Credit Where Credit Is Due

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Back in August after the 2-2 draw with Stoke it’s fair to say I was not a fan of the manager and felt the club had let us down in the transfer window.

12 games in and I’m happy to be writing that so far I’ve been proved wrong in a number of areas. Here are some of the things I think have contributed to our evolution so far this season – credit must go the manager for most of it:

Getting rid of the bigger high maintenance characters who were less willing to follow the Manager’s vision and could not adapt to the new regime. This meant offloading the more experienced players like Kaboul, Lennon and Adebayor but it now means there are no dissenting voices in the dressing room which has united the team. The squad is now very unassuming but is hungry and willing to graft for each other for the full 90 mins.

The rise of Dele Alli. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a player like him in the 35 years I’ve been a supporter in terms of how he plays. He seems to be a fairly grounded chap so lets hope we can keep him for many years.

Toby Alderweireld. This guy has been immense for us since he joined and has really firmed up the defence for me. I think he’s also given Walker more confidence as he is more consistent now and has made a massive difference to Vertonghen’s performances/attitude.

Eric Dier in midfield. I have to say I did not think this would work at all but credit to the manager and player for making it happen. This is a crucial part of any team and Dier’s presence has contributed to keeping our goals conceded down (goal difference has been a consistent problem for us but could be worth an additional point come the end of the season).

Hugo Lloris – can’t underestimate what this guy gives us pretty much every week.

Harry Kane. Still grafted for the team when not scoring, never went missing, always backed himself to come good. Epitome of the new breed at WHL for me.

Lack of superstars and egos. Townsend is a tricky one as actually being a Spurs fan I think we all want him to succeed. That said, he’s had chances to impress and should really have secured a first team place by now. Could be the right time to cash in on him in Jan but this little time out could be just what he needed to get him focused on what’s required.

January Transfer Window:

In windows gone by I would be screaming for a couple of marquee players but now I’m not so sure. I think a new striker is a must but I’m hoping it will be someone younger with the right attitude with some serious pace to affect games in the last 20 mins initially (as won’t be guaranteed a start). I don’t think Berahino is the man, he’s not done a huge amount since August and doesn’t have the right mentality given his previous strop.

The one thing which could damage our progress is injuries to key players. I’d like to see us offload and upgrade on Fazio. Be great to have an up and coming centre back on the bench who can play in the Europa League and seriously challenge Jan and Toby. It’s been tough to evaluate Wimmer as he’s mainly played with Fazio so far.

Massive game on Sunday, a must win for me to hopefully put some daylight between us and the next level down. Payet being out is a massive plus as he is definitely their danger man. I’m hoping we can be well in control of the game before they resort to the old long ball tactics that the scum used the other week.

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  1. You were not alone in that thought in August.

    There were a fair few of your type around, all over social media, whinging about it all.

    Very few fans like me who could actually see the potential of what we had and knew it was a work in progress. The club let "us" down? I do hate being grouped like that. The club never ONCE let me down because I am the type to look at what we have and judge and not tubthump. At the same time, the club would definitely have let me down if they actually got Saido Berahino cos I did not want that type of player in the dressing room. It is quite easy to see what Poch is trying to build at the Lane and what perplexes me more than anything are these so-called experts and bloggers who continually whine about the "we only have one striker!" rubbish without seeing what we do have. I guess the penchant of calling Son a "winger" ad infinitum plays into your hands somewhat, but then also proves that you have never seen him play, even now when he is with Korea. Same with Njie.

    So I can say that the club haven't let me down. But then I'm in the minority of fans that feel that way.

  2. "Credit where credit is due" not to you for moaning and grumbling about the summer transfer dealings For your species a press button to bring on a booing chorus should feature in the Tottenham heritage museum.

  3. Fair play your coming round. But when Poch was brought in there were 2 sets of fans. Those who stood back, read the interviews and saw what the club was trying to achieve, and those who seemed to want instant success/English manager. This is a new long term project that Levy is fully behind. It’s never been about superstar signings, it’s about building a team ethic and introducing players who want to play for the shirt, not just buying players for the sake of it. It’s time for all fans to get on board. The future is very bright.


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