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The past weekend was pretty much back to the same old Spurs, no attack, slow inept defense and a midfield frustrated with their team. Lamela was good, not great; he moved and looked for space and opportunities and no one listen carefully, no one was there to give him options, he had to drop the ball back because no opportunities were available up front. You could clearly see Lamela’s facial expression-pure frustration- and could you blame him?

Eriksen was at his best, moving back and forth, pushing forward and trying to create the opportunity for goal, something no one else seems capable of. Eriksen at one point seemed fit to play as a striker rather than an attacking midfielder, he was looking for shots available, because once again, we had a lone striker and he wasn’t up to the task. I have never doubted Eriksen’s ability because to me he keeps performing and shows why he is so talented, to me he is a leader with nothing to prove, but at this rate both him and Lamela will look for green pastures if this mediocre performances continue.

Lloris was great, as always he keeps us from getting trashed (forgetting last year’s performances against top four); He is always position well, the first goal was a beauty by Aguero but I still think we could have done a better job of preventing it, granted Lampard was blocking Lloris’ view and well, nothing you can do about things like that. Kaboul should have communicated with Dier, switch spots or something to assure Aguero was covered, but once again (get my drift) our “leader” failed us and instead he tuck his hands behind him, and waited to see what Aguero was going to do, oh look he took a shot, imagine that! At what point you tell a defender, STEP TO THE BALL, don’t sit and wait to see what the striker is going to do, force him wide or out or to pass back, don’t sit and wait. Obviously Kaboul had the assignment of covering Aguero but I don’t think he is fit to cover such player, Aguero is quick and makes fast cuts (ankle breaker anyone?) which means you need a defender that stands his ground, Kaboul usually gives a lot of space and always waits until the striker makes a move, which has proven to be a mistake and how we give up a lot of goals. I like Kaboul as a person don’t get me wrong but as a starter, better yet as a captain, I don’t think he makes the cut; he is at best a sub not a starter.

Soldado oh Soldado how do I describe his performances… wait which ones? He is struggling to adapt and I don’t think he will, ever! The chances he is given mean nothing because he can’t produce, besides he is more of the type of striker that needs someone to feed him the ball in the box and he will (maybe, just maybe) make something happen, but he still needs a partner to help him out. Eriksen or Lamela won’t do it because they know nothing will come of it, so why waste a pass. His PKs are very predictable and Hart knew it, so here we go again, another wasted opportunity. Taking a loss on a player isn’t always good but on this case, I’d say we ship him back to La Liga and let’s move forward with plan B, be Kane or someone else, but we need attack desperately.

All in all we will never accomplish top 4 spot if we can’t defeat City or Arsenal or any of those high caliber teams…well let’s not get crazy about Arsenal, they are struggling this season and we should have beat them when we played them, the draw was disappointing, but that’s a different story now.

At this rate we will end up losing players like Eriksen, Vertonghen, Lamela, Lloris because our poor progress. I know most people have different views on Vertonghen but he has more agility and high IQ to understand his position (yes he has made mistakes before) and not allow a striker inside the box to freely take a shot.

Drastic changes are needed up front and in the back; our midfield has lots of potential and is perhaps our brightest point thus far. If no changes are made then, we are in for another disappointing season and we will not make any progress towards Champions League football.

I love my SPURS and will always support them through good or bad times.    –COYS-

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