After many years of planning, Tottenham Hotspur will finally move into their
new stadium later this year.

For over 100 years, White Hart Lane was the beloved home of our club. A
‘proper’ football stadium, close to the pitch and creating an atmosphere envied
by many other clubs in the country.

However, in this era of modern football, the limited capacity of 36,284 meant
that financially, Tottenham were at a disadvantage compared to some of the
other Premier League big boys including Manchester United (74,994 capacity),
Manchester City (55,097 capacity), Arsenal (59,867) and Liverpool (54,074).

It was confirmed earlier this week that Tottenham had received approval from
Haringey Council to increase the capacity of the new Spurs stadium to 62,062, up
from 61,500. Every seat counts, financially and will help the club finally be able
to compete with our rivals.

Tottenham boss Mauricio Pochettino has previously said that the club cannot
compete with the likes of Manchester United, Chelsea, Liverpool or Arsenal for
signing, who regularly pay over £50million for players.

It can be frustrating as a Spurs fan to see some of the world’s best players move
clubs and not arrive at Tottenham. But it takes a certain type of player which
Pochettino wants at his club. A player who is prepared to work hard, be humble
and not just pick up their pay cheque at the end of the month. A refreshing
approach which has seen him overhaul our squad since his arrival, removing the
‘dead wood’ from our ranks.

Wages have notoriously always been an issue at Tottenham. The top earners at
the club are said to be Harry Kane and Hugo Lloris, who earn around £110,000-
a-week. A modest among compared to their top six counterparts, even Sead
Kolasinac at Arsenal earns £150,00-a- week. Try putting that into perspective!
Finances can always play a significant part in helping a club to compete for the
Premier League, but it is not everything. You need the perfect blend of finance,
players and a world class manager.

At Tottenham, we already have the core of good players and a manager who I
would not swap for any other manager in world football – if we can now get on
an even financial footing with our rivals, then can we finally dare to dream of
Premier League glory?

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