Exodus At White Hart Lane

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After another disappointing season, more and more Spurs fans are calling for a squad overhaul, and this summer appears to be the year it is going to happen. It’s been two seasons since the Bale money came in, and after slipping away from the top four, Spurs have to do something to save themselves falling further away. Money is going to need to be brought in, so I have evaluated the current squad, to see who can be sacrificed to try something new.

Hugo Lloris – One of the few players Spurs have to fight tooth and nail to keep. Lloris is one of the best goalkeepers in the world without question and it’s vital that Spurs keep him to avoid an extra task this summer of looking for a replacement… Vorm isn’t anywhere near his level. VERDICT: KEEP AT ALL COST

Kyle Walker – After a promising start Walker has fallen away slightly and I feel his shortcomings outnumber his strengths, too often do Spurs concede from this and I think the only reason he should stay is to be a squad player at best. There are more concerning priorities this summer however, so he should stay for the time being. VERDICT: REPLACEABLE BUT KEEP.

Danny Rose – A good player to have in the squad that I see no reason to sell. VERDICT: KEEP.

Younes Kaboul – I’ve always liked Kaboul, but over the last few seasons I’ve seen more and more Spurs supporters calling for him to move on. Sadly, I think that they are right and that this summer his time at Spurs will come to an end. Good player, but no longer at the level Spurs should strive for. VERDICT: SELL.

Jan Vertonghen – At one point it was vital to keep hold of him and I remember Spurs fans dreading the prospect of him leaving, but things have dipped slightly for the Belgian, and I see some Spurs fans suggesting if a club comes in for him, or he wants to move on, then let him go. While there are far, far worse players at the club currently that have to be priority to offload, I feel if Vertonghen wants to leave, Spurs shouldn’t waste timetrying to get him to stay. VERDICT: KEEP, BUT LET GO IF HE PUSHES FOR A MOVE.

Vlad Chiriches – He hasn’t been good enough and looks completely replaceable. I’m surprised Spurs didn’t let him go on loan to Roma when they came in in January. VERDICT: SELL.

Federico Fazio – If Spurs are offloading defenders this summer then this is the first guy you have to show the door to. From what I have seen of him at Spurs, he looks a total liability and £8M looks like a complete waste when it’s spent on a player that is worse than Michael Dawson. VERDICT: SELL.

Eric Dier –  After Spurs have spent so much in recent seasons, it’s surprising that players like Dier, Kane, and Mason are proving to be the most valuable. English players always cost more, so £4M looks like a steal and I expect he will go on to improve even more next season. VERDICT: KEEP.

Ben Davies – I was surprised by this signing but was hoping things would go well for him. I think most Spurs fans are split and at this moment in time, and I wouldn’t be surprised if he was moving on after a season or two, I just don’t see him reaching the level Spurs aim for. That said, he’s still young and developing and I think it’s too early to be getting rid at the moment. VERDICT: GIVE ANOTHER SEASON.

Paulinho – Expensive and yet to show he’s worth the outlay, but that could be said about almost all the players in the squad currently. If Spurs can get the kind of money they paid for him back, then they should do it. VERDICT: SELL FOR THE RIGHT PRICE.

Mousa Dembele – A friend of mine described him as “a Match Of The Day player” and I can understand where he is coming from, but personally I’m a fan of his and I don’t think he’s been given the opportunity to be the best he could be at Spurs, similar to what happened with Gylfi Sigurdsson. £15M was a lot of money to spend, and I’m not sure who would spend similar to that to buy him now. Maybe a team in Europe would get near it, but I think it’s going to be a loss, and I expect he could well be on the chopping board when it comes to evaluating the squad. VERDICT: KEEP, BUT EXPECT HE WILL BE SOLD.

Andros Townsend – Overrated because of his nationality, I really don’t think Spurs would miss him if he left, that said, no one will pay the huge price due to him being an England international, and I fully expect he will be playing his home games at White Hart Lane again next season. VERDICT: WILL STAY.

Erik Lamela – It’s been a sad story for Lamela, who I know is a player capable of incredible things. It just hasn’t worked out, and while people got on his back early, I’ve always said give him more time. Now I believe he has ran out of it, and I think most people want to see the back of him. It was a huge price to pay at the time, and I don’t think Spurs will get close to that back for him, which could be the only reason for him staying. Who knows, he could still prove everyone wrong. VERDICT: SELL.

Etienne Capoue – He’s not good enough for the level Spurs should be at. Not so long ago, the midfield boasted the talent of Van der Vaart, Modric and Bale, and that should be the level Spurs strive to reach again before it is too late. VERDICT: SELL.

Nacer Chadli – I think he will stay at the cost of Moussa Dembele. He’s probably the best winger in the team so I’d be surprised if he was offloaded, but I’m still not sure he is at the standard which Spurs should be aiming for. VERDICT: KEEP.

Benjamin Stambouli – He wouldn’t be missed if he was sold this summer, but it wouldn’t make the squad any worse keeping him. If the money needs to come in, he could be on his way, but I expect he will stay. VERDICT: SELL.

Aaron Lennon – His number’s up and he will be moving in the summer. The sad part is I don’t think there is much between him and Andros Townsend but it seems almost certain that Lennon will end a 10 year spell at Spurs this summer and he will move for a cheap price. VERDICT: SELL.

