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2015 began on an incredible high… Just mere hours after we’d seen the back of the seemingly endless pile of Turkey sandwiches, and we’d clinked champagne flutes to the twelfth chime of Big Ben, came one of the most magical matches White Hart Lane had witnessed – Pochettino’s platoon impressively unpicking the stitches of the “Special Ones” tight-knit strategies.

Yet 10 days thereafter we see a side surrender to a team that hadn’t picked up all three points in any one game for two months. A goal-shy collective that were more mud-hut than Crystal Palace…until they played Spurs of course. That, followed by a pulsating FA Cup comeback crusade against an inform Burnley in the third round, but a failure at the paws of the Foxes in the fourth, added even more topsy to an already turvey January.

Alright, the season as a whole, thus far, has seen more ups and downs than the Grand Old Duke of York on a pogo-stick, but that’s typical Tottenham. However, besides the odd blip, we now resemble a team heading in the right direction. Onwards and upwards? Well, sitting comfortably enough around a Europa League seat, we’ve got our feet under the post-Holiday table, ferociously playing footsy with those alluring Champions League places.

Then there’s the League Cup… Regularly deemed an insignificant honour but a trophy is a trophy right? And, with a semi-final second leg showdown with Sheffield United scheduled this week, (albeit tougher on grass than paper) surely Wembley will be welcoming us to a Final Day appearance – the memorabilia market men must already be knitting the white and navy half of those souvenir scarves, and the match programmes must already be filled with the Spurs side of the story. But, as Tottenham fans we have learnt never to count our cockerels.

One things an absolute certainty though… We are in a much finer place at the turn of the year than we were at the beginning of the season. The emerging cockney swagger and youthful fearlessness of Mr Kane has freshened the frontline up, the consistently graceful handwork from Hugo has solidified the backline, and the manager now appears to know where he’s taking us, and in exactly which fashion he wants to take us there.

January has certainly been a journey, and we may make the odd detour from February onwards, but at least we now look like a unit in the driving seat.

In Poch we trust.

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  1. I take it this a joke, or are you talking about your Tottenham team you have assembled on FIFA 15?

    An inform Burnley? Failure at the paws of the foxes? What? These are the worst two teams in the premiership. in reality they are Championship sides masquerading for one year in the Premiership. The difference between us and those two teams, plus all the other average mediocre teams that we play and either lose to or scramble a last minute winner is that they all know that they are average but they try and work hard and fight.

    we though are average, think we are better than we are and cannot be bothered to put the effort in. There is no pride, passion, guts or fight. We are completely rudderless, look at the reaction when we concede a goal. Shameless.

    it's a really nice little piece you have written and we are all jolly excited that we are making such super progress and I can't wait to wet my pants when we sign another really super over rated waste of space with 2 minutes to how before the transfer window shuts.

    Let's hope it's not too cold and the fans aren't too noisy at sheffield on Wednesday it's a real nuisance going up there to play in a cup game and represent this football club. Poor footballers.

    The fans are being mugged off big time

    • It's good when the "average" teams that "try and work hard and fight" win. It was especially good for lower division teams like Middlesbrough and Bradford City beating top teams Man City and Chelsea. It'll be good for the neutrals and the game if the underdog Sheff Utd beat Spurs on Wednesday. It wont be the end of the world for Spurs. I'm a Spurs supporter and they will still in the hunt for a top 4 place in the Premiership and the Europa League.

      Don't take defeat so seriously, Bored. It's only a game of football after all.

    • Yep…my thoughts anyone can think we are going anywhere fast….not with these wasters or the manager who after getting a good level of fitness from his players then states that they can't manage two games in a week?…..get rid…this isn't a Spurs team who you can be proud of…..

  2. The FACT is we ARE in a better place now than 3 months ago. The FACT is Harry Kane has come good. And the point of the article is that we are still a topsy-turvey team. Yes, there are still approaches to address and no, we're not going to the top at a rate of knots BUT we are starting to show signs. I knew as a breed we Spurs fans are generally pessimistic but come on…

  3. There's being an optimist then being stupid. We are going no where 6th place finish under avb the 2nd. Levy is the poison in our club.

  4. Listen I don't want to come across all doom and gloom – but….remember when A Dross Life's End was good – he scored for England and was superman ? There are signs that the same is happening to Harry Kane. His touch has got poorer and defenses know about him. I just hope I am wrong but the signs are there !!!


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