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I said in a previous article that we must win games like this. It is not only the top clubs waiting to bounce and show their superiority, but it is also all the smaller clubs that are waiting to prove their worth and grab all the headlines that are waiting just around the corner to be had. It wasn’t that long ago when West Ham were propping up the league, now they’ve moved up the table and they did that by pissing off José Mourinho and thrashing is squad 3-1. Of course, that isn’t that spectacular, as other clubs – including us (remember our 3-0 win at Old Trafford) – have been knocking the shit out of José Mourinho’s disabled. But we are not here to talk about Ironmongers and Red evils, just pointing out how those we least expect can do the most damage. Just as Watford did to us this season or WBA last season.

Travelling to Yorkshire, I noticed the apprehension on the faces of the players and staff. We had a few of our prize possessions out injured, so we were hoping that those that replaced them were up to scratch. What a contrast to after the game; where there was smiling faces from all (players and staff alike).

The training and preparation had been done, which now left everybody contemplating. When you are being transported to your destination in a coach to a match, there is tension, laughter, meditation and thoughts, all circling around heads. We knew they had it in them, but sometimes that alone doesn’t always help. Clubs that get to the top have that extra something that gives them that push (it isn’t just about splashing the cash, even though that does help).

Preparations made, talks done and then out on the pitch. Managers can only watch on the sideline, shouting might help them, but doesn’t always reach the players. Besides, their minds are busy with what is in front of them. Not worrying what the manager is yelling at. Once the game is underway the only way the manager can influence the direction is through tactics (substitutions) or half-time talks.

After 25 minutes of tussle, Kane got his goal to put us 1-0 up. The away supporters went wild, while the home supporters sat there glum. Nine minutes later we got a penalty and Kane got his second. But that didn’t stop the plucky home team fighting to get the upper hand. Finally, the whistle went and the players made their way to the changing rooms.
I don’t know what Pochettino said at half-time, but whatever it was it didn’t work and the score stayed the same. Both sides had their chances, but neither team could turn those chances into actual goals. According to statistics Huddersfield had most of the possession. Possession or not, we won and such games as this we must continue to win to overthrow those pretenders that are currently at the top.

We’ve had a bumpy ride to get to this point in time. Different stadiums, confusion over where we will play or not next. Whether matches will be changed or not, and then if not what are we going to do. All these shenanigans must take its toll on the players and staff. It will probably inspire somebody to write that classic book (I’ll tell you, they won’t believe it… honestly… oh, it happened! Shit, there’s me thinking it could be a script for the twilight zone).

So, there it is. One day’s focus (one of many) in the saga of confusion at Spurs. But we got through this day with 3pts in the bag. Plus we moved from fifth to fourth. But we must do this week in and week out. We can’t be an Arsenal, or West Ham or even a Huddersfield, just doing it when the move takes us. That is called mid-table tomfoolery, not for a club with our potential.
We now move on to Wednesday and take on Spanish giants – who have their own problems, if you believe the press – and do what we did to the other Spanish giants last season. If we get two European defeats in a row, it will make it harder to climb that ladder. This could also mean Europa football next year for us. Which could mean competing with the likes of Arsenal and such dregs from the bottom of the European barrel.

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