Confirmation – I am Despurred !

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
Dom Le Roy
Here I am writing an article nearly two months after the last. Nothing has happened in that time. We are just as crap. We just had confirmations. Not fourth – not close; Vertonghen wants Champions League, maybe Lloris too; Paulinhio lacks any passion for Spurs – he might go to Chelsea and be near his beloved Lampard (his idol) if Levy bleeds them dry or if Lukaku is linked; Lennon is past it at 27 ! Nothing to contribute in an attacking sense, no goals no assists (okay 1 goal and 3 assists – just not enough) ; Chadli is just plain awful – what does this man bring to the team ? He is extra ordinarily mediocre ! Bought to play on the left, he plays in the centre (whereas Eriksen was bought to play in the centre, plays on the left) – I’d rather see Jake Livermore play and that’s saying something; Benteleb are you confused ? – Sherwood’s pet and now exiled – how does that work ? It doesn’t; Sandro the fans fave ? –  I love the marauding grinning Beast but Tim doesn’t, so now we piss him off too; Andros Townsend is Harvey Dent – the man with two faces (batman) – isn’t it great how he flies down the wing takes people on time and time again, shoots time and time again ? It’s like a breath of fresh air !? and what a goal for England. That was then, nowdays we are spared the embarrassment – isn’t it pathetic as he goes down the wing takes people on time and time again, shoots time and time again ? It’s shite – never a decisive pass just lots of huffing and puffing – we are fortunate that we don’t have to watch him in Brasil; Kyle Naughton gets his chance – and blows it – nice lad – sorry not good enough; Harry Kane gets his chance too – doesn’t blow it – nice lad – sorry not good enough; Ade goes back into hibernation  – nuff said; Soldado is loved – when I went to The Lane last month (I live a long way away !) the terraces loved Soldado more than Sherwood – I was quite surprised – now the boy can’t get a kick – Tim too busy proving that the youth system is great; Our central partnerships just have not evolved – in fact according to Darwinism (Dawsonism !) they have devolved to a pre footballing state ! Horrible; Sherwood – camera happy, tactic shy – he is merely dabbling with our team, like a 3 year old that has had too much to eat and is now given a bowl of trifle – nothing to do but dabble, make a bloody mess and aggravate Mum and Dad – is this man actually going to get our record number of points and be fired and more than that, we are relieved to see him go – bring on de Boer or Laudrup (or anyone with a brother); Baldini is a moron (like Gordon) – you can’t buy 7 non EPL players and expect something to happen. It is plainly naive and stupid. Everton got 3 EPL players Lukaku, McCarthy and Barry they all went to work the next day and were productive. Obvious really; Levy, bastard – feeds Tiny Tim to the lions and as Levy’s representative on Earth, dim Tim flounders and flails his arms, Levy looks on emotionless and disinterested; The Supporters expectations – they expect at an average age of 45 to pick up a 21 year old – instead they should be setting their sights somewhat lower and not risking ridicule – we are all the same, blinkered and egocentric, full of testosterone (even the female supporters), expecting way too much and then depressing ourselves before finally searching for the guilty to verbally abuse before we dish out some form of capital punishment. I hear the cry on the terraces “Let’s play the Spurs way !!” Is that now the Arsenal way ? Or is it the fast breaks that once we could do against the tactically inept (when we had Bale) ? Or is it the Liverpool way – constant attack ? No the “Spurs way” is to go sideways and backwards, give it to Eriksen and hope he can do something clever with it – but not too clever ‘cos that will confuse his team mates !
Okay I know I am depressed and despairing, it should be called despurred, but that’s how I feel. But here I am thinking Spurs, wearing my new no 8 shirt from 1963 (Jimmy Greaves), drinking tea from my Spurs mug, off to play 5’s in my white SUV with the cockerel on, waiting to see what debacle my beloved THFC has in store for me on Saturday….. COYS

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  1. Its come to the point where after 40yrs of supporting Tottenham, I just don't care about the result of today's or the Villa game, the complete farce this club has become, even with our ''best'' (joker} I mean manager ever, I feel the constant idiotic behaviour and statements by our manager and board have knocked the feeling out of me!!! I feel comfortably numb.

  2. Best become a fan of another club then,you could try any of the 14 behind us to make you even more depressed,COYSaT

  3. You might be of to support Sunderland but best be "off" to support them ! Sorry couldn't help it. Uck off I hear you cry – after all there is a complete shortage of F's. Seriously though I am depressed too, I understand where this article comes from. We were all looking for a nice day out (season) but it rained all day and the coach got a puncture on the M1 ! The driver died and the toilets are overflowing. Oh the symbolism !

  4. I think all Spurs fans feel a measure of the despair you write about.

    And it’s true our season has petered out to the last remaining irrelevant games.

    What makes it all the more sad this year is that I know how excited we all felt at the beginning with all the new signings … No doubt we were all naive to think this was the year we pushed on. Even the pundits were excited about Spurs chances of stepping up to challenge for a top 4 spot or better.

    Naive maybe but only to the point where we had a young manager who had delivered our best points tally to date, clearly was devoted to the club and stated quite clearly that this squad would take 2 seasons to evolve into a consistent and cohesive team capable of mounting a challenge.

    Thanks Dan Levy for raising our hopes and then sabotaging the season by sacking the man you appointed (again) when we were barely out of the starting blocks. Even though we had more points on the board at the time than at any other season to date!!!

    Look at all the other teams who have been smashed this season by City & Lpool ( including Arsenal… Manager retained 4 spot and CL AS USUAL).

    Levy you are an egotistical moron … After 13 years when are you going to admit that you have no idea about football and no ability to back your own decisions ! Please go away and leave the football decisions to someone who actually understands the game


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