How bad are we really ?

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
Dom Le Roy

Take a big breath. Have an aspirin. They do wonders for strokes and heart attacks.

I love my Spurs – always have always will. My Dad supported Arsenal but it was half hearted, like Arsenal. No-one has the passion like us Yids in North London !! Funny, my Dad was Jewish ! I actively dislike religion – I just can’t seem to make that leap of faith that you need to believe in something you can’t touch, see or even imagine ! But I did make a leap of faith with Spurs. In fact nearly every week I make that leap of faith, my expectations rise, just to fall again and rise before the next match.

Lets get specific. A dross Lifesend, Vlady Terrible and Ben Dabble are playing very poorly. In fact they seem like dogs sh*t right now. I can forgive Soldado and Ade because of their lack of practise – no service – Lennon was anemic – he lacked able bodied cells to do anything good. Paulinho huffed and puffed and blew his own house down ! Pooch he is not a left winger or right winger ! Neither is A dross Lifesend. How frustrating is the guy really ?

We are dream walking into bad habits. You know like biting your nails or picking your nose whilst driving – you think you are anonymous in your car ! We, the Spurs have nowhere to hide. We are just playing very badly. Our talent is not so talented. Our B team kinda sucks ! Lloris was magnificent.

I agree let’s give Pooch all the time he needs but I am suffering. I watched that game at 1.45pm live here in Houston and it was dire even though the weather was perfect 32 degrees and sunny ! I am still depressed even now. It is a sad fact that if you really love your team, the result and the way they play can dictate your mood.

Having said that Townsend, Chiriches and Davies all got paid to do that – if you performed that badly at work you would get written up or fired.

Let us all pray, sell our oldest child to the slave trade, chop off our ears (foreskin might be more appropriate) and shake off the doldrums and get a win at WHL against the team tipped for the drop prior to the start of the season ! COYS (please)

Mark Norris

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