The Baldini Effect

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Dom Le Roy

It’s been almost a year since we have acquired the services of Franco Baldini, the Technical Director for our club. For many, he has been the reason for the failure of the AVB era, but for others, he has authorised some eye catching deals.

Having a chairman like Daniel Levy can intend on having profits year in and year out through the transfer window and so was and is the challenge Baldini has to face while acting upon his role at the club. With last season’s transfer of Gareth Bale, we had a surplus amount to spend and turned out to be indifferent towards quality and went for quantity. The main reason for this being we had players who had crossed their peaks which led to positions that needed to revitalise. Although, several reports suggested that he went on to bring in players that opposed AVB, he did complete some fantastic deals.

Out of the seven signings, only a few had a glimpse of what they are capable of producing since it was their first season in England. Christian Eriksen was the only outstanding player from the rest as he gained a consistent spot in the starting XI while the others were mainly on the bench. Although the others failed to do the same, it is more likely for them to prove their worth the second time around with the start of a new season and a new manager. It is more likely that now he has learnt from his mistakes and will go on to work with the manager in strengthening only in areas which are most needed, spending it on quality players.

The biggest effect Baldini has had on the club is making Daniel Levy take risk. He has used his experience and knowledge of the market to widen our scope of acquiring players. He has also pushed him into making deals the club would be reluctant to make 2-3 years ago. This was a much needed change in his characteristic since we always turned out to panic buy and try to save more each year. While it can be seen as Levy more in charge for the sales, Baldini intents on the scouting and acquiring half.

The market is evolving and so is the league. It is impossible to win or make it to the top 4 without spending and strengthening your main eleven year in, year out. I believe that Baldini is ideal in realising who is and who isn’t meeting the club’s expectations, where we need strengthening and the back borne for Levy’s transfer policy. It is and will be unnoticed while he is at the club but Baldini plays an important role in the growth of the club to achieve it’s objectives.

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  1. if your judging Baldini on his signings then the man is a disaster – Ericksen apart the remainder all have failed to make any impact – frankly he is lucky not to be facing the sack if signing Soldado is a reflection of his nous in the market

    • I think Soldado was – on paper – a good signing. The season before last our failure was not having a consistent goal scorer to take the pressure off Bale and he fit that bill. The problem was we didn't play to his strengths…he has the first touch, has the awareness, has the finishing, but we kept shooting from distance or passing it around between the defenders rather than counter attacking quickly.

      Chadli, admittedly, has been quiet. Paulinho has shown flashes – if used properly he could get 15 a season. Eriksen has looked good. Lamela has been injured more than fit and I'm convinced can be world class. And Chiriches has also hardly been fit.

      So – while none of them have done amazingly well to this point…I don't think they can be branded failures just yet. If they don't do it this season, then fair enough. But it's way too early to write them all off after one season in a new country and new team.

  2. I don’t even understand this article. I don’t know how many of the seven he was responsible for but I don’t believe Ericksen was one of them. In any case the others have not improved Spurs at all. Why buy seven players when the season before we amassed points we only dream of…Who is responsible for talking Levy into that? Is this the taking chances you refer to? Where did we finish?

    Why didn’t we just buy 3 or 4 quality players, EPL proven instead of 7 players all from outside the EPL, Really..the Baldini effect? What is his experience to think this would work…it’s absolutely ridiculous and so is your story. Let the manager choose who he wants for the football he wants Spurs to play.

    • Because football doesn't work that way? We can't buy "quality players" especially not at their prime, and if we could we would massively overpaying for them seeing as we don't have CL football to offer or the profits it brings.

  3. I think we can all agree buying 7 players at once with no premier league experience was a stupid mistake. It is hard to know how good the signings were when so many were poorly used by AVB & Sherwood.

    Soldado- why buy a proven goalscorer who thrives on a quick quality delivery into the box and then play the slowest most boring football with the worst delivery possible into the box and expect him to succeed.

    Paulinho- at the time of his purchase it was seen as a great coup. However, he also has not been used correctly and has suffered from too many changes in the team. He needs to work on his finishing because he gets into great positions. Has had a poor world cup so far.

    Chadli- I can’t work out what he is good at. He must have great ability to get into a strong Belgium team, but maybe not suited to the premier league. Too slow on the wings, too ineffective in the centre.

    Lamella- Tremendous skills, but the jury is out if he has the mental strength to adapt to the premier league. Remember Bale took a couple of season to blossom and I hope Lamella is also given time.

