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Daniel Levy has been getting a lot of stick of late. This is mainly to do with his policy of firing, hiring and not giving managers’ time to settle in because he wants instant success. Some of the criticism I share, others I am not too sure about.

Daniel Levy has brought financial stability to White Hart Lane, which is something. However, Spurs has had a proud history of being a top-flight club. In the 50s and 60s, when had we some great players, Spurs were known as the Bank of England. One of the reasons – in the past – why we have not quite made it was not because of our lack of spending power, but the managers’ failings. That is why we have gone through so many managers since Bill Nicholson retired. While we have been in the Premier League, it is slightly different story. Spurs do not have the stadium (we have one of the poorest capacities for a club who wants to compete for a top four place) which puts us just outside the golden clubs in having the ability to pay top wages. Because of that we are roughly were we should be; in the top six. We are kidding ourselves if we think we deserve anything higher, nevertheless, that does not mean a good manager cannot produce a team that can punch above its weight and get us into the top four. Because of our ambitions the board are in the process of moving to a new Stadium, which will have a capacity of 56,000 or thereabouts. This will increase our revenue enormously. I hope that then Spurs will have enough to get the best so that we can compete with the likes of Chelsea, City and United. Nevertheless, it is not as simple as that; Levy has had a very poor record of accomplishment in picking the right manager in helping us go forward. However, I do accept that directors like Levy, who pay high wages to their managers, expect instant success. The days of giving managers like Alex Ferguson quite a few years to settle in have long gone. That is why managers like Moyes failed to get to the end of the season; get it right within a season or you are fired.

Another point; there has been calls for Levy to go. That is fine if we had a rich sheik knocking on our  door, or even a Russian or two (we don’t want American’s as there only interest is in what financial rewards they can get out of the club; just look at the Glaziers). However, nobody is knocking on our door and we certainly do not want the likes of Mike Ashley (Newcastle United) or a Vincent Tan (Cardiff City) etc. So maybe we should count our blessings that we have Levy & Lewis than one of those others. So be careful what you wish for as it might come true and then we might truly be in the shit. Personally, we should wait and see what happens once we have a large capacity stadium and whether that extra income takes us to the stars. If not then we will know that Daniel Levy, Joe Lewis, and ENIC cannot take us any further and therefore Spurs need other investors with very large pockets.

Concerning Lewis and Levy; Lewis is worth £4.2 billion, while Levy is a millionaire (or billionaire, I am not sure which) so they are both, together, capable of matching City or Chelsea’s directors. I can only imagine that being Jewish and businessmen – a lethal, but astute combination – that they believe that their money is safer in their pockets than giving it to Spurs. They obviously do not share the same philosophy as Roman Abramovich or Sheikh Mansour and Khaldoon Al Mubarak (both owners of Manchester City), that it is better to show of your money spectacularly by spending big than squirrel it away. The moral of that philosophy must be nuts. Therefore, it must be the club, alone, that generates enough income to make us viable to compete with the best in the world. So mazel tov (good luck) with that.

In the meantime, we have a new season to look forward to, a new manager with some more players thrown in, and of course we have Daniel Levy pulling the strings. Deep joy! COYS.

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    • Why? it wasn't said in a bad way. He is Jewish and careful with his money; and with Spurs. I would have thought that was a compliment.

        • behave yourself, even the Jews make fun of themselves as to why they have money, have you listened to people like Dustin Hoffman, Barbara Streisand and Meryl Streep being interviewed, Maureen Lipman is constantly making jokes and comments about her Race, chill out. shalom x

          Have you never heard the Jewish Accountant comments, even the Jews advise you to use them, I worked in Stamford Hill for 10 years in Banking and you are making them sound all wrong, they are carefree characters who like a joke like the next man.

