YOUR VIEW: Who was your Man of the Match vs Stoke


Gareth Bale

Following Tottenham Hotspur’s first win of the new Premier League season, we want to know who YOUR Spurs Man of the Match was against Stoke City.

Was it Gareth Bale for his two-goal matchwinning display, or did another of Harry’s players catch your eye?

Leave your vote below.

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  1. Come on man! What a silly question! Of course it was Bale.Ask us who else played well. Lennon was great. Crouch worked hard. Hudd was normal service – i.e good. Others were ok, apart from Kaboul – dodgy and Jenas – genuinely poor – lucky we had Hudd and Wilson beside him. Gomes had afew heart in mouth moments – but ok.

  2. Agree completely. Stupid question. How did seven of you think Kaboul was man of the match? Are you all relative his or what? Kabul was dreadful overall, nervous, made questionable decisions, had poor positional play and left his man unmarked on numerous occasions that could have had worse consequences. As it was, he caused the goal.

  3. The good things first Bale first half was outstanding, but didn't get anywhere enough of the ball second half. We invited Stoke on second half, and I cannot recall Charlie passing to one of our players for the entire match, though defensibly he did OK. Hard place to get anything from, and thought we got a 'Big Team' ref's decision for once, though it was hard to call, as I thought there was a least one foul perhaps two, before the header. Hudd was exceptional as was Palacios, and honestly thought Jenas put in a good shift. Gomes didn't seem himself, and Lennon was really poor, but a win's a win.

  4. essexian76 – Lennon was poor? For me he was second man of the match. Yes he totally screwed up that chance when he had one striker ahead of him, but Lennon was basically responsible for setting up both goals! That cannot be poor…

  5. Bale MOM with Lennon coming 2nd … anybody saw the foul on Gomes right before Stoke's disallowed "goal"? that goal shouldnt even have been considered but Stoke fans only see what they want to see

  6. Can I have MOM please. For no other reason than I am bored? Seriously tho. Good win today, these are the games we tend to slip up on and throw away silly points. 4pts from the 1st two games is good and 1 more than a few people thought we might have. Great strike from the boy Bale. (lucky he doesnt have is looks to worry about for the 1st tho wasnt it!)

  7. Yes agree the ball to Bale was good, but time and time again he failed to beat his man when in good positions, not having a go at him, but honestly feel that he's suffering a bit of confidence after the WC and his subsequent treatment, but he'll come back better for it I feel.


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