee, thought to be in the region of £9million for the 28-year-old.

Will Jermain Defoe and Crouch now re-kindle their partnership at the Lane and fire Tottenham into the top six this season or are you unhappy with the transfer?

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  1. he’s not the sort of striker that will take us to the next level i fear. i would 100% prefer Huntelaar. 1 question that is raised in my mind is where does Robbie Keane fit in now?

  2. Initailly I was not happy, I do not think Crouch is good enough and help us progress forward. Although, now he is a Spurs player we must get behind him and give him more than one game to put in a performance.
    I can only think Keane should play left wing with Defoe and Crouch upfront.

  3. We can’t afford or temp the likes of Huntelaar at the moment. Crouch is a far better player than Pav and Bent and gives us more presence so I think it is a great signing. The next level for us at the moment in getting top 6 (based on the last two seasons)…We need to start being realistic about that. Anything else is a bonus.

  4. I have to say i think it is a top notch signing. Proven prem striker, proven partnership with defoe …. and i also think he could link well with keano. So all in all i think it’s a good signing especially if it was for the rumoured 9 mill and we sell bent for 16 mill. Good move.

  5. I have been strongly opposed to bringing in Crouch at any price – but now we have him we need to support him. Time will quickly tell if it was a mistake or not.

  6. Im gutted, Crouch is the kind of player who might help keep you in the Preimership, as Johny said, he will not help us push for a top 4 or even top 6 finish. I might be wrong, him and Defoe might bang in goals left right and centre. But personally i would of prefered the predigree that Huntelaar would of brought in, his signing would of sent a message to the Spurs faithful that Harry is serious about challanging for the top spot, the only message im getting at the moment is that harry misses Pompey and would rather be back there than incharge or a large , ambitious club like Tottenham. I hope im wrong and we have a banging season, im just not hold my breath and to answer the original question, im not happy about the transfer at all and would rather of seen Huntelaar, but i guess we all knew that wouldnt happen from the off.

  7. and with regards to Huntelaar yes i like the look of him but like pav he will need time to settle into the pace of the prem and as we saw last season we really need to hit the ground running not another striker that needs 6 months to a year.

  8. Does anyone else worry that our manager has NO imagination?? He has signed Crouch for the third time…. Defoe for like the twentieth time (although that is a good one to be fair). Sol anyone?? C’mon can’t we move forward? Some one said on one of the forums – lets look to the future – blood the young players next season. Finish 10th if need be, but feel we are heading somewhere new and exciting. Crouch? He is okay, but we have been there and bought the t-shirt. If it fits a bit better now its just cuz we are getting fatter and lazier…….

  9. ‘Won’t take us to the next level’….we’ve been crying out for a front man who can head and hold up a ball since Berbatov left, Crouch offers a different dimension completely to what we already have. Huntelaar is undoubtedly class and would be a great signing, but as we know at Spurs, Hollywood signings don’t always work out. Crouch is proven both at club and international levels, speaks English and already has an understanding with Defoe – I just don’t understand why so many fans object to this positive signing. Time to take the blikers off boys……..

  10. To be honest, while I like the ‘idea’ of Huntelaar, Crouch is proven at this level, proven working alongside Defoe and will hit the ground running. He is much less of a gamble than Huntelaar and I think the combination of him, Defoe, Keane & Pav is actually pretty good all round.

    Having someone who can hold up the ball will make a huge difference – our attacking play has been so one-dimensional for the last 18 months it’s scary.

    All up, I’m pretty happy.

  11. I think that Crouch will add a new dimension to Spurs play. We now have a target man who will attack every ball in the box and one who has a good first touch and the ability to hold the ball. This will create more space for Defoe and Keane to move into. I think Crouch presence will not allow defenders much space to move forward. I see Keane playing in a central midfield role, where he would be lethal and potent when chances arrive. The weak link is now the left back position, where BAE tends to attack to far forward and found wanting when opponents attack, like the Samarach goal.