      • i’m chill and the only reason i’m responding is because clearly you are missing the point. whether jewish comedians make jokes or not is irrelevant. here, in this article, that particular reference is a stereotype. i’m sure it was meant innocently and glenn didn’t really consider just how it comes across. the fact that daniel levy is jewish does not factor into how tottenham run their finances. it’s not relevant and should not even be part of that assessment. correct me if i’m wrong: glenn, are you saying that every jewish businessman is tight with their money? all is good and i haven’t come out guns blazing – you should just learn to listen to honest feedback from a reader. thanks

  1. There is a lot of nonsense and guess work in here. Levy is employed by ENIC and is not a 'rich man'. He is a highly paid individual. Lewis is not worth £4.2 billion (been reading Wiki by any chance?) although his actual worth is clearly not known, but experts seem to think it maybe around £2 billion. As the owners of Chelsea and Man City have 'given' their clubs at least £1 billion each are you suggesting that Lewis gives 50% of his wealth to Tottenham. ENIC are a business and run Tottenham as a business. Man City and Chelsea are wholly owned by 2 staggeringly rich men and are simple one of their toys to go alongside the yachts, the homes and the girls. They fund massive loses every year. Most other football clubs overspend dramatically and eventually get relegated and/or go bust. Nothing will change at Tottenham under ENIC. They will continue to build the brand; build income streams; attempt to get investment for the new stadium etc. (The cost of the land that they have bought is already serious money.) Lewis is not going to 'give' the club any of his money other than via 'small' interest free loans. Finally Lewis won't have money knocking around in cash like the staggeringly rich Abramovich. It is generally in huge property portfolios etc. So if you think ENIC or Joe Lewis are going to throw money at Tottenham you'll be waiting a long time. At least they haven't destroyed the business like the Glaziers. So, no, they are obviously not capable of matching City or Chelsea owners and no Levy is not a rich man.

    • Exactly.
      Even if the figure of £4.2 billion was right (which it ain't), it is nonsense to suggest that that means they could match Abramovich and Mansour. Mansour, the richest by a long chalk, would still have approximately 10 times the personal wealth of Lewis/Levy. Not very good odds to play 'Brag' with, is it? They would still be able to outbid us on every single player they wanted…and pay much higher wages. It is for this exact reason that Levy opted to revamp the youth set-up and invest in infrastructure instead. The other way leads to expending all of your money just to stand still…if you are lucky.

      He has made mistakes – managerial selection, for instance, not being a strong point – but not attempting to back-roll the club to success, when it would just be throwing good money after bad, is not one of them. Investing in youth, and looking to the youth set-up to provide a good part of a quality squad most definitely is not a mistake, IMVHO.

    • You do make some good points, but my point was that certain Billionaires can and do make a difference. Chelsea wouldn't have been the team they are now if it wasn't for Abramovich. The same goes with City.

      As for Lewis' worth; it is speculated on the net, like others, beyond that we don't actually know. As you pointed out. (and no I haven't read Wiki)

      Be grateful that I wrote something where you could respond to. You are always welcome to write an article yourself for SpursWeb.

    • 2 Billion and he spends 700k net spend on the team ? per season ,.I hope for your sake he is only worth 2 billion and not the 4.2 widely reported because in your estimation he spends 1/3000 th of his personal fortune, on the team each season, well I think all of us Spurs fans should do the same I reckon I am worth about 400k with my House etc, next season I will be giving the club £133 and not a penny more, so perhaps I should now add up all of the petrol money, ticket money, spurs shirt money, memorabilia, flights, hotel money, over the last 43 years, yep you are indeed a super Spurs fan Joe Lewis one of the best !!!! ha ha tight arse C*nt !

