A case for Erik Lamela

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After what can only be described as one of the worst substitute performances of all time on Saturday, leading many to say that we should now give up on our Argentinian attacker.

So going against the grain here is why Erik Lamela should be given more time at Tottenham.

  1. He’s not ready for the season yet. After the Copa America Lamela only arrived back at Tottenham just before our trip to Denver to play the MLS all stars. So before the season started he had 1 and a half weeks of pre season. As has been shown with other players (such as dare to whisper it Harry Kane) without a proper pre season it is hard for a player to perform to his best. A player short of match fitness should not have been thrown into such important Premier League matches at crucial times. It would have been better to bring on Carroll or Alli to keep possession against Stoke.
  1. This is really only his second season. In his first season, down to injury Lamela only made 3 starts in the Premier League. So last season was really his first proper season in the league and while he by no means set the world alight, 2 goals and 7 assists from 25 starts is not disastrous. This was a decent enough ‘first’ season, especially in comparison to Nacer Chadli, who made 15 starts in his first season, scored 1 and assisted 3. Chadli has since turned this around and now looks to be one of Spurs’ better players, so if Nacer can do it, Erik can as well.
  1. At the end of last season it seemed the prevailing sentiment among many was to give Erik more time, at least until Christmas to prove his worth. Yet after a combined 60 minutes of football apparently he should now be out the door, 60 minutes of the new season hardly constitutes much time either. If we were basing our appraisals of players over the last two games, then the likes of Kane, would not be a 20 goal a season striker, Bentaleb would not be one of the hottest young prospets around and possibly even Lloris would not be a world class goalkeeper. Although this is somewhat dramatic, it is just to emphasise that one player cant be judged from two games.
  1. What he has done. Not just the rabona. Lamela has shown that he can make a difference, the slide rule passes to Chadli against Arsenal and Hull, the assist for Kane at Liverpool the dribble and cross vs QPR, the corner deliveries against QPR and Aston Villa, the goal against Burnley. All showing he does have it in his locker, admittedly it has not been shown consistently enough, but the ability is there.
  1. The alternatives. With Poch saying he doesn’t want to play Lennon, it seems Townsend is the major alternative, although Dembele has played nominally on the right of the 3 behind the striker it is painfully clear that he’s not a winger (although he has performed admirably). Back to Townsend who offers little more than Lamela in terms of end product. Not to mention that if we were to sell a right winger, since he’s English Andros probably holds more value. New signing N’jie may prove to be a better alternative to Lamela in the future but for now Erik seems no worse than any of the other options available on the right.

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my name is James Callender. I am 16 years old and live in West Yorkshire. I started supporting Spurs, since when Leeds were relegated some Leeds supporting family told me all their favourite players had gone to Spurs, including; Robinson, Keane and Lennon. So I made my decision based on that. The love has grown from there. I attend 2 or 3 matches a season, but buying a train ticket, and match ticket is very expensive. i am writing as a pastime, but may aspire to part or full time writing/journalism.


  1. I am not sure the judgements are purely based on 60 minutes of play this season. I for one have not seen enough positives in the two full seasons he has been with Spurs to say we should give him more time. It is obvious his game doesn't suit the EPL and no matter what formation we play he tends to struggle and his standout performances are far and few between, and mainly in the Europa league against teams that would struggle to compete in the Championship.

    • seems some haven’t seen enough of him in his full season out injured, how could they?…or as the author points out 2 goals 7 assists (he also won two free kicks that lead directly to Eriksen goals,so in effect 9 assists) in just 25 starts nothing positive there…meanwhile we have Andros who despite being here longer and being older still offers nothing in the way of assists or goals but continually hands the ball back to the oppo by blazing shots…get shot of Andros and give Lamela a run…

      • As I say in the article, I do believe Erik should have more time to prove himself with us and I really hope he does. I do however recognise that he has in no way lived up to his billing, I just get the feeling if we were to sell him we would regret it.

  2. The only case for this guy is the one to put his stuff in and send to the airport . He is not suited to the premier league . He may have had better stats last season but here we go again .We are back to his first season where he was injured .This time he is too tired because he played in the copa . How many times are we going to hear another story with this guy .Yes he has talent that is not in doubt . This is the hardest league in the world . Sell him to Juve and move on .

  3. The only case that should be made for Lame Ella is a suitcase for him to carry his possessions to Spain or Italy. Eight passages of play is the sum total of all the good work you found to support this posing, ineffectual wage thief………….. eight………… in two years…………..pathetic, in fact, it's less than pathetic. I'm actually embarrassed that he wears our badge and I'm embarrassed for you because you wrote that pile of cattle manure. Stop making excuses, he's another waste of our resources and we should get shot ASAP.

