Gutted but fair play to everyone associated with the club for a fantastic season

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We may have drawn today but I’m very proud of what this squad has achieved this season and also for standing up to what can only be described as pure undiluted scum earlier. Shame we couldn’t hold on for the 3 points in the end but I think we’ve hopefully seen the start of something a bit special at the club.

Hats off to Leicester, they got the results they needed at crucial times with a very large helping of luck for the most part. We were not only up against Leicester each week but the rest of the country. I still believe that over the course of the season we have been the best team (certainly from a footballing perspective) but we really needed to convert some of those draws to wins after such an ordinary start. Truth be told I think the last 10 games tells you the story and Leicester have secured the vital wins, however, I personally did not see any other teams really raising their games against them. Look at WBA last week, nothing to play for yet went in 110% for every challenge. Swansea on the other hand gift Leicester the 3 points then comprehensively beat Liverpool this week.

I think we all know that if we got to the last game and we needed Chelsea to beat Leicester they would happily have rolled over just to scupper us.

Key takeouts for next season:

We learn to really kills teams off when we are in the ascendancy (points lost v Stoke (2), Newcastle (3), Everton (4), Arsenal (2), WBA (2) Chelsea (2)

We fightback when we have to but become a bit cleverer around how we ruff up the opposition if they want to mix it. I like it that we are no longer a soft touch but we need the likes of Alli and Dembele playing every week not suspended.

We can’t rely on anyone but ourselves (not one team has done us a favor during the run in)

For me it’s impossible to pick our player of the season, so many have excelled but in no order I think it’s fair to say Toby, Kane, Alli, Dier, Dembele, Lloris, Rose have all been magnificent and that’s not even mentioning the likes of Eriksen, Walker, Vertonghen and on occasion Lamela. With the addition of 3-4 real quality players over the summer I think we’ll have a much stronger start to the season.

Every Spurs fan would have taken Champions League at the start of the season and I’m hoping this will allow us to attract a different class of player to the club in the summer. Add to this that there will be new managers at at least 2 of the bigger clubs I think we can use this season as a platform to become even more consistent next season. No doubt big money will be spent by other teams over the summer but I think a certain breed of player will now want to join us having seen what we’ve done this year along with all the potential within the current squad.

I think the way we’ve gone about our business this season has been 1st class. Not once has MP slagged off an opposition manager, team or referee and he was the first to congratulate Leicester. This season we’ve won over many opposition managers and in some cases fans, they know when we are on top of our game we are very hard to live with.

Add to that the buzz of a new stadium and things are definitely looking good.

Now all we have to do is finish above that other piece of scum…



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  1. Too right…Thanks for no claptrap about our player's behaviour that I have seen on other blogs (and this from Spurs supporters). Proud. COYS!!

  2. I am glad to finally read something that I had thought would have got a fair bit of commentary this week but hasn't That the comments coming from the Chelsea players and coach, clearly indicated that they would be prepared to rollover in the last game, if it meant Leicester would win the title at that point. While they would probably refuse to acknowledge that was what they meant, it was always clear, that could be the implication. We might have lost the title, but drew the game and with 9 yellow cards, probably won the fight(s) Mind you it might leave us fighting for fourth place if we lose too many players, specially as So'ton and Newcastle have picked up towards this end of the season, in which case we would not want Liverpool to win the European competition. But if we can show the same and fight and dedication in killing games off next year, we will be a better side for it.

  3. All last night's yellows were deserved – they were for clear cynical or poor tackles, and we could have had no complaints if Dier, Walker, Dembele and Lamela had got reds as well. That's apparently the sign of team spirit and character for some Spurs fans, so they're presumably going to drop the high moral tone so many adopt in talking about chavs, bindippers and the rest – we're in the gutter with the worst of them, and they're pleased – Bill Nick would be turning in his grave!

  4. *Well done Spurs you've been GREAT! you are GREAT! Lelcester a fluke! wont happen next season! COYS!!! X


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