      • He doesn't spend any of his personal wealth. ENIC owns the company and Levy runs it the ways he sees fit. What people appear to be saying on here is 'put your hands in your pocket and sepnd some of your money like Abramovich and the Sheikh'. Well it's not going to happen, so we can ask as much as we like. Lewis is building a company to make money – that's what he does. To do this he needs a successful team and a new stadium. ENIC have improved the team as much as they can and have bought the land for the stadium for serious money. They are now waiting for a CPO and then the funding. With this the club may be able to compete in the world of Financial Fair Play. ENIC know that you cannot chuck money in anymore (even if the wanted to) so are building the brand all around the world especially in Asia trying to compete with all the other clubs doing the same. At some stage, when the ground is built and the income streams are where they need to be, ENIC will sell and realise their profit because that is what they do. If you think Lewis is going to use his own money dream on. If you want a well run club competing pretty well with a tiny stadium in a deprived area; a board with ambition to deliver the best training ground in Europe – which they have done – and an amazing stadium (and trust me it will be awesome) then you have ENIC.

        • to do this he doesn't need a succesful team, he needs 36,000 addicts and a waiting list just as long, you could stand over us Spurs fans and piss on their forehead but if you invited them round the next day to give them a ticket they would be your best mate again, our fans are being abused and they deserve better, and in all honesty some of us are now starting to voice that opinion, we all respect the business angle but all we are asking is that if Daniel can't get us where he demands then he clears off, because having been in sales for the last 20 years I have gone when I have not done what I said I would, so why can't he ? because he makes ENIC too much money on moderate ambition due to our addict fans climbing over each other to watch 2nd tier prem league dross.. PS. Dembele and Chadli looked good in their win yesterday for Belgium , do you think their manager has worked out that they are shit too ? and slow everything down.. if Levy can't give us what we want then he should move on, it aint hard to sign 2 wingers and a forward, we are spurs fans we tolerate defensive errors, Levy is a TIT !

    • Agree with most of your comments, but Levy an employee of ENIC? I think not. ENIC own 85% of Tottenham shares. ENIC has two shareholders. Joe Lewis has a controlling 70.6% of ENIC shares, whilst Daniel Levy owns the other 29.4%. That makes him a bit more than an employee, especially as Lewis is very much a silent partner.

      By the way the Daily Telegraph has twice printed a story that the financing for the new stadium is incredibly ambitious. The main sponsor would not only have shirt sponsorship and stadium naming rights, but would also buy 25% of Tottenham shares. This could raise an additional £100-150m, avoid the needs for a rights issue, and crucially cut down the borrowing on the new stadium.When Arsenal built their new stadium their share value went from £400m to £800 overnight. So hope this is true, as we could do with avoiding 9 years in the wilderness.

  2. You fail to understand! Under the FIFA's new FFP rule you can only spend the equivalent to what you bring in, so there is no way that spurs would spend millions on players or wages unless like with the able sale they recouped the money in some other ways. Well that is until FIFA have the balls to actually hit the teams where it hurts namely kicking them out the European cups rather than fining them. So yes most football clubs do need to be run as a business, after all the game is all about money nowadays.

  3. I think we all understand that we don't have the financial muscle to match Man U, Man C and Chelsea, but the problem is that Levy is now completely out of his depth in terms of knowing how to move us on.

    This real problem is the very poor decisions he makes in employing a manager. When it becomes apparent he has made a mistake, he fires them – it isn't about having the right manager in and frustration at the lack of instant success.

    Can anyone see any logic in sacking a man who has got two 4th places and a 5th,and replacing him with a man who demonstrated in 8 short months that he wasn't suited to the PL by turning a really dominant side (Chelsea) into a mid-table side? AVB had 18 months (and took us back 5 years) before Levy realised he had to go and, to be fair, AVB could have stayed 5 years and we wouldn't have been a success. So having come to the conclusion he had made yet another mistake, what then does Levy do? Get a man in place before firing? No, he promotes a man with no coaching badges and no managerial experience. Does anyone think that the three clubs (along with Arsenal) I mentioned above, would behave like that? I have the firm view that Levy is gambling and makes these appointments hoping they will come off because, if they do, he is going to look amazingly clever.

