An Evolution Under Mauricio Pochettino

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As fans, we have witnessed the worst of Tottenham. Multiple managers and buying a whole new squad after selling Gareth Bale put us in a frustrating position. Not being able to properly compete in the Premier League and European competitions was one of the many things that Mauricio Pochettino was able to change on his arrival.

A Different Manager

Pochettino arrived at Tottenham in May of 2014. He arrived at a club that was in absolute shambles but still was able to see through the worst and see the positives. Pochettino wanted to challenge himself as a manager at Tottenham. He brought the philosophy of having a high press team into the Spurs squad. Of course it would take time for the idea to set in, but today we can see how Pochettino has changed the squad completely to compliment his philosophy: A high press team that will fight to the end to win.

Pochettino was able to bring discipline to our back line. He was able to bring in players like Toby Alderweireld and Davinson Sanchez. Conceding the fewest the past 2 seasons in the Premier League, it is safe to say that Mauricio changed the attitude in the squad.

Belief In Youth

Poch also brought in a few players that we can’t imagine how different everything would be without them. The likes of Dele Alli and Harry Kane have all came through because of Pochettino. Eric Dier joined Tottenham because of Mauricio and is now recognized to be the most versatile player in the PL. Harry Winks has risen through the ranks to prove himself and that work did not go unnoticed by Pochettino. Harry Kane was a player that was not meant to make it in Tottenham but Pochettino realized he had a hunger that not many other strikers have. Poch believed in the young Harry Kane and now he has won 2 golden boots and is on track for another one this season.

As said before, Pochettino was able to bring a hunger into the team to make them what they are today: a ruthless, winning, young team. What makes Pochettino even better for us is that he is so young, he is learning like the rest of the team is. We will have the opportunity to keep him at Tottenham until he decides to retire and lets hope that is a long time from now. He has revolutionized the name Tottenham Hotspur and continues to make our name heard in Europe.

He truly is Magic. COYS

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  1. A good article, my only disagreement would be the comments about Eric Dier, I have yet to see him have games where I was at all impressed by his play. He’s not as good in the air as he should be for a player of his height, his passing is in no way exceptional, and he very rarely drives forward as do, Vertonghen, Anderwireld etc etc. Harry Winks is the player who I believe will establish himself, in that CM role, and who will very soon be one of the best in the PL in that position.


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