YOUR VIEW: Who was your Spurs Man of the Match vs Sunderland?


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Tottenham Hotspur slumped to an embarrasing 3-1 defeat at Sunderland on Saturday.

We admit that there isn’t really many choices for the Spurs Man of the Match, so it should be quite straightforward.

Leave your votes below.

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    • Have we not been throught all this already? Its against the rules. Besides Hutton is fucking hopeless and I'd rather play a dead goldfish at right back.

  1. Spurs man of the match should be: Darren Bent… Allthough Gomes was fantastic, and I actually think Kyle Walker had a good game. Bale was also Ok… but as a team we were simply bad… I want my Lennon back.

  2. gomez saved us from a 5 1 thrashin and embarasin 4 goals for twat face that must count for something even though we did play like a pile of shit.,……i dont rate kaboul either why da fyuck they brought him back i dont know??…….jemain defoe robbie keane understandable but kaboul hold on?dont get carried away,soon theyll be wantin darren bent back n malbrankey cos they played better than what weve got today…..maybe it was just an off day id like to think so….i didnt see da match anyway i couldnt afford it.

  3. We have to give it to darren bent and im telling you guys now he might be going to the world cup 20 odd goals for sunderland and there not even fighting to go to europe

    Well done bent for punishing Harry but not to his former team mates

  4. This was a bad game. Thats it. We overreact to everything as Spurs fans (actually a requirement to being a yid). This was a blip on the radar and nothing more. I said at the beginning of the season we would need to average 2 points per match to reach top four safely, and that is what we need to do in the next 6. Putting us on 70 and that should cinch it. If we beat City (lets hope), and win against Bolton and Burnley (we should), that means 3 points in the fixtures against the Sky Sports 3. We have set ourselves up well, and should be in with a shout. The more worrying thing is that teams are figuring out how to really play against us. When defending, they kick the shite out of us (refs being reluctant to hand out cards), and they attack by lumping balls forward and spreading our central pairing apart, since our fullbacks get forward so often. I'm sorry, but there is clearly a refereeing crisis in this country when you are allowed to kick and hack at a player more skillful than you without getting a card , and then three penalties are given against us in one game (we've only gotten four penalties in all league games this season). BULLSHIT! Small satisfaction: Darren Bent has taken four penalties against us this season, and missed 3. He needn't worry about getting a new passport for South Africa this summer (unless he's signed up for a holiday).


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