Let’s look at the chairman

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Like it or not those neighbours of ours have gone through the upheaval of new stadium etc and still they are annoyingly doing ok. Is it the directors, the chairman, the manager, who steer the club. I, annoyingly, have respect for the manager and the club’s board in their transition to a new stadium whilst maintaining a champions league position. I go through it with family and most of my friends, all gooners. It’s inevitable to draw a comparison of where we are now.

I’m going to concentrate on the chairman. Daniel Levy some hate but I feel he deserves a kind of ‘you’ve learnt by your mistakes’ kind of respect. I didn’t trust the set up from day one; compounded by years of selling the jewels and over paying for players that were to me, a sign we were a selling club. I could go on,let’s leave that it there….

What’s changed..well, a business first attitude by our chairman may have changed his attitude. What we are seeing is a chairman now who has completely bought in to the Spurs brand. He realised that a new stadium was required, hence a manager who  could provide a competitive team on a shoestring budget but playing the football we love, using players who are ‘one of our own’. That project is all ongoing and looking good.

I find it maddening that even now I find myself thinking, in the big games and situations, we’re not there yet. It’s a mindset, but I really believe that we now have the manager and a vision with regard to our squad, that will kick us forward. I’m excited.

Back to my point, let’s look at the chairman. It’s taken a while but I now have full respect for the chairman for the position we are in. He’s made his mistakes but it his vision that has us now looking at a new stadium with, I hope, a long term manager who has the vision of football we all want. I, along with a lot of you, doubted his judgement. I for one will now give him his time to take the club through this exciting period in our history.

Let’s give him respect for his achievements. But Daniel, are eyes are on your decisions!!!!

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