The curious absence of Erik Lamela

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
Dom Le Roy

Tottenham Hotspur confirmed on their official social media channels today that Erik Lamela will be out for the remainder of the season, as his hip injury does require surgery after all.

It has been an ongoing saga for Spurs, forcing the Argentine playmaker out of action since October.

The club as well as manager Mauricio Pochettino have made sporadic statements on the winger, with no degree of reassurance along the way, until now.

The statement read:  “Erik Lamela is to undergo surgery on his hip on Saturday. This will result in Erik returning to action next season.

“The Argentina international has undergone a comprehensive rehabilitation process following the injury in November.

“The player has achieved a good level of function, however, he has been unable to reach the stage required to make a full return to training.

“Therefore, following ongoing extensive consultation with specialists, surgery has been agreed by all as the best course of action.”

It’s a frustrating scenario for Spurs fans, who have been repeatedly told that Lamela was “weeks away” in numerous Pochettino press conferences, in which the Argentine has frequently been a subject of discussion.

However, it also raises the question of whether the winger will ever continue to play for Spurs, as it seems more and more unlikely, with the player’s treatment at AS Roma and the player himself growing more and more displeased with the poorly handled situation.

How has it got to this point where surgery is required? Why not in October to be sure? It seems like a scenario which was poorly handled, there were rumours of the club and Lamela’s team not agreeing on the best course of treatment, but maybe Poch can shed some light on the situation ahead of the Burnley game this Saturday.

Come on you Spurs!

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  1. The recent photo of Lamela showed him looking very gaunt and ill.
    Surely, he can’t be on drugs as there has never been found to any problem with his hip all these months. If this the case then I’m sure we all feel very sad for him.

  2. If Eric had that hip surgery back in December, he would have been out for the season anyway. So they decided to give a chance to Physio and see, if it get Lamela back on the pitch. It did not work out well, so now they do surgery. This is a typical approach, as everyone always wants to avoid the surgery.

    • Yeah but why not come out and say that right away? And don’t give me that bs that it typically takes this long. You would know after a month if the rehab was going to work.

  3. I got some ITK, nothing too solid but enough for me to believe it. Basically it was that they just can’t figure out what’s wrong with his hip. He is injured, it is his hip but they can’t figure it out. Most disturbingly, there’s a feeling he may never play professional football again

    • Exactly my fear, if this hip injury is believed to be the cause of this ongoing saga then it must be serious enough to jeopardise his health long-term.


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