    After many years of ridiculous mistakes, Levy had the chance to get it right a month ago and appoint FDB – a man who won a league title at the first attempt (at a club that hadn't done that for 8 years and had Jol as a manager who is no idiot) and defend it three times in a row – a feat never achieved in that league.

    Instead he decides on a man who has managed two low / mid table sides to mediocre finishes- he has been seduced what Southampton achieved last year with a crop of really good players who all emerged at the right time. I rather think that Christian Gross could have got 8th with that squad.

    • I believe Levy knows exactly how to 'move us on'. He has put everything in place (squad, youth set-up, youth personnel, training facilities, new stadium eventually,global financial partnership, raising of clubs' international profile for increase of international fan-base). Unfortunately, that 'one thing' is appointing the correct manager – and that is easier said than done. He has made some poor/unfortunate managerial appointments – but most of them 'did' make some kind of sense at the time. It is impossible to say if anyone else could have done better within the parameters he has to operate under. For example, appointing Louis van Gaal would be a top level appointment – but at the same time it is still a risky move. And even with a manager who prides himself on matching his system to the players he has, and his ability to improve each player and keenness to promote youth, which would seem to be ideally suited to our aspirations and the work that has gone into our youth set-up, and with van Gaal being a self-professed childhood Spurs fan, he still played us to beggary while he smoked United out and then chose them anyway (yeah, thanks for that Louis). This demonstrates that the managerial pool is slightly limited for us. Top tier managers, who would have much chance of being a sure bet, just aren't going to come to us. So our real hope is in appointing a young manager who is causing a bit of a stir and hoping he can translate to bigger club with higher expectations (sorry, Saints fans, but thems the onions), and, with extreme luck, be something of a Fergie-figure to us.

      • Would you consider thinking that top drawer managers want to make their own decisions and fall on their own sword if all fails after being in control of their own destiny ? at which point under a Director of Football and an Interfering Levy are you any of the above mentioned points that all top managers seek ?

    • Surely you know why Redknapp was sacked. We don't need to go over that again. Lots of people in the game still believe that AVB is a top coach (not me, btw). He certainly did not turn a dominant Chelsea into a mid table team that is poetic license. Now I am confused, you say 'when it becomes apparent he has made a mistake, he fires them' so surely he was right to get rid of AVB. Sherwood was a stop gap – nothing more nothing less. Levy knew AVB had to go, but there was not a candidate to replace him so used someone who was already in the club. This summer he has tried to get Van Gaal who was waiting for Man United; he has decided to go for Poch who has transformed Southampton rather the FDB who has never managed in the PL. There are plenty of people who if we had got FDB would have said 'why didn't he get Poch'. Frankly, Levy knows that to make the next step with a club with such a small stadium requires a brilliant manager. This is the hardest appointment so he will keep searching. I struggle to see why FDB would have been a good appointment.

  4. I along with other Spurs supporters have no axe to grind with Levy's role as chairman of our club.Financial responsibility is paramount and all we want is Levy to allow his manager to fulfill his role by choosing the players he wants in his team.We cannot afford the likes of Falcao etc but we fail in signing players that are needed in roles that have been blatantly obvious.

  5. It reads like an article written by a Gooner in disguise who wants Spurs to remain always a sub-top club!
    Or you just put the interests of Levy and Co above those of Spurs?

    Levy and Co, as well most of the previous owners, have made Spurs a (sub-top) club unable to win regularly titles and trophies.
    Last decades the number of Spurs fans was significant reduced worldwide while those of our direct rivals have multiplied.

    It is wrong to insist that having a bigger stadium would significantly help paying top wages when we all know that the greatest part of a football club revenue comes from other commercial sources.
    Winning regularly titles and trophies contributes significantly to increase the revenue of a football club.

    Still the main source remains the ability of the owner to spend, at least in the beginning, his own money in order to satisfy his ambitions with winning regularly silverware with the club he owns.