Lewis Holtby – Another I think is almost certain to be sold to bring some revenue in. I thought he would set the Premiership alight when he moved to Spurs but it hasn’t worked out for him. He came at a cheap price, and I think he will turn a profit, but I’m disappointed it didn’t work out for him. VERDICT: SELL.

Ryan Mason – All the money spent in midfield and it’s Ryan Mason that flourishes the most. I’m sure no one would have predicted that, but it’s true. Give him another year to develop and improve and evaluate from there, but right now there are players that need to go much sooner than him. VERDICT: KEEP.

Christian Eriksen – One of the three players it is vital to keep a hold of. I think everyone in midfield is replaceable except Eriksen. At one time, it was vital to keep hold of Modric, Bale and Van der Vaart, to go from that to just a single player being necessary, is a big drop in quality. VERDICT: KEEP.

Roberto Soldado – Will Levy be able to swallow his pride and sell him for a big loss? I can’t see anyone paying near how much he cost, so it could put question marks over his move. I’m sure he still has value in Spain, because he is obviously a great player, but it’s gone horribly bad for him at Spurs, which unfortunately is like many of the recent signings. With Harry Kane banging the goals in now, I think it’s certain he will be offloaded from the wage budget this summer. VERDICT: SELL.

Emmanuel Adebayor – It’s going to be a challenge to actually get rid of him. We all know he won’t get off the big wages and would rather not play and take the money then play for less. With a year to go on his contract I wouldn’t be surprised he’s still at Spurs next year conning the club out of a living. It’s vital to try and get a Russian side to buy him and pay him silly money, otherwise he’s going to be leeching the club’s wage budget for another season. VERDICT: SELL.

Harry Kane – It’s a no-brainer. Keep him and try to build a team around him, Eriksen, and Lloris. The three players that are irreplaceable to the side. VERDICT: KEEP.

Mauricio Pochettino – I feel like he’s doomed to fail. Given the ending every manager since Redknapp has suffered, I don’t think Pochettino has enough to seperate himself from them. The one thing he does have on his side that the others didn’t have is time, but the 15/16 season is when he is going to have to start doing more to earn it. He needs a trophy, even just the League Cup, or maybe a top five finish, but I think he’s going to struggle and be another manager that departs White Hart Lane after a relatively short spell. VERDICT: HE WON’T LAST THREE SEASONS AT SPURS (BUT DOES ANYONE?)

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  1. This is possibly the most rediculous thing I have ever read. So according to you we would sell half our squad? Please go play FIFA and stop writing

    • I'm not saying go out and sell half the squad, just looking at who I think can be sacrificed should the club want some extra money.

      I think only two or three have to go this summer, this is just looking at what two or three could go!

      Hope this clears it up a little.

  2. Another disappointing season?? We finished 2 wins and a draw behind Man United who spent £150M and above Liverpool who spent £100M. We reached a cup final for the first time in over 5 years and stuck it to Chelsea and the Goons. Considering the cashflow of those that finished above us, we are probably about where we should be.

    • Apologies, I have to admit when I wrote this I was working under the assumption Liverpool wouldn't capitulate. It was over a month ago.

      I agree, there have definitely been some successes, and you're certainly right about the top four having much more money available, but Man U were there for the taking this season!

  3. Sell Yedlin, Kaboul, Davies, Capoue, Holtby, Soldado, Adebayor
    The rest are either top players, squad players, passionate players, under rated, or potential class players.

  4. I suppose its all a matter of opion.But I would keepLamela,One can see that the lad has talent,and I would also keep Holby,who when he actually played for us,always seem to give a lot of energy,a d effort.Something which can not be said,for some of those others mentioned.

  5. Lamela is weak but I think Poch likes him so I expect he'll stay. And maybe he'll improve with another season under his belt? I still wish things would work for Soldado but he just can't get anything going with Spurs, so I expect they will cut their losses with him. I can't imagine they keep Paulinho either.

  6. wow what a mixture of opinions first we do not want the same thing happening with 7 or more players coming into spurs look what happened last time trippier will be agood signing all that is needed is another support player attacker for kane up front and another forward player midfielder and we are on our way to compete next season

  7. Utter crap. So much crap that I signed up to say so.

    The first sentence is crap, but I read on, most of it are based on your assumptions of what other fans are thinking of said player and your own over ambitious unrealistic expectations of where we should be and who should be in our squad.

  8. Its about progress after progress. I believe these players should b sold: Adebayor, Soldado, Capoue, Kaboul, Paulinho, Holtby, Townsend or Lennon; and b replaced adequately

  9. I would sell kaboul ,fazio,chireches,Paulinho ,stambouli,capoue,soldado,ade,Lennon and Lakeland…looks like whimmer is in so another cb like a Reid from West Ham …schneiderlen…konoplanka and ings also keep holtby and promote pritchard got Ali too so don’t need buy too many just need clear the dead wood

  10. The season has to go down as decent, finishing 5th above Liverpool was more than many of us would have expected. And the belief shown in the youngsters and the payback seen from that is great. I believe Poch has very cleverly routed out those who aren't up to it, by giving them seemingly a chance and letting them prove they aren't up to it. And now its time for most of those to be outed, and hopefully signings that come in knowing what's expected. Alongside the obvious ones I think Walker should also be sold – absolute liability.


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