Deadline Day Blues


If they ever decide to remake the Oscar winning musical ‘Oliver’, I have just the candidate to play the role of Fagin. He may not have any acting experience but our esteemed/reviled Chairman, Mr Daniel Levy (take your pick) would be absolutely brilliant belting out one of Fagins songs, because the lyrics are so close to his heart.

You know the tune , its the one with the immortal words which could have been written specially for Levy by Lionel Bart..’In this life, one thing counts, in the bank, large amounts’.

Now as we all know, the zero spend during the transfer window has no doubt left Spurs with a very happy bank manager. Its a pity the fans, who contribute handsomely to the coffers are not smiling at the moment.

Its common knowledge that Levy is juggling the finances to ensure that the new stadium build does not drag the club into the financial mire and to a degree, I agree with his financial prudence.

However the new stadium is three years away, and while Levy is looking at the long term picture, I’m afraid the failure, for whatever reasons, to sign another dedicated striker and an experienced defensive midfielder has the potential to turn this season into a real struggle. It would be absolutely ‘Spursy’ if Harry Kane sustained a serious injury in the near future, and you just know it will happen.

We will then have to rely on the two new signings, N’Jie and Son, neither of whom are out and out strikers, although they may have to adapt and quickly. Neither has played in the Premiership before and they will take time to bed in. During which time we will struggle for goals. Selling all our defensive midfielders would be ok, as long as we replaced at least one of them. Can Bentaleb rise to the occasion again, I ask myself ?

I have defended Daniel levy all the way up to now. But it ends today.

He`has exposed my team to an unforgivable lack of depth in the forward and central midfield areas. He has no doubt written the managers script for today, when Poch’s weekend stance that we really needed a striker and DFM amazingly morphed into the quite incredulous statement that he was happy with his squad.. I am disappointed with the manager for caving in. Time he grew a pair and told Levy the facts of Premiership life. I actually would not be surprised if Poch does not survive the season. He must be hurting tonight. I would be if I was in his position.

This is not a knee jerk reaction against Levy. I admire him in many ways, but his brinkmanship during the Transfer Deadline sucks. Maybe his reputation is now working badly against him, and Spurs, as a club are the ultimate losers. I certainly dont agree with the WBA chairmans tactic of making all the Spurs bids public because, as I see it now, neither club has the use of Berahino’s services for the forseeable future.

It is such a shame that many fans are now resigned to an average season, at best. If the team does manage to surprise us all , it will be nothing to do with Daniel Levy but the players and managements professional pride.

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    • Quite right, but don't sell players when you don't get cover.back in place.
      Are Bentelab, Mason and Kane going to play League,FA cup,Carling Cup and Europe ?
      Should just manage to squeeze in about 50 to 60 games each…… What a joke
      Good thing though is hopefully straight out of Europe in what's a tough group, quickly out of FA cup and Carling cup, then we can concentrate on midd table to relegation battle.
      Levy could end up with a 60,000 sweater stadium in the championship.
      Please remember Dan, it's the team that pulls in the people through the turn styles NOT YOU !!!

    • No t isn't but if Kane gets crocked we are more likely to finish in bottom 6 rather than top 6. Team collapsed against Stoke as soon as he went off. Absolute scandal to leave us with only 1 out and out forward. if West Brom wouldn't play ball we should have gone for Austin.

  1. I'm crestfallen! Like so many others I was so looking forward to us buying another 2 or 3 players and then not playing them until 1 or 2 games at the end of this season before putting them out on loan at the start of next.

    Also can no one else see the facts?? we should have cashed in on Lloris, Walker, Vertonghen, Chadli, Dembele & Lamela long ago and used the dosh to spend on 2 or 3 real quality players that would actually make a consistent difference.

    Lloris is too short, (too many near saves) & does not command or marshall his defence. Butland would have been a better buy.

    Walker has forgotten how to tackle, ball watches, lost the ability to take players on and too often gestures to teammates to create for him instead of using skill to make is own space. His final shot and delivery is also becoming Lennon like.

    Vertonghen is too slow, clumsy and rarely gets in a good challenging defensive header that doesn't end up in the perfect sweet spot for opposing strikers. We should have brought Caulker back and offer him a chance to shine with a better team. should never have been sold in the first place.

    Lamela cares more about his hair than his football – should never have been purchased. Matt Philips would have provided a more robust, and defensively able purchase. Townsend also has never been given an extended chance to show his true potential.

    Chadli & Dembele are just too inconsistent and rarely track back or take on serious and effective defensive duties. Here Milner would have been the perfect player to offer defence and attack options. Plus be the perfect heart on the sleeve passionate skipper.

    In attack Austin would have been a much better foil to Kane than SB, he is robust, can poach goals from nowhere, can shoot from inside and out of the box and is strong in defence when needed. A snip at £15m!

    I know this seems that I wished we'd purchased a chunk of QPR but think of the return on investment and the more balanced options we would have had.

    Top four. I fear lucky to get in the top 10 this term.

    Poch & Levy, please go. You're just too predictable – bring back Keith Burkinshaw!!!

  2. Oh dear! Usual bunch of doom-mongers. We spend money and you moan, don't spend money and you still moan. N'Jie is a forward, simple as. Check what position he actually played at week in week out. Adebayor is still a quality player who should be in the squad anyway. Players bought in the past have performed well at their previous teams and have been scouted extensively, they weren't just bought of a whim or using FIFA 14 ratings! grow up and accept that football dealings aren't as cut and dried as it appears. COYS!

    • No not doom-mongers realists, Doubt that N'Jie could lead the line if anything happens to Kane. He is a work in progress and will need a year at least before he settles in. The team is going backwards and that is simply the truth. You can bury your head in the sand but not everyone will.

    • See if you are still saying all of that at the end of the season, you and a few more like you on here are the only ones not livid at the moment. I am a season ticket holder and every single Spurs fan I know, and that is enough to form a rough % would agree that Levy is a moron and has cost us a decent season. If you think that what we have is enough to make a challenge for at least top 5 then you really are mad! We have dropped too many points already at the start of the season, again this is down to Levy leaving things to the last minute. Poch continues with Walker when he has Trippier sitting on the bench, Trippier's stats from last season murder Walkers, yet he isn't playing. Son will most likely be played out of position, Poch may try him as a holding MF, he seems to want to try everyone else out of position to make his, Philosophy fit. No, you are wrong, it's not doom-mungers, just realists.

    • Andy, I agree with all you say, but where is the balanced team? This constant relying on last minute deals has actually exposed Levy’s weaknesses and cost us dear! Tripper, Wimmer, Fazio who? Example after example of money spent but not used.

    OMG YES £ 4.9 BILLON

  4. Blues, what blues. 5(67with Allil Pritchard) New players. 50m+£ spend. To new forwards and a strong defensive upgrade. Kept Lloris and Eriksen. What blues. Our rivals bought a monkey with a helmet. Now that should set the mood. We did well and tried hard for more quality players… We are stronger than in may. Can’t say that about Scums.

  5. I have to agree with Andy. While disappointed in not landing Berahino, we've done well to move deadweight off the team and give more room for youngsters like Carroll to see more time. Even with a healthy Eriksen and a scoring Kane, we're at best a 5th/6th place team in the Prem who should treat Europa League like it's the Champions League and enjoy European football. If Son and N'Jie are half decent then they'll be upgrades from Lamela, Soldado, Adebajor and Lennon. We'll be fine, but I'm sick of hearing how disappointing Europa League is…just enjoy it, kick butt and aim for a Top 4 finish rather than griping about having to play more games.


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