For all the young Lilywhites out there that have been coerced convinced into supporting the club (like I was as a young lad) by older members of the family, let me give you a beginners guide into what to expect for the next ten or so years in backing a team like Spurs.

Expect a catalogue of managerial changes with our best talent being sold only for incompetent replacements to be purchased in their absence. Expect players to be played out of position, coaching staff to be changed every so often and the crow of every ‘new beginning’ to actually translate in real terms, as the fantasy of another false dawn. Hopes and expectations will be built on illegitimate grounds and ultimately you will be left wondering why you ever supported the club in the first place.

Our biggest enemy is our inner-me. At our core, we are simply too soft and let’s not play dumb, we always have been. Mental fragility and the inability to stand up against the tide in the midst of adversity has long been one of our greatest demerits.

This is why I reserved any overly optimistic predictions for what our new defensive acquisitions would do to shore up our porous back line. I heard a lot from people jumping on the bandwagon saying Alderweireld, Trippier (bless him, he hasn’t even played a game yet) and co would solidify our leaking of goals. Well, that bandwagon has certainly tipped over for we are still conceding goals we should not concede.

This rant stems from our bitterly depressing Stoke City draw. I am all for being positive trust me. I know it’s only two games into the season. But we have been here more times than the sand on the seashore and it becomes a grave concern when you begin to ponder if things will ever change at our club. To call us the nearly men would be a compliment. We have gone with youth and that is a path that looks promising because there is no doubting some of our kids really have talent. We need to stop living in fantasy and start questioning if they are talented…enough.

No pace, very little width and still carrying too many passengers (Lamela, we are looking at you). To expect and what you actually get are two different things. I have accepted the fact that we are nowhere near the media hype we are paraded to believe we possess. A top 6 finish for us would have to be deemed a monumental success. Forget what you think you know. The team is only as good as their produce on the pitch, for numbers like results do not lie. To those that say we have improved or showing signs of getting better…don’t make me laugh! On the evidence of what we have seen in recent months and in particular our first two games, we are a team that is generally stagnating its way into obscurity.

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