An Arsenal fan’s eye view ahead of the North London derby Part 2


Moneybags League qualification is essential if Arsenal are going to start making progress again after the stuttering efforts of this and the last few seasons. Do you think they’ll make it?

If we make it it will be because Chelsea have had a worse season than us. Hate myself for saying it but part of me thinks it would be good for the long term future of Arsenal if we didn’t make it. After qualifying for the last 16 years (quite an achievement in itself) I think the board made coming 4th on the cheap their sole objective. That’s not what the fans have come to expect and it’s certainly not what we pay sky high ticket prices to see. The world has changed. The competition for 4th place has changed. Arsenal have not changed with them. I respect their attitude to the financial stability of the club but the club still need to be able to compete. My fingers and everything are crossed. If we do make it I will be sending AVB a thank you card.

Should Project Youth have a smothering pillow held firmly over its face do you think or do the likes of Wilshere, Miyaichi, Coquelin and Miquel prove that there’s still a bit of life left in it?

I love the youth players. Always have. They more often than not show the most desire, the most energy, the most tenacity. I have learnt to spot the tell tale signs that sees a promising youth player turn into someone who thrives on their own hype. The diamond ear ring. The over elaborate hairstyle. The big all over arm tattoo. As soon as I see those signs I realise they think they’ve made it, at which point the qualities that made them exciting and promising for me have gone. I see this a bit in Walcott. I actually see the reverse in Lennon – when he came on against Stevenage without his trademark shaved eyebrow I didn’t recognise him – he looked like a grown up rather than a daft kid in a boy band.

I really am getting old aren’t I? Reminiscing about the good old days and castigating the ‘youth of today’. I’ll get my coat …………

On Sunday Spurs fans were calling for Wenger to ‘stay’. This can’t be a good sign for the Professor. Is a post-Wenger world not far away?

Were you? Ha! We’ll probably start singing ‘Harry for England’ on Sunday then, A few years ago a post-Wenger world would have been unthinkable, but as each year passes and we’re getting further and further away from success then sadly I can see this once happy marriage coming to an end. It’s not time to panic just yet. I would see where we end up this season and what the start of next season brings.

Things are looking up in N17 as you may have noticed. Have you seen anything of Spurs this season and if so do you have any strong opinions on any of Arsenal’s likely conquerors this Sunday?

I have seen a fair bit of Spurs this season. I saw your 0-0 draw against lowly Stevenage on Sunday. If only we can put in a dogged performance like Stevenage against you lot! If I was Arsene Wenger, I would make my team sit and watch the Stevenage game to remind them what putting in a decent effort actually is.

I think my worst nightmare would be for Adeybayor to score against us on Sunday. A few ex Arsenal players have come back to haunt us. Even David Bentley! Not Nicklas Bendtner though.

A few quick ones –

Why does Gervinho wear his hair like that?

What’s wrong with his hair?

Next England manager? Surely a man who can’t get a team to score at Stevenage shouldn’t get the job?

Arsene Wenger. I think Arsenal could do with ‘Arry more than England!

Spandau Ballet or Chas And Dave?

Tough one! I’ve seen both and love both. Spandau Ballet sober with the girls. Chas and Dave after a few pints with the lads.

And finally a score prediction?

An entertaining 2-2

Thanks Mandy, much appreciated.


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