    Spurs need an ambitious with the club owner who is able and willing to spend the necessary money to bring the club to the world's elite.
    Nothing more and nothing less.

    When achieving to become a club that wins regularly titles and trophies then it would be easier and more appropriate to build a bigger stadium.
    As it was the case with all big clubs worldwide.

    Spurs need an owner who can compete on spending capacity and ambition to win regularly silverware with the club with those owners who's clubs have won last decades important domestic and international trophies.
    Any candidate who doesn't fulfil those two very important criteria, simply isn't good enough for a club like Spurs.
    Enic just holds Spurs hostage to their purely profit aiming plans.
    I believe that after they have run Spurs for thirteen years, this is more than obvious!

    • Had to have 10 minutes or so to think about what you have written and I honestly can't argue with any of it, I find it Embarrassing that huge amounts of our fans cannot see Levy is investing in Buildings and Land and has no interest in risking money where it matters most, ENIC are making a fortune out of Spurs by investing 700k net season on the team and developing projects like Stadiums and Training Facilities they will get back 10 fold when they sell, fans can debate this all day long but one area where us anti Levy groups can't be shot down is the amount of players we have missed out by LEVY being a tight wad, Rakitic is now at the Nou Camp and one of the best players in Europe we lost him by a whisker because Levy played hardball, giving it the big one again, how many times has this man arsed about and lost us quality ? Willian ? Cahill ? Hazard ? Hulk? Moutinho ? David Villa ? Becham on loan ? Charlie Adam (thank christ) ? Andy Carroll ? Rivaldo ? Diarra ? Dzeko ? Fabiano ? Forlan ? Llorente ? Phil Neville ? Van Bommel ? Rossi ? Vucinic ? now each and every one of these players were contacted, in talks and slipped through the net because Levy the superb businessman couldn't MORE LIKE WOULDN'T close the deal ,, he is more interested in signing Pienaar for 2 million selling 3million shirts in south africa and moving Pienaar on again for a profit… and our fans think Levy has ambition ? ha ha comical !

        • yep, precisely why I know ENIC have taken us as far as they are prepared to, it has nothing to do with the size of the stadium and everything to do with the wealth of the owner and their ambitions, do our fans really believe when ENIC have nearly 60,000 seats full each week they will adopt a different approach ? like hell they will, Spurs is a cashcow and what concerns me is that an ever increasing number of our fans are content with starting the season knowing they will not finish outside of the top 7, win nothing and not make the top 4 , why the hell would anyone be upbeat about that ? I can't defend Enic any longer they have had the chance to bring in quality and just go cheap, so cheap is what we are now, steady eddie , top 6 and going nowhere, to some who know no different it is improvement in their life, to us born in the late 60's early 70's it is disheartening and pointless..

      • Were you in all these transfer negotiations ? Or is this all based on what you read in the paper? It's well known that we have a wage structure, and it's only normal to want to keep within that where ever possible, we don't know what they offered a player in terms of salary bonuses etc, and if someone comes in and offers to double there salary we just can't compete. We need to generate a bigger income, hence the importance of a bigger stadium. Yes Levy as made bad decisions in the managerial selections, but unless you get a top manager in, it's always going to be a gamble one way or the other. I feel that no matter what Levy does for the club he will never please everyone.

