The Erik Lamela Enigma

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With the latest rumours surfacing this week regarding the future of Erik Lamela it feels, somewhat strangely and very disappointingly, that he may be on his way back to Italy. Don’t get me wrong. I would be behind the decision to cash in on the player after two seasons but it will just be confirming that ALL of the Gareth Bale cash was wasted. Totally.

Lamela remains the last of the signings we made in the aftermath of the Bale sale (bar Nacer Chadli who we had a deal in place for before) having shipped out all the others this summer already. But it is the fact that he was always the most talented, exciting and promising players of the 2013 summer influx. The one player who stopped the situation from feeling totally negative. This is the disappointment should he depart.

The strange part of the equation is that we would be looking to offload a player at this time of the transfer window without much time to bring in a replacement. Considering the fact that we are already at least a winger and a striker short of having a strong and balanced squad this seems very odd to me.

I can only assume the potential deal which will see Lamela join Inter Milan will be a permanent one and for a decent sum of cash. Otherwise it just does not fathom. If we have a deal in place to sign a winger, say Bolasie from palace as the tabloids would have you believe then ok. Or indeed if Levy has a few last minute deadline busting magic tricks up his sleeve then we should proceed. It is a risk though and could leave us short of firepower and creativity after what has been a slow start to the campaign.

Lamela will be immortalised for the ‘Rabona’. He is unquestionably talented. He will more than likely shine in a less physically demanding league like serie A. Having said that he has never consistently shown he has what it takes to make it in the premier league. In two seasons at the Lane it has become almost certain that he will not join our previous Argentinian imports like Ricky Villa and Ossie Ardilies in the category of Spurs Legends.

I held out hope that he would come good for us, I still do, but it just feels now that it is the right time to go.

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  1. The only enigmatic thing about Lamela is turning up to watch him to see whether he'll be shit or really shit. Worst signing ever without question in my 48 years of supporting Tottenham. His control and first touch was poor because he was always rushed, consequently he gave the ball away and extraordinary amount of times. On the few occasions he ever had the ball under control he would run up blind alleys and lose the ball that way or would simply pass to the opposition. He couldn't shoot, didn't score goals, didn't affect games and made very few chances. Awful footballer, totally out of his depth in the PL. Terrible recruitment and a harsh lesson has been learned

  2. In due course, it will be all be revealed that unusually for Daniel Levy he did not do his usual due diligence. It was only after he was bought, that Levy found out that Roma did not own the rights to his brain. The Brain was later discovered to be owned by several third parties who were asking £60 million for it because it was totally unused.

  3. Dan get your facts right. Not all of the Bale cash has been wasted. Probably a little over half the cash is more like it if you consider the transfer fees we have received on the outgoing dross. Try to get out of total ism.

  4. As with all the signings bought in with the Bale money, he looked average against lesser clubs in the Europa league and poor against average clubs in the Premiership.
    Whoever was responsible for signing this batch should be made to give back whatever commission they undoubtedly got paid!!

  5. Agree worst player I have seen at lane. And Poch has a lot to answer for in playing him before Lennon. Not exactly sure he knows what he is doing. Comes straight in sells Dawson and buys fazio and then stanbouli. Both rubbish. Made bad decisions as Spurs manager but for some reason spurs fans like him.

    • "but for some reason spurs fans like him".

      I still can't make up my mind about him. We have the occasional game where we are brilliant but three such games in a row? In fact if you look at the number of games where Eriksen saved our bacon with late goals last season a case can be made that finishing in the top 10 was flattering. Like all the faithful. I so want to believe in this Messiah, but I think he will go down as the latest in a long line of false prophets.

      Not including "Temps", we have had 10 managers this century. This is the same number that we had in the first 46 years of the last century which included two World Wars. I have for some time been wondering just how many "great managers" there really are. If you accept my criteria for a great manager as one who builds a great team from nothing and then repeats the success elsewhere, without doubling the national debt, after Clough and Chapman, you start to run out of names quite quickly.


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