  12. Crouch????????? At first i was not convinced he’d be for us, don’t get me wrong i always thought he was good, but not for Spurs, 2 good things about Crouch though.
    1. He can play upfront on his own, if Keane and Defoe are unavailable, we could play 5 in midfield with Crouch up top.
    2. We will not be a stepping stone, this is the best a player like Crouch can hope for, he scored some important goals for Liverpool, but that was just to much for him. I don’t think he is a top 4 player, Top 6 yes but if we do break into the top 4 then we will need to move him Keane and Pav. I think the only top 4 striker we have is JD, this season hopefully we will see his best.

    Lets face it Crouch is a poor mans Berbatov, but at least he won’t abandom us for Man Utd.

    P.s I love Wilson.

  13. Im dissapointed. Cant see our competition for champions league places even considering him. if he scores a shed load of goals then great. however i was just watching old clips of Ginola and whistfully trying to imagine our gangly new aquisition scoring anything half as pretty to watch.

  14. This is ‘Arry being clever. He knows Crouch and Defoe can work together and thank God we look like we are ditching Bent as he was woeful against Barca the other day.
    ‘Arry builds a team that works together and buying expensive players that don’t fit in has been our problem for some time. He can now get a defender in to help there and maybe two as we need a bit of cover for sure.
    I agree Crouch will add another dimension to the attack and he will get goals as well as set them up for Defoe/Keane. And I wouldn’t be surprised if Pav gets better this season and we suddenly have a great strike force all round. Good work I feel as we needed to freshen up the attack.

  15. I think the best thing to do would be to let Keane go !!! and then bring one of our fantastic kids through as a 4th striker however I dont believe that will happen SO PROVIDING eveyone stays fit we should be looking to put Keane out on the left at the same time try breaking Gio on to the left by bringing him on as a sub and letting him start the odd game till he can deal with what the Prem is all about. When Gio comes on either take Robbie straight off or have a mix up put Robbie up front and take Defoe off. That could work and seeing the way Gio has played over the summer it would be wrong not to give him a chance

  16. if he scored 16 (was it) at pompey as first choice… he’ll score 10-12 sharing a starting spot with Keane/Defoe/Pav.

    Champions League this season is about as likely as Man City issuing a statement saying “we were forced to withdraw from the transfer due to the players wage demands”…

    Europe League, be realistic.

  17. Keane on the left, honestly had you people been taking stupid pills? RObbie Keane will not play on the left, Luka Modric will continue in that role that he has been filling so well. I hope to see our midfield of:
    Lennon (RM)
    Modric (LM)
    Palacios (DMC)
    Huddlestone (MC)

    I think Harry had a funny turn when he decided Keane would be the captain, i would like to see Woody as the captain, then next season Wilson will be El Capitano.

    I can see us having a Rafa rotating season, with a different team every week. I hope we stick to the same team every week, but you never know.

    Anyone know if we are going to sell Bentley?

  18. Just because he’s tall doesn’t mean we will turn into a long ball team, what it does mean however is that we have someone who will get on the end of a cross every once in a while – wouldn’t that be nice? People seem to forget that whilst he may be 8’9″tall, he still has a good touch and excellent footwork, he isn’t a traditional big longball centreforward, and I’m certain his signing won’t result in continual hoofs upfield – pretty sure ‘Arry won’t bypass Modric and Lennon as few of you are insinuating.

  19. p.s Giovani definately needs to be given a run in the team, lets face it, it is shop window season for Modric, he is a luxury player like Berba was and he will be off next summer.
    I watch a lot of the Mexico games over the last couple of weeks and no wonder Gio was player of the tournament. He is ‘trific’ 2 years time and he will be amazing. if we let him go we will regret it.

  20. “Bargain” is the only word for it. After shelling out much more on lesser strikers over the past few years, it’s a great piece of business, especially if we do mange to flog Bent for 16 million.

    Agree that we need to get Gio back and give him a run in the side as he looks class any time I have seen him. Keano can look forward to picking splinters out of his arse, as I see it, as he has not been at it since he came back and looked way off it during the Wembley Cup.

  21. Your’e all loopy! I’m ashamed to call you my fellow Spurs fans!

    Keane playing left wing? (InsideN17)

    Keane has no pace, is right footed and struggles to even play up front at the moment. Come on. Next.

    Crouch type of player to keep you in the Premiership? (Macca)

    Peter Crouch played Champions League football with Liverpool for 3 years! Him and Woodgate (and Keane if you count that) are the only players in our whole squad who have played Champions League Football for a Prem side! Next.