  4. At his best Lamela has been average on only a couple of occasions and this is only when Spurs are in control of a game. When Spurs have their backs to the wall Lamela charges about like a headless chicken giving free kicks and losing the ball easily which shows he does not have the top footballing brain to compete at the highest level . As he is still young a spell in the under 21's might improve him but I personally doubt it. So its time to big up and admit he is another poor purchase and move him on .

    • “Headless chicken”. I was beginning to think I was the only one who had spotted this. Every time I watch him play, I am reminded of PacMan who will inevitably run up a blind alley to be swallowed up by the ghosts.

      What we have here is a tremendously skilled player, but importantly, you have identified the real problem: He has no footballing brain.

  5. While I wrote the article advocating Lamela, I am in no way stating he has been good enough. He is too weak on the ball, first time passing is often poor and too keen to constantly cut inside. However with the interchanging front 3 seen against Stoke where Dembele, Eriksen and Chadli did not stick to the centre, right or left I think Lamela could be suited to the system. Since to me he has always looked more effective in the middle. I also believe in his overall talent, which he has shown all too rarely, but it is there.

    • I think the reason he has looked more effective in the middle, is because he doesn’t know where the bye-line is.

      Seriously though. You have written a piece that most of us disagree with. but that’s life. But at least you have made a contribution. My advice is that you don’t need to defend every last full stop you have written. You have expressed your opinion rather than sniping from the comments page (which most of us do) and I thank you for having started the debate.

      • Thanks mate, I wasnt expecting toomany people to agree! I just realised that the piece could be seen as overly positive when I do recognise his deficiencies as a player. Thanks for your kind words

  6. Not being ready for the season due to copa!!?

    Anyone been watching those other South American based prem players?

    The man city boy looks ok..

    Levy just too stubborn to sell Lamella the record signing off for a loss.. That’s why MP is forced to keep playing him

  7. He stands in the way of Pritchard and Alli. What nobody has pointed out is the goals we conceeded by his dreadful tackling giving away free kicks or him losing the ball in his own half. I reckon he was as involved in opposition goals as much as our own. No pace, no strength either mentally or physically, one footed. Get rid asap even though it will be at a huge loss. he should not even be on the bench this weekend.

    • Thats the point. This is what people see but whats absolutely not true! One of the best examples why Lamela is treated different and is not given a fair chance. The player with the most errors that led to goals in the entire last season was MASON(4 errors)!

  8. Well done Mr levy again we knew we had problems on the right so didn’t even attempt to sign konoplyanka or shaqeri don’t know a lot Nji hope he’s good all so young loan lamela to Italian club where he can perform then will get some decent bids next year and hurry up and get a cm/St decent players going to smaller clubs no excuses cabaye went to palace missed out there not my first choice but do need cm go get alex song and stop trying to angle west brom over a couple million and sign berahino

  9. There was always something dodgy about Baldini arriving from Roma then suddenly splurging £30m on Lamela. He's got some talent (that Rabona was amazing) but generally he's a complete liability. I'd much prefer to see Pritchard or Townsend playing. At least Poch saw the same as us last year, that Paulinho, Chiriches, Lamela, Soldado, Ade etc were a complete waste of space and awful to watch.
    Sell Lamela now for whatever we can get while he still has a half-decent reputation. No need to spend the cash cos we've got better players (Dembele, Pritch, Townsend, N'Jie) who can all play wide right

  10. I personally think he offers nothing whatsoever. He doesn't try to take on players, doesn't shoot enough and doesn't whip in balls into the box.

  11. There is no case for him, he plays and we re worse than having 10 men, its like the opposition have 12! Tonsened unjustly gets stick, when on his best form (doing it for England) he wasnt being picked for us and he had a long injury lay off, he hasnt had the run useless Erik has.

  12. He is piss poor, give him a chance don;t make me laugh, if he was in any other line of work he would of been sacked a long time ago, cost 30 million and 3 points against Stoke, Harry Kane played as much football as Lamela pre season and he was blinding on Saturday, now his two through ball passes were a joy to behold, cut your losses Levy get rid , if anyone will take him, he's a liability can't tackle , would struggle to dribble round a lamppost. To lightweight for the prem

  13. Regardless of all of your excuses for him (positive is good) but in this case,
    the boy just ain't up to it!

    If he go's, and I think he will. That will be 5/7, Capoue, Paulinho, Chriches,
    Lamela, Soldado, of Baldini's recommendations that have failed within 18
    months! And for me the jury is still out regards Chadli!

    I hope behind the sense Baldini, has been made accountable in some way,
    more than just terminating his contract when it ends. I,d like to think, Levy
    had some sort of clause put in the original contract, stating, success = full
    payment + bonus. Failiure (the money we have lost!!!) and you can whistle!!


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