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Dom Le Roy

​Admit it. You knew just like I did. Where the fate of this game was sealed. Spurs up a goal—the ball comes to Kane—looks offside but he clearly wasn’t—simple layoff to Eriksen who has half the goal gaping for him from 15 yards and he chunks it left and wide and poof! There it went. Surely we go two goals up and this game would not/could not have been lost. But it didn’t because the sun rises in the East, the Pope is certifiably Catholic, and Spurs don’t win these games but Jose and United do.

​As for the rest, we didn’t deserve to lose but neither did we deserve to win. Dembele got bullied by Pogba (a pattern tonight) who than made a superb cross to a rushing Sanchez and Ben Davies (where were you tonight, mate?) wasn’t there and the brief advantage was gone. We had the better of the chances in the rest of the half—Kane missing a cross by inches and Dier’s deflected shot leaving DeGea flatfooted as it caromed off the post. In a alternate universe of course that ball goes in, but we’re not living there. Lukaku and others had their chances for them, too, but on the whole I thought we shaded the first half.

The second was more even, and Alexis to me (slightly over Pogba) earned his MOTM with overall effort (he made an incredible play wresting control from Trippier in the first half) and after he took it away from the unfortunate Spurs right back again his pass, with a dollop of luck from a Lukaku deflection got to Herrera with Vorm screened and that was that. Ben Davies was again beaten though in this case he had two United attackers to deal with. You can’t say Poch’s Vorm decision backfired for he wasn’t really to blame for either goal, but then again maybe Lloris makes one phenomenal stop on one of the goals and they’re still out there.

​From then on it was Bus Parked v Spurs attackers and Bus won. If I had to quibble I would say that Eriksen, Son and Trippier all failed t actu quickly enough the rare times when it appeared we might have a breakthrough. Eriksen dilly dallied on a break before making a poor pass; Son simply wouldn’t fire a shot quick enough; Trippier too often tried to control the ball and beat his defender rather than fire a ball into the nox. But would Kane or anyone else have been able to slot it by DeGea/ Kane was pretty much a passenger in the second half, continuing a pattern that predates his injury where defences seem to have figured out how to neutralize him.

​The goal was a thing of beauty and we’ll always have that. Ashley Young was caught up, Sanchez lofted a perfect ball down the wing and Eriksen’s cross was just as perfect to the rushing Dele. Would that we could have conjured up another moment of brilliance, but sadly not. Was Poch outmanaged? No. Were we dominated? No. It was an even game and their two best players did more to influence the outcome than ours did. Simple as that. Dembele had an unusually poor game though he did make a couple of strong thrusts and good balls later in the second half before coming off. The truest reality of this team—and is more painfully obvious as the season has dragged on—is that the pace and special play coming from the wings last year and even more the year before—Walker and Rose—simply can’t be replicated at either end by Tripper and Davies. They are good players. But that’s all. And today they each got beaten by great players when it mattered most.

Let’s hope Poch’s psychological preparation will prevent a collapse at Wembley to the likes of Watford, Newcastle and Leicester. But kid ourselves not—the clock is now ticking on a trophyless run.

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  1. If we are all honest we all knew we wouldn’t win, we couldn’t win. We were at home after all and let’s be honest here Poch is a coach it seems and not a winner of trophies. He flatters to deceive and to a certain extent perpetuates the notion that we as a club are not taken seriously. That’s what hurts us, the fans, the most. An eighth successive FA Cup semi-final defeat which will be very unlikely ever to be beaten by an opposition club, tells you everything we already knew about the fragile nature of the club.
    To say we were under par is an understatement the resignation of impending defeat came too quickly from the players and there is a sinister loss of form from players that I don’t even need to mention here. The opposition didn’t even have to play well to win I am not sure, second half aside against City, that they are even capable of it, but they got the job done against a team today that didn’t believe and certainly never had the ideas to make it happen.
    I put a bet on United to win does it assuage the pain of defeat? No, not at all but at least I can have a drink.

  2. What ever you all say, Pogba fouled Dembele and Valencia should’ve been in the shower after that two footed tackle. We weren’t great espesialy second half but far better then united. Anthony Taylor has done his job. All our fouls were a booking but uniteds were just a foul. I can go all day long about the reff buy it wont change the result. And i dare everybody who doubts ti see the match again.

  3. I agree with the majority of your post, but how dare you turn around to say you hedged your bets and put money on your team to lose. You should be ashamed of yourself, no true spurs fan would ever like to benefit from them losing, go f##k off and support Man City you c##t.

    • Gutted, you never thought of it yourself? Spurs lost because they never had the bottle this guy is right. if you can win money betting against Spur then do it I say. I know you’re angry but it’s pochs fault and the useless team.


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