        • Don't agree at all, yes we have a wage structure and isn't enough to compete at the top, Liverpool don't have a massive stadium it is more than ours but they are running on comparable costs if you read the financial sites they are duty bound to report to, ENIC have done a great job within their restrictions and budget, but they have taken us as far as they can on this structure, Arsenal have a big stadium but they also don't have success they too need a massive boost of cash, this is why people in shit land are putting bin bags on seats and protesting they need the fat Russian on their board in total control, to conquer the prem, they know it, we know it and so does Wenger,
          I am merely saying we need new owners to succeed in what the fans want, if you honestly trust Levy to sell another 25,000 tickets a week and not cream the profits from it then that is your call, I have now given you hard facts as to why bigger stadiums do not generate success, do you honestly think this Fair Play system will work ? let me tell you when you own half of the worlds oil you have some pretty bloody clued up accountants and spin doctors, Man City will soon have the Oil Sheikhs sponsoring toilets for 700 million if that is the loop hole to success.. all I am saying is ENIC are playing at running Devs corner shop and tell everyone they want to be Harrods.. as for being in on the transfers then I can safely say No I was not but I guess Willian running out of a medical was made up nonsense along with the rest of it.. WASN'T IT !!! and back we go to why we need new owners, possibly people like at That NEW Huge Massive Stadium Liverpool have that they have just built, where they pay Suarez what he is worth… work it out for yourself, we have seen teams drop below us and go back above us again without 70,000 seater stadiums…

  6. Didn't bother getting to the end of that topic for one reason and one reason only, we are actually saying that a big stadium equals success, well I only wish Arsenal moved into the Emirates 30 years ago then because I am sure I witnessed a relentless wave of glory from 1989-2006 and I can't recall Highbury being too much bigger than White Hart Lane, are we so f*cking desperate as a Football club that our stupid fans are now even going to suggest our lack of Success is nothing to do with poor management and changing the targets each season but about the number of seats,

    Harry Redknapp walked into White Hart Lane and turned a young developing squad into a team of pensioners, If you owned a Factory and you brought a manager in and he stood all your young new machines up the corner and starting renting old knackered ones with short term life spans and turned your assets into negative sums almost overnight you would shit a brick,
    Saha, Parker, Nelsen, Gallas, Friedel, Woodgate ? jesus christ what is the resale value there combined ? Daniel allowed this mess to happen and then had no choice but to invest very heavily and build a team around the superstar, instead he shit a brick done a typical Levy and sold our star asset and sneakily invested all the money in players, yep a sound business decision indeed I would have done the same, except I wouldn't have allowed someone to bollocks our assets up in the first place, and then we get another tit in who failed with genuine quality up the road and now we get another cock in who couldn't get half the players we are now chasing above us last season.. Levy is C*nt ! end of !!!

    • To win something we need a multi billionaire is what you are saying. There are a number of problems with this. Firstly, I don’t see them queueing up. So until they do we have to buy wisely and get the best manager we can and hope he delivers. Secondly, Financial Fair Pay has arrived so the multi billionaire can only do so much. Fans seem to knock Levy for not being rich. He is simply our Chairman and runs the club. He cannot magic money out of thin air; he cannot go to the bank and borrow hundreds of millions which is what we need. Joe Lewis is not going to throw his money at the club. So what’s the answer. This is where some people think it’s simple. Get a multi billionaire; buy loads of amazing players; pay them £8 million a year; win more games of football than anyone else including those who already have mulit billionaires. Simple. And if Tottenham fans can’t see that and want to keep Levy they are mad. Heh, I wish there was a solution, but I have sent begging letters to every billionaire in the world and they are not interested I’m afraid.

      • Ps.. Joe Lewis is a Spurs fan worth 4.2 billion.. super fan he is !!! 700k a season on the team ? I spend more on Spurs in relation to my wealth than him.

  7. Fans don't knock Levy for not being rich, they are knocking Levy for doing things on a shoe string budget and telling the fans they have big dreams, tell us you are happy with 6th Daniel until your masterplan succeeds and we might relax a little, but he doesn't he keeps telling us we have a new plan, well fans are growing tired of the goalposts moving each season and seeing no development, I mam assuming you agree losing Bale, Modric and VDV and now calling Eriksen a god is like I say moving slightly in the wrong direction ?

