Five in a row; we must try a bit harder

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
Dom Le Roy

Out of five games we managed to get one point. In the meantime United and Chelsea are coming up on the inside track (they are now in spitting distance of us). As for Arsenal, they beat Newcastle on Monday night; which means they leap frog us and go straight to third, while we drop to fourth (not looking good!).

Pochettino said we are still in command, but for how long? We did play well in places but well doesn’t equate to winning.

I didn’t go to the Test match on Saturday as I had to be in Liverpool performing my tasks. The previous Sunday I was at the new stadium, but could only manage glimpses, and this Wednesday will be all work and no play. But I am running ahead of myself here.

The Liverpool match is over, and there isn’t much point in dissecting the mess any further as it won’t help man or beast. What we’ve now got to do is concentrate on Wednesday and get something out of this historical event. We must do more than try, we must go beyond the call of duty and rev all engines up. I am going for an impressive 5-0 win, anything less would be unacceptable. I Know this is a mammoth event – just being there – but we need to take even more away from this game. Yes, we are also going to have a ceremony beforehand, but even that won’t suffice. We need blood.

Pochettino wasn’t well pleased while watching the match from the heavens. He looked up for guidance, but Jesus was down below doing his job, as he was banned. You would have thought if he could save fallen folks and turn water into wine then a simple task of transforming our team into winners shouldn’t have been that difficult. I bet Pochettino was thinking; two matches you were in charge and both you’ve lost (where I only… erm… lost two and drew one in a row… ok, let us forget the comparison).

So, that done and dusted and the excuses have been given out we now move on to the Palace game (which I’ve already mentioned above), then a weeks break, followed by City on the Tuesday. If we want to go further in this competition, we need to get something out of this game, so that we have a bit extra in the tank for our return away fixture. Between the two City games, we face relegated Huddersfield (who will be a threat). Let us not go any further as these games are enough for us to concentrate on.
With the possibility of Europa football next season (a very good possibility) we need to think beyond beating City, to the next stage, right up to the final and beyond (yes, I know, easy said!)

Our stadium is a beautiful monument, and it would be fitting if next season we were in the Champions League. If we got the Micky Mouses tournament, we would be, not only letting the fans down but also denting our vision (making it blurry) for the coming years ahead.

So come on you Spurs; Pochettino needs to kick ass and turn the uninspiring into stallions and be the beast that roars over the jungle, anything less would be insulting to the fans and stadium.

Jesus loves a trier, I just wish he had himself, at Southampton and Liverpool, tried that bit harder and things could have been so different (and we don’t want that to be our epitaph at the end of the season).

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