Feature: Could Tottenham still get Alderweireld to sign a new contract?

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
Dom Le Roy

Tottenham Hotspur are in amazing shape heading towards Christmas this season and are still in all four major competitions.

Spurs are enjoying their best-ever start in the Premier League after 16 games, currently sitting third behind Liverpool and Man City.

Tottenham also qualified for the round of 16 in the Champions League with a well-earned draw at the Camp Nou on Tuesday.

All in all, it is shaping up to be a very good season for Spurs, despite still waiting on their new stadium to be finished.

However, one problem looms larger by the week, and that is the rapidly declining Toby Alderweireld contract.

The Belgian defender has under six months left on his current deal, and although Spurs can extend it for a year, this will make him available for just £25m of a club were to complete the transfer at least 14 days before the closure of the window next summer due to the insertion of a new release clause.

In my opinion, Spurs should be laying out bumper new deals for both Toby and Eriksen as soon as possible, before other clubs come sniffing around.

Putting these players on similar wages to Harry Kane and Hugo Lloris may cost a lot, but replacing them if they leave on frees or for low money will cost far more.

It makes economical and footballing sense to get them tied down to big new deals before the end of the season.

Even if the club ends up losing them after they sign, at least then they will be able to negotiate a good price at the very worst.

I think every Spurs fan would excuse the lack of signings if these big players were kept in North London.

Everyone saw the passion on Alderweireld’s face after the final whistle at the Camp Nou. The man clearly still loves the badge.

Sit Toby down, offer him £150k-£200k a week, and see what happens. Please, Levy.

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  1. they offered him 140k p.w. and he accepted but his agent then baulked and asked for 180. thats why he will be sold in the summer or Jan if the right offer comes.

  2. The thing is its not always just down to money & if a player wants to go it doesn’t matter what you offer them, it’s a well know fact that Eriksen wants to play for Barca so he might well not want a new contract.

  3. Rose, Toby and Eriksen are the only top players left to sign a new deal, they are the best players in their positions for Spurs and maybe even the best players in their positions in the PL, it will cost lots of money to replace them with presumably inferior players, We should tie them up. Spurs certainly wont be selling in Jan to our rivals. I think deals can be struck.

  4. Rose – I supported him during his last spat in the Sun; patience wearing thin with his recent demonstration of loyalty by proving that he can put both feet in his mouth at once. If he shuts up I’d give him a new contract, otherwise send him on loan at end of season to Siberia or China. He likes it up north.
    Toby – either he signs or he should go for £25m and spend the extra money on £200k a week for Eriksen.
    Eriksen – pay him the money saved on Toby; he has enormous resale value.


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