It’s been almost a year since we have acquired the services of Franco Baldini, the Technical Director for our club. For many, he has been the reason for the failure of the AVB era, but for others, he has authorised some eye catching deals.

Having a chairman like Daniel Levy can intend on having profits year in and year out through the transfer window and so was and is the challenge Baldini has to face while acting upon his role at the club. With last season’s transfer of Gareth Bale, we had a surplus amount to spend and turned out to be indifferent towards quality and went for quantity. The main reason for this being we had players who had crossed their peaks which led to positions that needed to revitalise. Although, several reports suggested that he went on to bring in players that opposed AVB, he did complete some fantastic deals.

Out of the seven signings, only a few had a glimpse of what they are capable of producing since it was their first season in England. Christian Eriksen was the only outstanding player from the rest as he gained a consistent spot in the starting XI while the others were mainly on the bench. Although the others failed to do the same, it is more likely for them to prove their worth the second time around with the start of a new season and a new manager. It is more likely that now he has learnt from his mistakes and will go on to work with the manager in strengthening only in areas which are most needed, spending it on quality players.

The biggest effect Baldini has had on the club is making Daniel Levy take risk. He has used his experience and knowledge of the market to widen our scope of acquiring players. He has also pushed him into making deals the club would be reluctant to make 2-3 years ago. This was a much needed change in his characteristic since we always turned out to panic buy and try to save more each year. While it can be seen as Levy more in charge for the sales, Baldini intents on the scouting and acquiring half.

The market is evolving and so is the league. It is impossible to win or make it to the top 4 without spending and strengthening your main eleven year in, year out. I believe that Baldini is ideal in realising who is and who isn’t meeting the club’s expectations, where we need strengthening and the back borne for Levy’s transfer policy. It is and will be unnoticed while he is at the club but Baldini plays an important role in the growth of the club to achieve it’s objectives.

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