Back to Earth – A Champions League 2016/17 Campaign Summary

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
Dom Le Roy

“We had a poor start…”

“We had a poor start…”

“We had a decent start…”

“We had a poor start…”

“We had a poor start…”

This is not going to be long, in simple words, we were not good enough. Five games and not a good start in any of them, that’s what caused us never meeting a single performance (bar the first half at Leverkusen) that we could take away positives from. From the very first whistle we do what we generally do, play and build from the back. But every time we did that, we somehow managed to make mistakes putting pressure at the back and pushing us further behind.

Our entire campaign had been driving on that pressure, plus Wembley didn’t help either. While almost everyone expected it to be a cracking atmosphere, it just failed to meet the expectations through fans and performances. Chants from one end never carried to the other side, and often there were large pauses in between creating a nervous atmosphere all around. Both away teams managed to get the first goal making the away fans more confident and in control. Having gone to both the games, I was never so let down in terms of performance by this team as I was on both occasions. Less than a handful positives which just added pressure to the successive matches.

For me, more than anger, I am disappointed. Disappointed with the team who truly deserved this due to the achievements of last season. But perhaps this competition came in too soon for a team who are still growing and learning on how to genuinely be something that the club, as a whole, can be proud of. It’s like getting a partner’s job while you just have two years of work experience, you get in and have absolutely no idea on how to do most of it. It was exactly the same. The team needed more experience, not just from the players perspective, but the managerial team as well. This team has limited experience in cup competitions and it has never ended in success. Moreover, we have never given importance to the European competitions yet which makes you wonder what are we trying to achieve out of the Europa League or Champions League.

Having not won a trophy in over eight years needs us to review on how we are trying to achieve glory. We can’t skip the middle bit of struggle of actually achieving a cup, may it be domestic or bigger, and aim to be successful. Our group had equal contenders and just showed their experience in the competition was what provided them with better campaigns. The next way forward is trying to win something, anything. It makes the team hungry for success, something that we are lacking. We need to get a taste of that glory in order to want more of it. The Premier League campaign this season hasn’t been at its best yet but we can only hope that we better our season from this point forward. We have to be at our best atleast from now considering that its been three months into the season. Injuries are a part of excuses but even without our main spine, we have to find a way to win and remain consistent in the performances.

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