    Harry serious challenging for top spot? (Macca)

    I don’t think he is seriouis for challenging for a top spot? I think he is more realistic than that. Are you serious? Next.

    Huntelaar? (varios)

    This happens every year. We are being used as bait. Again. Watch him go to a top side we wouldn’t dream of being able to compete with (unless your Macca). Next.

    Boot up for the big man? (ILspur)

    No, Crouch likes the ball played short into his feet. Anyway, our tactic the other day was boot it up to the little man (defoe) 13 times. Yes, I counted. I was that bored. Next.

    Huddlestone boot it up to the big man? (Jads)

    Huddlestone wont be booting it up to anyone other than John Obika in the reserves. I’m not a Jenas fan but he walks into the team ahead of him all day long. Jenas will 100% start ahead of him. Next.

    Can’t see us competing for Champions League places with him? (Rattus)

    No, nor can I, because even if we bought Messia and Ronaldo I still think we would struggle for the top four. This is not why we bought him and if this is what you think we should aspire to this season then I suggest you throw your season ticket away, not that I imagine you to have one. Next.

    Oh, thats it.

    Crouch is a great signing, you’re all mental.

  22. TruYid: Lol, I wrote the same thing about Keane only slightly less harsh, Luka will be left wing without a doubt, Harry will start where we finished off last season. Crouch and Defoe to start against Liverpool. One thing i disagree on Jenas!!!! Come off it, he is AVERAGE there i said it. I would rather play O’Hara, Jenas will only play well if we are winning, the way to get the best out of him is to start the game 1 – 0 up. Other than the 4-4 against Arsenal when the chips are down, he may as well not be around. I would like to see the Hud given a free role in midfield, he passes the ball just as well as Carrick, he just needs to work harder. For me i’d have Wilson and The Hud, Lennon and Modric. Jenas would be good along side Palacios as he won’t have to defend. I know Harry doesn’t rate Huddlestone as highly as some of us, but there are plenty of managers that do. If Jenas was as good as he thinks he is he’d be playing for Man Utd, but the truth is he is a top 6 player not a top 4, if we offered him for Free to the top 4 Arsenal might take him because they have a small squad and need experienced players, but he wouldn’t get a look in at Man U, Chelsea or Liverpool.

  23. STOP DREAMING guys. stop all these nonsense about breaking into the top 4. face reality. we don’t need big names. we need team players. players who fight and strive for the team 100% week in and week out. crouch is that player. unload pav, bent, bently and chimbo. give gio some game time, cos he’s going to be an asset. bring in experience CB – MARCO MATERAZZI or ALESSANDRO NESTA. they may be in their mid 30s but still good for 3/4 years and may come in cheap. what we need is to be consistant in all the games. build up the team. keep them together and a couple of seasons later then we can talk about top 4. SLOWLY BUT SURELY………..

  24. all you crouch lovers get real if redknapp thinks he has got a great striker better than huntelaar then redknapp should go back to portsmouth and take crouch back with him

  25. hei paul. may be you,re the one who should go to portsmouth and take huntelaar there with you. leave harry and us, the spurs faithful alone.

  26. we should get rid of keane,we should never have bought crouch,and we should 100 percent by alvaro negrado,watch him on u tube u wiil agree,he would come for 15 mil or so,and make spurs a feared team.seriously,check negrado on utube

  27. I think Crouch will do okay for us.He looks purposeful and he’ll need no motivation against Liverpool. I suspect he’s pleased to be back at the Lane after 14 years absence and the only disappointment about Sunday’s game was that ‘Arry didnt pair him up with Defoe. I guess he already knows what they can do together from Pompey.
    Sure to contribute more than Bent ever would, goals and assists.
    Bit worried about Keano – he looks a shadow of the player he was and I think it’s an important season for him after the debacle at Liverpool last year.
    Pav still looks a long way short of prodigious, but he finished with aplomb on Sunday. He just misses so many other chances. Maybe with Bent’s influence out the way, he’ll improve. But has his spoken English? Maybe Sandra’s been teaching ‘Arry Russian for Dummies over the Summer break…


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