    Financial Fair Play is nonsense and don't hide behind it, it won't work for a minute teams with Billionaire owners will exploit loop holes in that kiddy idea, even if half of Saudi Arabia sponsor a Floodlight, so that is nonsense !!! as you rightly say Joe Lewis is not going to throw money at the club so perhaps like we are asking in some sections we can get a man who is, and I don't understand why you are so protective of Levy, when your Newspaper is shit you don't moan to Rupert Murdoch you moan about the editor and it is after all Joe Lewis who is happy with our Daniel, I wonder why you hear me ask ? perhaps because we are the only Football club making a fucking fortune instead of spending it ? ..finally do you honestly think an arse hole like Levy who is despised around Europe by clubs, agents and the like would sell the club to a company who would make himself look stupid ? No my old sunbeam we are stuck with the devil at the wheel at believe you me he will destroy Spurs by selling it to some arsehole with no clue about business or football, better the devil you know ? perhaps !!! but it aint enjoyable either way is it !!! you must be mid 20's because someone older would have lived through some glory and some great times and want it back, only a young un would see this era as improvement from our Christian Gross days, to me it is shit , boring going nowhere shit , sit in your seat all year and know you will win sod all and finish between 5th and 8th… well Daniel you legend !!! thanks !!!

    • It seems to me no matter what argument anyone comes up with you will always be of the opinion that Levy is no good for the club. And you are entitled to that opinion. So what is the answer? If someone wanted to buy the club and offered a fair price I’m sure Levy would negotiate more from

      The deal, who’s to say that new means better? Look at the managers we’ve had in the last 20 years? Change isn’t always good. As for berating someone for their age? That is ridiculous, you can’t expect every fan to remember the glory glory years, there will always be new generations of fans coming through, and those newer ones will only remember bad times and see top 5 finishes as good compared to the bottom half they were use too, football is a money game, we have some but not as much as others, as for 700k per season where has this come from? Might be net after selling players to help balance the books, doesn’t mean they haven’t invested in the team from money generated! I’m sure we would all like to see success at the lane, the only difference is we all have our opinion on how that will be achieved.

  8. Everyone is entitled to their opinion that is what this is about, you are right I wouldn't back Daniel Levy at all anymore I think I have given him long enough before I turned on him, I was the first to laugh when Levy screwed other clubs, I was the first to say 'Trust in Daniel' but in truth after 13 years and nearly as many managers I am now at the point where enough is enough.
    I don't recall berating anyone for their age, merely pointing out that they must be young enough to not know or remember the good times, that is not an act of belittling anyone it is an act of anger because a club the size of Spurs has fans who think top 6 is a great achievement ? the net spend is exactly what it says on the tin, 700k is spent by ENIC over the last 5 seasons per season, on the team, I do not think it is acceptable to have an Owner / Company investing per season in the team what John Terry earns a month..

    I genuinely think (and it is only my opinion) that if you done a secret Ballot box with all of the top leagues in Europe 90% of the managers worth their sort, would refuse to work for Levy, they want to make the decisions.. I am sorry we don't agree on things, yes managers change, yes fortunes change, but the one consistency in the history of Football is that people like Brian Clough, Bob Paisley, Bill Shankley, Alf Ramsey, Bill Nicholson, George Graham, Bobby Robson, Alex Ferguson, Arsene Wenger, Pep Guardiola, Jurgen Klopp, and Jose Mourinho (Chelsea getting him back is the proof) are NEVER EVER EVER told how to run things and would never work for a Daniel Levy for too long, .. Luis Van Gaal is no fool he is a Spurs fan and said 'no thanks'.

    I really don't know how many more Footballing Facts need to be put forward before people accept Daniel Levy is a solid business option but not a Footballing man, we know they are closely linked in 2014, but we have had 13 years now of Daniel and I don't see the Football being too hot if I am honest, I think anyone could make the top 7 in the Spurs hotseat, even Alan Curbishley, there are reasons for this and yes some are because ENIC have got us into a steady solid position in the table, where you can't help but finish in the top section, but this is even more reason for them to go now and let someone else take us to the next step..
    13 years is long enough !!!


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