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I’ve just read some accurate tweets by Spurs fans, who are really not happy with Eric Dier’s performances lately. I’ve been trying to point out his failings since the 1-0 loss to Man U, back in October, see below:

After my article on the 28th October, entitled Dire Straights, after Spurs had conceded an 81st minute winning goal against Man Utd, I rightly pointed out that Erik Dier was the main culprit, for losing Martial, and then failing to even chase him down, if you look at any pictures from that goal, Dier is standing still and Jan Vertonghen had sprinted across from the other side of the box, and slides in front of Martial before he scored. Several Spurs fans were outraged at my comments, so how do they like these apples?

Dier was also at fault with Leicester City’s first goal midweek, he cleared the ball straight to a Leicester player, then lost Vardy, and just stopped and watched him volley home.
Today against Watford he doesn’t mark anyone, he’s lost the player he was supposed to be marking, leaving Harry Kane to try and deffend at that first corner, and Watford score, look at the video or still pictures, he’s not marking anyone, and his main job is defending !!

Somebody wrote an article yesterday, that Dier is a ballplayer, well that’s a f……. laugh, in most games lately, his passing has been crap, and as for skills with the ball, like what ?
He sooooo over-rated, if he carries on like this, he can forget about any World Cup games!

It’s time for Mauricio to drop these ‘Stars’ who have been underperforming, Alli, Dier, Eriksen, make them work for their place in this team, they don’t try, it’s too easy for them, and the results of this are there for all to see.

Yes, we were unlucky against Leicester midweek, mainly due to not taking our chances, and today, unlucky that we played with only 10 men for nearly half the game.
I want us to start playing again, scoring the chances we make, but some players are just not at the races lately!


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  1. I agree totally. I’ve said for 12 months now that Dier is not what he’s cracked up to be. Ponderous sideways passing aside, his other main attribute seems to be pointing to where the ball should go after his own inept contribution. He did, however, be the ball more positively and much quicker against Watford so Poch obviously had some words in his ear.

    But how come he NEVER wins a ball from a corner? Is it because he’s only 6′ 2″ or something?

  2. These so called players you speak of, some are complacent they Know that they are always in the first 11. Poch needs to drop their ass let them realise their place is not guaranteed, you have to earn your place every match you play. Friend of mine likes spurs but doesn't support them always tells me that dier is the weak link in the team.

  3. Totally agree, with the comments, players should only be playing when their form permits but sadly with the squad we have plus injuries we don’t have much choice, plus nowadays you drop a star player and they want a transfer. As for Rose if wants to go then sod off up North and let’s get the replacement from Fulham NOT Shaw.

  4. Dier can read the game as well as anyone in that team. If you focus on him and not only notice when he makes a mistake, you would notice how he most of the time is in the right place to make an interception. You can’t take the piss out of him for making a defensive mistake when he isn’t a defender. He is a central midfielder!! His anticipation is head and shoulders above anyone else there. If you saw him against Palace you would have seen the number of key slide tackles he put in against Zaha that helped us pick up the win. Don’t start picking holes in his defensive mistakes when he is doing a job for the team at centre back because of injuries.

    • Well it's clear he is NOT HAPPY playing in that position as when he's in defence he is not good. And it's not just dier we're on about. Many others are not stepping up to the plate… PERIOD

      • Do u watch any Tottenham games. Yes he may not be up to the standards of Alderweireld or Vertonghen but you cannot expect him to be to that standard. He is doing a job for the team better than most centre backs in the prem. if you understood football, you would know that the ones that seem simple that he just intercepts easily are because of him reading the game

  5. I’ve always felt Dier was sub-par. I can’t wait for Wanyama’s return and I wish Dembele could stay healthy to sure up the midfield. Son has been providing good energy and pace going forward and deserves more time than some of the “stars.” If only he could stay onside!?

  6. Totally agree. If you watch the goals we concede the majority of them are down to dier. He’s a liability when he plays at the back. The amount of times he switches off especially at dead ball situations is incredible. What is strange is that no matter how many mistakes he makes he appears to be undropable.

    Would rather him play in midfield but still switches of at dead balls situations.

    • Correct. Indeed he does switch off at times I've seen it many times. Ericsson, dele need to step up kane is doing his thing even though he still ain't completely match fit yet.sussoko is a waste a of space. Need Victor back asap. If only mussa stayed fit. Winks is growing in stature.

  7. It's true. I've been shocked with him for a while. He needs to drop the arrogance a little and take responsibility. To reiterate however, CB is one position where players peak at a much later age generally. It's a position of intelligence more than anything else. Sure Dier is making mistakes, but unfortunately that's part of building a defensive intelligence too. Alderwiereld had quite a few mistakes in him before he joined us. Dier is good. Very good in fact. He slots into midfield more easily because he can focus primarily on passing lanes there, cutting them off, and then bringing the ball out. At CB there's so many positional factors to keep in mind. Anyway, it's part of having such a young defence (certs aside). Especially without wanyama.

  8. Well, folks we have dire straights in the back four next few games. Poch has to play 4-4-2 as Jan and Eric are too slow, hence he must paly Rose, Trippier to cover. At least the next 3 games are at home!!

  9. For the money they’re on you’d think they could stay switched on for the whole game.It’s costing us too many points. And we still haven’t got a regular goalscorer as cover for when Kane gets injured again,as he will if he gets targeted again!!


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