    Churhes- Unsure if he strong enough to play CB in the premier league. He needs a strong CB partner and time to develop a partnership. He could be converted into a decent full back.

    Capoue- Unsure why we purchased him when a LB was a much bigger priority. Too many injuries to assess his quality. He started well, but injuries restricted his appearances. Should sell him or Sandro.

    Eriksen- Had the greatest impact and was a joy to watch. I think there is more improvement possible from his game. He would certainly improve with more quality in the team midfield to play with.

    On balance I would say Soldado, Paulinho, Lamella and Eriksen were good buys but not always used properly or in Lamella case too many injuries to judge. Chadli, Churches and Capoue I doubt they were they really the players we needed at the time.

  4. I actually completely agree with this article.

    People are very quick to jump on people and throw blame around.

    Capoue was absolutely fantastic before he got injured same for Paulinho.
    Lamela still showed some real glimpses of his ability but was slowed by injury.
    Chiriches just needs to learn to do things 5% quicker and he will be fantastic.
    Chadli got better and better as the season went on and I truly believe he has the ability to be a real regular in our squad for years to come.
    Soldado got a tough run.. He signed with Bale and Lennon on either flank licking his lips but ended up with Eriksen and Townsend both cutting inside consistently making it difficult for him.
    Eriksen was absolutely outstanding, even in a role he's not used to.

    A lot of these players will show how good they are this season. Our problem in the past has been our inability to sell the players we need to sell because we ask for too much.

    IMO we need to trust Baldini & Poch.

    As a group of fans we are far to quick to call for blood.. (Myself included) maybe it's time for some patience and trust!

  5. Baldini is purely employed as a scape goat for Levy, Levy would be devastated if White Hart Lane rose to it's feet and chanted for Levy to resign, Levy thinks he is some kind of superstar at the Spurs and he only has a director of Football to hide behind,
    Currently everything is the fault of the manager and the Director of Football, remove a DOF and Levy is public enemy number 1.

    Daniel knows this and would happily pay Baldini his salary to keep himself safe from the wrath of the fans, more and more of us are starting to see beyond it now though and one more cock up will lead to us chanting for Levy to go.
    We are already starting to see fans questioning why we didn't sign Koeman, the simple answer is of course that a man like Koeman will want to run everything, at Spurs Levy does that and Harry got pissed off with it, Jamie Gobshite makes reference to it about 10 times a season and decent managers won't have Levy telling them what to do, so he puts Baldini in charge and sits upstairs safely knowing the profits keep rolling in , and his head is safe as houses with everyone at the club from fans to Lewis.
    Trialist manager after trialist manager grateful for a shot at a club like Spurs get the gig on cheap wedge and the idiot fans will all turn up if Levy says we must make 4th or you're sacked, he knows the drill just a shame our fans don't see it too !

    Levy has it right off with our fans and their love for him, he is taking the piss out of them, spending all the money ENIC have on land and property and a net spend on the team even Hull City laugh at,. I watched the USA last night and I would love to see a bunch of nothings work that hard for Spurs each week, we may have something to be proud of ! .. ANYWAY back to Kaboul and Co. yawn yawn. Wilfred Bony ? and Gylfi going the other way ? yeah that stinks of Levy alright, I bet Aguero and Dzeko are shitting themselves.

  6. You guys have got to forget this fixation of replacing Bale with 7 players. That was load of bo##ocks last year and it still is. You can only put one player on the pitch instead of bale and guess what? That player won’t be as good as bale. It’s not difficult to see that is it?

    What we did was to buy in a whole series of players that should get better with time.

    The fact that the Redkanpp family have got the hump and so sky have been pumping out negative crap all season is just about all that’s wrong right now.

    AVB was unable to use the squad as it was because he lost adebeyor and soldado had a bad start. AVB wanted out, simple as that. Sherwood was never forever so here we are with a good squad that even though they were thrown together after the start of last season achieved a Points tally within 3 points of our best ever yes we were not good against the better clubs strikes me that city weren’t either and they spent a lot more than us that first year to finish behind us. Baldini’s players? Levys? The clubs long term policy is to bring in players that can improve and last season we did that big time.

    Have a bit of faith. It’s what being a fan is all about.

    Best thing we can do now is get everyone fit and have a good pre-season with any new players coming in early enough to gel before match 1.


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