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Nine more days until the start of the new season and yet we are not new to the situation we see ourselves at.

Every season we are down one or two key targets and manage to only complete them at the start of the season. While probably all our defensive targets have been established, we have failed to even for the slightest strengthen our first team attack. Although we have the likes of Pritchard and Alli coming through, we lack the experience possessed in attack that once Keane and possibly even Van Der Vaart gave us. Like I said in my previous article, experience is more necessary in our case as it can be the deciding factor between us now and us at the end of the season.

It’s difficult to maintain a wage budget and have targets which are realistically top-notch, experienced talents. Hence, it is understandable to be enquiring about players from the French League as more of their players do fall under our radar. But, we are going to be at a positive stage by possibly losing the likes of Soldado, Adebayor and Lennon as they could make way for a lot of “big” targets coming in.

Our first task of clearance was done early on in the season but now comes the most difficult part of reinforcing. Three areas we must have signings under is at strike, wing and midfield positions. Two strikers, a winger and a defensive midfielder would be ideal but they seem unlikely. Two strikers, one of which is flexible to play on the wing or able to switch us to a 4-4-2, and strong defensive midfielder seems more probable at our stage. The players we have been linked with, at least in terms of attackers, have been promising but none of which have the experience a team like ours requires. At least one of the three signings we possibly make should possess the qualities to be the effective player come the end of the season. We will be selling three of our most unfitting (at this point of time) players but well experienced players (at least considering their overall career backgrounds) in our squad. Unless Dembele goes on to perform the best season of his professional career, we have to sort few things out.

While many of you may argue that “Oh signing a 30 year old (or above) will be a waste…” well no. Firstly, it doesn’t have to be a 30 year old, and secondly that’s the key signing (if it is the right one) for any team and we need it the most at this point of time especially at our offensive side of the pitch.

So what has to be done? We need to make sure on going negotiates for the sale of the trio end well and quick so we can move in for our targets. We are an incomplete squad, lacking experience we need for a top four team and play a well strengthened Manchester United team in less than a 10 days. If we want to make sure we have a good overall season, we need to get the right players and possibly even trigger our wage bill to make that impact signing. We have only strengthened our starting eleven from last season in may be just two positions at the back. It’s about time we do the same for the frontline. It will be ideal for the development in the players we already have! We need to complete our squad before the start of the season otherwise it will be a bit too late.

The clock is ticking Levy, it’s time to get things done.

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  1. Dembele… the greatest enigma wrapped within an enigma. What a superb player he could be. He really should be scoring more than 1 goal a year!!! Does he really want it? I'm glad we've kept him though – he's so Spurs!
    What do you mean 'even Van de Vaart'. He was a genius… obviously. I'd sign him now, however old he is, however tormented his hamstrings are.


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