Are contracts worth the paper they’re written on?

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This has been a fascinating summer transfer window not least with the gargantuan amount of money spent by PSG on Neymar. But perhaps the most interesting sub plot for me was a possible shift away from the recent displays of ‘player power’

In recent years Spurs fans have seen this played out with the high profile departures of Bale, Modric, Berbatov and Carrick. At the time even the most fervent Spurs fan would have to admit all 4 players were bettering themselves albeit disappointed that long lucrative contracts were being broken.

This summer Spurs aside we have seen Sanchez, Coutinho and Van Dijk retained by Arsenal, Liverpool and Southampton respectively. This despite very public (certainly in Liverpool’s case) displays of affection by potential suitors.

How long these players stay at their clubs remains to be seen but perhaps the riches clubs now earn as a result of the TV deal mean that they are in a position to turn down the inflated fees offered.

That then brings us to the Spurs trio of Walker, Rose and Dier. All three had been subject to the Pochettino new contract pose in the last 12 months. Taking Walker first, it’s my understanding that the 50m was banked with Pochettino’s blessing. I’m happy with the manager’s judgement. He’s magic you know. The fact that Aurier has arrived for a fee suggested to be around 23m seems like good business.

Then you have Danny Rose. Head turned by his mates new found riches at Man City? Desperate for a return up North? Desperate to win things? Whatever the reason selling your soul to a tabloid paper probably isn’t the way to go about things. Interestingly Danny is still at the Club but I would imagine will need to work hard to win back Pochettino’s trust. You don’t get many chances with Poch. Just ask Andros Townsend.

And finally you have Eric Dier. If you believe the spat on Ingastram had his head turned by Manchester United. Toys certainly still seem to be in the pram. Publicly at least. The sort of old school attitude you’d expect for someone with a penchant for black boots.

This leads us to a very interesting 12-18 months ahead. We would all dearly love the majority of the current squad be in situ to lead us into the new ground. One of the best training grounds in Europe and best stadiums in the world will ensure that Spurs can compete financially with other European giants. I just hope the players share Levy’s vision and are around to reap the greater rewards.

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  1. I wish to share something that deeply worries me, I’m not being negative in any way but say we win the league and the FA cup this season will our wage structure change to accommodate the double winning side? Will we offer better wages and pay higher prices to bring in players that can help retain the glory and go one step further and win the CL aswell? Unfortunately i feel as a life long spurs fan we will never do any of that until we are bought by rich Arabs or whealthy other nationalitys lol


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