All I need is this ashtray…… and a midfielder….. and a playmaker… and..

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Dom Le Roy

It was with great sadness that I saw that Cilla Black had died. She was a lorra lorra fun. It was with equal sadness that I see dear old Roberto has gone. If anyone who had a heart – it was him. He huffed and he puffed but, unfortunately for us and him, he blew no-one’s house down. “Good luck Bobby” is the general sentiment from the Yids.

So what other business needs to be done. Well here we go :

Get rid of the deadwood – Lennon and Ade have already been consigned to the bin – so they need to go ASAP.

Get rid of the driftwood – Fazio, Dembele and A Dross Life’s End are all rumoured to be in others plans – namely WBA, Sunderland and Villa. That suits me except I am happy if Fazio stays as I believe that a player needs at least one season in the EPL to adapt. But really I don’t see what Life’s End nor Dembele bring to our team. No assists hardly ever any goals. Lots of movement to the left though !

Bring in the Cavalry. Clearly we have already signed Clinton N’Jie – which is great – especially for the future – but I hesitate to suggest his first season might be all about settling in – let’s hope not.

Bring in more Cavalry ! Saido Berahino looks odds on to come to the Lane as does Austin – wouldn’t it be great to get both ! Both seasoned EPL players that will be available and useful – nearly immediately.

So given we will get at least two strikers maybe three, I believe that we look dodgy at three very important areas : play maker, defensive midfield and attacking midfield.

We played nearly all of last season with a core midfield of Benteleb and Mason…. but neither offer very much going forward. Who will anchor the midfield if Benteleb gets injured (or continues to gift the ball to all and sundry) ? Veljkovic has gone out on loan and Eric Dier, who is a willing participant, is clearly not up to the job. As we can’t get Mascherano or Matic how about Lucas from Liverpool ? Or Ramirez from Chelski ? Or Poch might be playing Dier as a DM so that we have a back 3 when we are attacking with the full backs pushing forward and Eric drops in beside Verts and Tony – which sounds like a good idea but really isn’t as we see with United’s gifted goal. We are moving into attacking mode but get caught (in this case Benteleb gifts the ball), the counter attack by United is so deep into our half that neither full back recovers and Dier is nowhere to be seen !

As an attacking force our midfield feels a little lame. Out wide we seem to have matters covered with Lamela, Chadli, N’Jie, Berahino (perhaps) and Pritchard (who deserves a chance) but that leaves us with Eriksen and who ? Well, Mason plays the majority of games but I think Dele Alli will be an interesting one to watch this season just to change it up when Eriksen starts to struggle. Tom Carroll and Henry Winks both of which show promise …….will enjoy the Europa League greatly (as will young Pritchard) but not get many EPL minutes ! I still feel that our midfield lacks cleverness… Yohan Cabaye would have fit the bill ! We need someone who makes our attack click…. like Coutinhio for Liverpool, Hazard and Full-of-gas at Chelski, Silva at the Blue Moonies, like Rooney or Mata should be doing at Man Ure.

I guess Poch could side step the issue by playing with two forwards but it does not seem to be in his plans…. ever ! If we buy Berahino, Poch has to play them together upfront when we are at home to non top opposition or whenever we are losing with 25 or less minutes to go !

As there is no-one on the radar (playmaker) let’s hope that someone has a break out season or that our transfer management team (?) have an epiphany.


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  1. have you actually been watching any games lately??
    Lamella is about as productive as a chocolate ashtray & whilst chadli & Eriksen, can contribute, both tend to disappear for large chunks of the game….
    I'm not totally sure why we can't rely on Pritchard, winks & Carroll for the prem.. all of them are an upgrade on last season.. & we finished fith then

    • there really has been only one game lately ! The point is that we lack midfield creativity. Benteleb, Mason and Dier are not creative enough going forward and not hard/tight enough going back. They are all solid players but just not good enough to get top 4. Plus I guess we lack width. Dembele does not contribute (neither has Lamella so far) but Chadli is getting better all the time. Who is our left midfielder ? Eriksen ? Chadli ?
      Also I should say we are a young team and I like the high pressing.

  2. Defensive midfielder Kevin Vogt or Adrien Raboit. Attacking midfielders Leroy Sane, Martin Odegaard or Anderson Souza Conceicao. Strikers, Saido Berahino, Mamadou Obbi Oulare or Jean– Kevin Augustin throw in Alvaro Vadillo Cifuentes for good luck. Buy them all, win PL, EL, FA Cup and what every else.

  3. sorry ped…. the reason we can't play Carroll, Pritchard and Winks is that they lack EPL experience and are not tough enough to do it. All have fantastic potential but it is suicide to play them all.

  4. 3 reasons why we wont be in the champions league any time soon – imagination,flair,creativity.Remember Modric,Bale and Vandavart , that's the sort of guile and creativity that gets you higher than 5th. Now we've got rid of the excesses of the Bale shopping spree and a few quid in the back in the bank we need to get a game changer from somewhere , I don't know who or from where but we cannot rely on some very good kids to unlock the champions league door – you'll never win anything with kids! Unless your name is scholes,giggs or beckham and our current crop are,I'm afraid, enthusiastic as they maybe , not in that class.


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