And the Beat Goes on

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
Dom Le Roy

Another weekend, another defeat and we keep on playing the same tune, except the tune is getting scratched and soon we won’t be hearing it anymore. Yesterday’s defeat was the icing on the cake (I hope) for Pochettino and (I hope not for) Levy. The lack of rhythm, passion, pace and attack all surfaced last night. Believe me I never like writing negative columns, I try to focus on all the positives but when you have no positives to focus on, then the crap that needs discussed must come out.

Let’s start with defense as always; Kaboul as pathetic as usual, not sure why I keep reading comments about him and how “good” he is, good grief enough with that, He isn’t that good, he’s average, he lacks common football IQ, he puts himself in situations where he knows he will be beat, can’t retrieve back and leaves Lloris or his other defenders vulnerable. For you Kaboul fans, stop smoking whatever it is you are smoking and realize how terrible he is, why do you think Les Blues have no called him to the team, because everything he lacks. This is the pathetic excuse we have for a captain? Obviously Mauricio was smoking something when he named him captain, “good lord help us” I said when I found out.
Kaboul isn’t a leader, he isn’t a starter, and at best he should be playing some Europa games and or domestic cups. Here’s something to chew on, Dawson had more common sense than push himself forward, especially as he was getting older and losing pace; he had his football IQ in check and made some good decisions. Before you start blasting me for bringing up Dawson, read above, I said SOME GOOD DECISIONS, never did I say always. He had several struggles, yes he wasn’t the same as the years passed by but one thing I could always appreciate about him was his understanding for the pitch and where to place himself!
The communication wasn’t there between Fazio and Kaboul, both left Lloris vulnerable and of course Lloris had to do everything for himself. The first goal was the prime example, Bojan had plenty of space, not Capoue or anyone stepped towards him, everyone was backing up (as if Godzilla was coming towards them) Kaboul and Fazio both had a look at each other and kept backing up- is this shit that makes the team look like a piece of crap- finally Rose came straight at him to tackle but little too late.
Second goal was very similar, no one stepping to the ball and just waiting to see what the attacker is going to do, Kaboul sits and watches every time and nothing Lloris can do.

I really don’t understand what is going to take for our coaching crew to realize the problems we have in the back! Yes that is not our only problem, attacking needs to improve because if we don’t score we can’t win. Mr. Levy is probably pissed sitting in his office contemplating his next steps, (trigger happy Levy) he is probably plotting who he needs to hire next and probably give MP the axe if the results continue by end of year. To be honest that is my biggest concern, I am more worried about Levy giving the slip to MP and not realizing that we need to build the team up, some people need to go, make the adjustments the team needs and give the manager the right tools for success. I have no doubts (at least I want to believe) Mauricio will come around, I have no doubts he will make us successful but I do think Levy needs to let him bring the right pedigree of players, the ones MP wants and not what Baldini wants. I remember following some of Southhampton’s games when MP took over, he struggled big time at first but after getting in a rhythm (and not having any European competition to worry about) he began building a good team at St Mary’s!

This is a frustrating road to be in as a fan; you want and expect the best. I hope for the best and I hope to see us finish somewhere in the 10-12th spot, I don’t foresee a nicer finish than that. We will have a lot of catching up to do if the right changes are made, even if it’s by winter transfer window. I know I sound pessimistic but all I want is to be realistic, for us to think we can finish in the top 6 is kind of unrealistic. Spurs need time off from European competition, focus on your domestic competition and it will do good emotionally.


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