The Fullback Conundrum – Part 1

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It is fair to say that the majority of Tottenham’s first team is picking itself at the moment. The anomaly being Pochettino’s fullbacks. Rotation seems quite regular with these positions, Pochettino may not know his best fullbacks.
Who should Tottenham play at Left Full Back?
Ben Davies has seemed to have cemented his place as our first choice left back, until Danny played in a couple of European fixtures and most recently against Liverpool in the league. This may well be due to international duties or purely to rest Ben Davies. Although, the majority of fans seem to think it is Pochettino trying to decide which player is best.
Rose offers far more going forward, with his added pace and attacking ability. He is far more comfortable on his right foot than the Welsh international. On the other hand, Rose is known for his rash challenges, he often goes in to challenges that will result in either winning the ball and creating an attacking opportunity for Tottenham, or he will end up getting booked or providing the opposition with a big opening towards Hugo Lloris’s goal.
Tottenham’s other option is Ben Davies. Ben Davies is far more solid defensively. He is more measured in his challenges and certainly improves when given a string of games. Davies has developed under Pochettino and looks to be really improving his overall game. Although, the left back often looks uncomfortable when using his right foot and offers less going forward, which can really hinder Tottenham’s offensive game as they play with inverted wingers quite often meaning the fullbacks need to provide offensive width.
The two left full backs at Pochettino’s disposal provide different qualities to Tottenham’s game, the clubs recent defensive record has been more solid than in previous seasons and I think that Ben Davies has had a large part to play in this upturn in form. If Tottenham can remain solid at the back, the foundations will be strong so that the club can make a real challenge against their top four rivals.

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  1. From what I have seen this season, and when all fit.

    I,d play them both!!

    Rose, with his pace, ability to get to the by-line and whip a decent cross in, is as good as anything we have to offer (better imo) attempting to do the same!

    He would also be adept in closing down and breaking down advancing
    teams. An if he were to foul in doing so, then it would be in a less threating
    part of the pitch.

    Lloris + The back 4:
    Son, Alli, Eriksen, Rose


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