Delays, changes and anger… get over it.

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I heard rumblings a couple of days ago that something was going down. But checks and rechecks were made to make sure that it wasn’t just a hiccup, it wasn’t. So the news finally arrived Monday evening with more confirmation the following day.

Yes, it is Wembley for a bit longer, some will accept the situation humbly (those things happen) and others demanding their money back and then going on social media to vent their anger at whoever wants to hear their rant.

Should we really be surprised? Daniel Levy took precautions, just as one would do with any such significant building projects. If the reader understands how construction works then they would know such issues occur regularly. In a perfect world they wouldn’t, but we haven’t reached that stage yet.

But what is all the fuss? A couple of extra games at Wembley and maybe an extra competition to add delight to anger… what is the problem? Granted, I know people had their heart set on going to the new stadium, as I did. At least we aren’t going to have to wait until next season to see the magnificent Tajmahal at North London’s N17 area. No, we are going to have to wait a couple of extra weeks. And whether anger or whatever your mood is, it is what it is, and that won’t change any day soon.

Are we Tottenham Hotspur supporters of the team or just Tottenham Hotspur supporters of the stadium? If we want to have a new and modern stadium, then such problems will arise. Considering it is only a few months, I thought we got off lightly. I support the club and no matter where they play I will go and see them. Whether it is Wembley or White Hart Lane I am going to see my club play.

People are shouting “rebates” or “money back,” and I say, support your team, no matter where they are. I am not a great fan of Wembley stadium, but I did enjoy the atmosphere with fellow supporters getting together to create a great Spurs-days out last season at our temporary home. As we shall do this time around as well.

Look on the bright side, Daniel Levy could have said that we were going to play two seasons at Wembley, and if he did, I doubt that there would be many that protested. We would accept the situation, as we should today.

Saying all that, I know it isn’t just about the Wembley stadium, but not being kept updated. But the club notifies when possible.

And as for pointing the finger at Levy and blaming him, that is total madness. Contractors are paid to do a job, and if mistakes happen, they happen, but pointing the finger at somebody who has no control over building events is just malicious.

Get over it, it has happened; now move on and support your team wherever they lay down their hats.

Of course, I am going to get some stick for saying what I said, but there is always another perspective. Just imagine how Daniel Levy and all the staff at Tottenham are feeling at this moment in time, it isn’t just the supporters that are angered. And of course the contractors are probably red-faced as well, their reputation is at stake here.

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  1. Well said get behind the the team, the club and the chairman and look forward to the next hundred years in our new ground.

  2. Seriously, are you getting paid by Levy to write this!
    1 – he was more than happy enough to not only increase the season ticket prices, but also happy to take the money, and earn interest on it, knowing pretty much that the stadium wouldn’t be ready in the timescale originally suggested.
    2 – “but I did enjoy the atmosphere with fellow supporters getting together to create a great Spurs-days out last season at our temporary home” – did you actually go to Wembley last season, as believe me a season ticket holder for 25 years at WHL the atmosphere at Wembley was completely non-existent?
    3 – if it is as stated 2 more games at Wembley then most will deal with that, but the utter contempt of supporters is laughable.
    I for one will be pleased when we move into the new stadium, and Levy sells up, letting us down in the transfer market is one thing, completely having the wool pulled over our eyes with the stadium is another!

    • 1- You sound at best like a troll
      2- You sound at worst like “The Spur” who wrote a daft article on this topic.
      3 – Do you actually claim to support Spurs?
      4 – Are you the idiot sitting behind me at one game last season screaming that Harry Kane should be taken off after 5 minutes but was still at the bar at half time when Harry scored?

      Your hatred for Levy has blinded you to reality. Do us all a favour, the Emirates beckons, you’d really be in your element there.

      Levy makes mistakes, so does Poch, but we are moving forward. If you can’t see that then try Specsavers as well as the Emirates.

      • Exactly let me know how long you have been following Spurs for, and does your support include trips all over Europe not just the glamour Champions League trips.
        Let me ask you if you went to Azerbaijan, Georgia, Moldova, Israel, Turkey etc etc. Because unlike most of the internet trolls who sit in front of their laptop, go to the odd home game and think Levy is doing a great job, most of us who actually go home and away realise what a shambles this has become.
        Are you one of those who can’t get a ticket for Arsenal away and then complains as you never been to any away games.
        The new breed fan of this club are so deluded and blinded by reality it isn’t even funny.
        Poch will be thinking exactly the same, and will be on his way next summer
        “There used to be a football club over there”

  3. Thank God there is a like minded person who hates hearing our club put down for something out of its control. Building work has always run over time and we shouldn’t be blaming Levy. Personally I have a great deal of time for this man,I’m old enough to remember what this club was like before he took over those who complain now would be having seizures.

  4. I personally couldn’t care less where spurs play i would go and watch them even if it was on the moon(extreme i know) it’s the team i support not the stadium yes it will be fantastic when we do go home but if people want to bitch on about it and slag the club off and demand refunds or whatever then let them have it and sell the tickets to people who care about our club and will follow the club no matter what.
    As for mr levy i dough my cap ( I don’t really wear one way to young) that man has done amazing things for our club and i believe we would be no where near where we are now without his leadership i am and always will be tottenham till i die

  5. I could not agree more, Mr Scully. I’m not sure why fans cant see the efforts Spurs have put in to get the stadium built on time. It was always an ambitious target, but you can only be guided by information from the designers and contractors, who believed it could be done. I can accept being disappointed, as I am, but to come down on Levy, in such a way, shows lack of respect, for what will be his legacy to Spurs, for many decades to come.
    Of course we are disappointed, that we haven’t won anything, for a long time, ( I believe that is achievable, if only Poch would field the strongest team possible, in the cups ), but it costs hundreds of millions nowadays, to win titles, and CL, (apart from the oddity of Leicester), and the longevity of the club, must come first.
    I’m a longstanding Spurs supporter, who watched us build the team, that went on to do the double, and conquer Europe, through to seeing our club, on the verge of bankruptcy. We would have our moans amongst ourselves, in pubs, but I never heard our fans, openly put the club down, in front of other clubs supporters. I don’t mind fans speaking out about the club, but do it on official Spurs forums, not on social media, amongst all the other Spurs haters. Support our club, lad’s, be proud of the historic landmarks, we have achieved in the game, and look forward to when our glory returns. COYS.

  6. A well written article.
    About time someone spoke the truth.
    How anybody in their sane mind can blame the chairman for delays in construction is really hard to comprehend.
    Obviously they have NEVER seen or been on a construction site.
    Invariably there are delays no matter the size of the job. Never mind it being the biggest construction job going on in the WHOLE of Europe at the moment.
    That idiot “matt” obviously is just a whinger. How can you claim to support and love a club and team if you NEVER have anything positive to say about them.
    It’s probably that clown who calls himself harry hotspur using a pseudonym.
    Full of hate for EVERYTHING and everyone connected to Tottenham.

  7. No one can forsee what happens when you take on a major construction build like the new ground, to blame Levy is totally insane. I have been a spurs fan for over 50 years and under Levy and Pochettino this club and team really has massively improved.
    Matt you are talking out of your arse.

  8. Fantastic article. Too many doom merchants always looking for a scapegoat to blame. Our club/team has NEVER been so good in the Premiership Era – why not just enjoy it and help push for even better times by supporting THFC and EVERYONE associated with it?!

    The future is bright….

  9. Fantastic article. Too many doom merchants always looking for a scapegoat to blame. Our club/team has NEVER been so good in the Premiership Era – why not just enjoy it and help push for even better times by supporting THFC and EVERYONE associated with it?!

    The future is bright….


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