Falling out with Full Backs

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How have we gone from being the squad with the hardest starting XI to improve on to a club the media are dubbing as in crisis with wage demands are we really to believe this issue was slowly inflating over the summer and Rose’s interview is the pin that popped this until now unheard of ballooning issue. We knew Walker was potentially off during the final run of last season that was clear in April when he didn’t start in the semi-final. He wasn’t in the team in 2008 during the last trophy lifted thought it was harsh to have a stab about lifting trophies when for most his pace is all that saved him for many a season. I saw glimpses of the issue when he let Dele run in behind him during the pre-season and then again today in their opening game against Brighton his flaws are there to be exploited with him pressing high although the media praise today from BT sport was something else he had been doing the same job for us but I guess a 50 million price tag will buy you some compliments.

Rose has engineered his exit in a way I see that our rivals could have even fronted the cash to arrange this so-called interview to unsettle us before the season starts the sun clearly had an agenda with this one it’s just who engineered it the more I read the drivel the more I compare it the Real Madrid Newsletter “La Marca”. Danny’s injured he’s a dope for saying what he has but maybe he knew no one would bid for an injured left back unless they knew he was game to move. I’ll be surprised if he stays although stranger things have happened. As the transfer window comes to a close we’d need a replacement as I’m not convinced Sonny would do the job there!

In the Club’s defence, from what I read Daniel Levy is big on performance payments so this would say if you win a trophy you get a bonus Rose isn’t daft he knows what his pay-out will be if he lifted a domestic or European trophy with us big point here is having the belief to do that at spurs which he hasn’t, he’s looking for a more definite wage increase our issue now is when fit the top left back in the country wants out and the answer is either double his wages and risk other players taking the same stance as him or sell him now make a tidy profit and hope he has an unfulfilling rest of his career as sounds like he’s been speaking with Ashley Cole let’s just hope he doesn’t release a book! 

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