It was only one defeat.

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The Newcastle defeat was disappointing to say the least, especially with the top four in our sights. With our unbeaten streak one away from fifteen, many felt like we were invincible to teams like Newcastle, who are fighting another relegation battle this season. Newcastle were thrashed by Palace 5-1 only a couple of weeks ago, but seemed to be full of confidence after beating Liverpool 2-0.

Even though our starting lineup was slightly surprising, and Newcastle had the same starting eleven that beat Liverpool the week before, I came in with hopes that we would continue our winning ways, play the high press, and score more goals. The first half was beautiful. High aggression play with a lot of possession, and more shots then the Magpies. Things may have been different is Cisse didn’t save that shot with his face early on, but luckily for us, he did. Even though we didn’t convert as many chances as we should’ve, (Rob Elliot had a great game), I was confident of a victory. Then, a switch flipped at half time.

Spurs came out of the dressing room like a shadow of their first-half selves. Spurs just seemed tired. They got a little lazy, letting in that goal from Mitrovic from the corner. That’s a goal I hate seeing, Hugo put a paw on the ball, but the defenders failed to clear it. It was a too easy tap in. After that, the Magpies seemed to be teeming with energy, creating fast breaks, getting the first touch, etc. I believe our subs had no impact at all, especially Chadli. I really like Chadli, but he didn’t look completely fit. His movements were slow, and somewhat timid. At an important time in the game, I would’ve preferred an attacking player like Onomah, who seemed 100% fit. And some other players didn’t have the best of games. Eriksen looked terrible honestly. Alli, to me, seems to be playing with too much fire lately. His emotions seem to have got the better of him. But, I did enjoy him and Mitrovic going toe to toe. I was wishing he’d give that guy what for, or wishing I could teleport to WHL so I could do it myself.

Then, the worst thing possible happened, a last minute goal by a nuisance of a player Perez. He’s like that itch you have, but can’t scratch, which is only good if he’s on your team. When that goal went in, my heart sank. The streak is over, and no top four for Spurs today. Everything is going wrong, let’s have another meltdown right?!

Wrong!! Look, this loss sucked, but it isn’t the end of the world. Think about it, we’ve only lost two league games this season, just two! When were we last able to say that? Our defense greatly improved this season with the signing of Alderweireld, only letting in fourteen goals so far. Another positive is that the top four is legitimately reachable this season. We have players like Lamela who finally seems to have found his form and fit in with the rest of the squad. We don’t have an injury crisis, (knock on wood). We have a great squad depth, with Poch continuing to field young players like Onomah and Carroll.

One loss, no matter how disappointing, will not kill our season. If Spurs continue to play with the same intensity they’ve been playing with for awhile, they shouldn’t have a bad season. This season has been amazing to me so far. I am truly proud to be a Tottenham supporter. I love this club with all my heart, and continue to have high hopes for the rest of the season.

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  1. Arsenal had 96 hrs prep for Villa match. The scraped by. We Spurs less than 48rs to prep for in-form Newcastle. The Spurs fans simply way the PL ladder for the positive support in a gam! Leicester V Chelsea it was the fans that guided their team to the win. Chelsea nearly clawed back.These are the differences! Our players V Newcastle played them off the park. Tiredness kicked in "gaffes" made because our supporters went quiete at crucial time. The real villian of loss was Premiere league not valueing Spurs in Europa lge and not giving a fixture that helps our fair chances improve.One day fans will realize how fantastic our efforts despite this grossly unfair hurdle. The players know they have to be clinical .Soldado was for Villareal V RM and just look at the abuse he took from our fans! If they improve then the team will improve. Please Spurs fans intimidate the teams coming to WHL?


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