Is the Achilles of Spurs their very own game plan…

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
Dom Le Roy

The mood is down a little. It finished 2-0 at Anfield and we were probably lucky to escape with that scoreline. There were positives and negatives in that result but what may be more concerning is the emergence of an Achilles heel to Poch’s game style.

As much as Spurs depend on pressing for the ball and harrowing teams, as they try to become a top team and face oppositions which sit back against them, they have molded their game into what is a slow possession controlled battering of the other team’s goal.

Three teams this season, however, have challenged Tottenham in the way they play. AS Monaco, Bayer Leverkusen, and Liverpool FC.

Eric Dier

Three names that could be the biggest voodoos to spur’s fans this season if we do end up finishing lower than expected. And all three had similar game plans, harrow our defense and counter at pace from every time we move forward. While all credit goes to Liverpool for their play, their chances were not created from their own attack but rather from our mistakes.

The constant pressing and running of the other team rendered our midfield completely ineffectual. All attempts were being tried by punting the ball upfield and hoping a white shirt would bring it down.

Mane, Coutinho, and co. were beating us for pace all over the pitch and that’s how both goals came to be by simple through balls, and red shirts outpacing the defense.

While it is important to have a slow controlled possession to beat opponents which sit back Spurs really need to figure out a way to beat teams which press them and can take them on for pace because against any top opposition the match may end up more like these results then the one vs Swansea…

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