What has happened to Eriksen?

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Spurs endured a tough away game in Germany on Tuesday, but the one occurring question after the 0-0 against Bournemouth was the continued frustration of Eriksen’s below-par performances. The Dane used to have his ‘number 23’ song blasted out around grounds everytime he scored a worldy or gave a fantastic assist. It seems an awful long time since I remember singing that melody and maybe that is down to the poor displays.

His desire has been questioned by former professionals and frustration is creeping in when he makes a bad decision in a good area of the field. Yesterday against the Cherries, he failed to send a through ball into the feet of Dele Alli- instead,  over hitting the pass and conceding possession in a vital place.

Eriksen is a good player but many believed that his pay demand was subject to his poor performances at the beginning of the season, but that has since been resolved and he simply hasn’t reached his potential. Lamela had a sticky encounter yesterday, but has relished his chances under Pochettino. It does make us wonder how long it will take before the Dane is dropped because against West Brom too,he hadn’t his best game and seemed one step behind Dele and the forward line.

It seems too easy when Eriksen gets barged and blocked off the ball as the midfielder lacks strength and looks demoted of confidence. Under Tim Sherwood, he was the star of our midfield and relished being the main man; hence having a standout season in our worst season since 2007/2008. That campaign we finished sixth behind Roberto Martinez’s Everton and were miles behind the top four. Our midfield was filled with square pegs in round holes, with players like Capoue and an aging Lennon attempting to fill in the gaps left by Gareth Bale. These partners were fairly average and any decent player would look better with them.

I am not calling Eriksen overrated but his best season for us was when we had virtually nothing to play for and only really wanted to push towards a Europa League spot. It could be that our midfield has majorly improved since Pochettino walked through the White Hart Lane doors, and Eriksen is no longer impressing as much,due to players like Alli and Dier adding extra comfort in the central areas.

When the going gets tough, he seems to lack hunger and often goes missing when we really need light at the end of the tunnel- just look at the display against Bournemouth. He seemed to lack aggression and went missing in the first half.

He has had moments of brilliance this season, but his consistency has been a problem. That issue seems to be going under the radar as our unbeaten start is still in tact,but due to Sissoko not yet fully fitting in, the Dane has been given several opportunities to start and prove himself.

Eriksen has been very important for us and for our scheduled title and Champions League push, we need him to get up to tune in time for the Christmas run-in.




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  1. Lamella and Ericksen are our weak links and holding us back and I am sure Pooch is aware of this. We need NKoudou up and running and Maybe get Tom Carrol in for a game or two.

  2. I personally don't think Ericsson is the problem I think Lamella is & his poor performances are having a knock on affect on Ericssen!!

  3. Erikson is like Messi compared to lamela and as for the Carrol lease stop smoking whatever it is you’re smoking to even think he should be in our team!!!

    Lamela is an absolute joke and gives the ball away more than the rest of our midfield combined!!

    Can’t believe some rate him!

  4. Surely this is where Poch must show if he really is a top manager. Both Eriksen & Lamela have great natural ability. Eriksen can be wonderfully creative & Lamela has great energy & gets about the pitch with speed & appears to run forever, but both have been underperforming this season.

    If Poch is really as good as we believe, surely he can curb Lamela's recklessness & inspire both back to top form.

    There are other problems that are just as worrying as those two. I really believe that playing only one forward with no genuine width is a serious tactical failure. Time after time the lone striker is isolated & too easy to mark out of the game. Kane & Janssen both have the ability to hold the ball up but if there is no width defenders defend the width of the penalty box leaving no room in the centre.

    All too often we are forced to play balls into tightly defended central areas to the lone forward which is easy to defend against.

    Also our play has been too slow, even ponderous on occasions.

    Janssen hasn't yet scored, but I'm sure Kane would have struggled to do so playing this way. Our success last year was by playing fast attacking and closing down play, which seems to be missing this season.

    Let's hope Poch can manage to get all playing back to top form and get the tactics right & back to winning ways, then he will truly show all he is indeed what we all believe he is, a top quality coach.

  5. You guys have lost it. Eriksen and Lamela are the intelligent players in the team who can create chances. They are on a bad patch but will come good. Not much movement up top so we need kane badly. Janssen is too slow.

  6. Time for Eriksen to step aside. He has bovine too complacent and is not worthy of his place in our team.

    I would love to see Harry Winks given the opportunity to slot into our midfield, alongside the likes of Dembele, Ali, Wanyama, Dier and N’Koudou. He looks a good player and has some great potential. Perhaps this would also provide the kick up the backside that Eriksen needs at the moment.

    • Don't agree. Lamella loses the ball too often which is dangerous with a high back line & the other players don't know what he is going to do when he does manage to keep the bal!!!!!

  7. A very good post.

    Eriksen did have a good start to his Tottenham career when he became the focal point of a poor attacking squad. Christian was also new to the league, and opponents had not been given the opportunity to evaluate his game, strengths and weaknesses.

    I do not think that a lot of things have changed with Eriksen as a player. Money was not effecting his game as some naive people were suggesting or hoping.

    What really has happened is that Reality is finally setting in as far as his ability. Players have got better around him which should have resulted in an increase in production from him. Instead it is exposing how mediocre he actually is.

    Eriksen's decline has been evident for two seasons. Only those who cling on to the very subjective and opinionated created chance stats can provide an argument against this. Teams have figured out that he will not challenge for a 50-50 ball. His free kick stats are a complete JOKE. He is 0 for the last 74 dead ball attempts at goal. Christian does cover a lot of ground sometimes saddling up to an opponent who used to think he might take the ball but now they know he will not actually go for it and they mostly ignore him and walk around him like he is a pylon in practice. He jogs an impressive amount of distance I agree but this is football not track or cross country running. The opponents clearly now recognise his lack of pace and no longer dive in. They patiently wait for him to pass it back or sideways with no fear that he might actually take someone on. HIs lack of physical strengths further his inability to beat a man or win a challenge but that is not a concern because he wont risk a challenge anyways. I know that some people do not want to believe that he is not what they thought he was. The skilled ball player and thinkers are a rare commodity and I admire them like all of you. I have nothing but time and respect for a great passer who offers little defensively as their talent and impact on a match far outweigh their weaknesses. I was hoping that Eriksen may have been that type of player BUT HE IS NOT EVEN CLOSE.. He has been found out and is getting worse. I am amazed how loyal Poch has been to him. We have a great team and just need a few more ingredients to really do something for once. WE MUST recognise that Eriksen is just a very average player and get a real play maker into the squad we will always be knocking on the door but not opening it.

    Im not even saying that we have a player like this at Tottenham right now but we have players who offer more than the mythical overhyped becoming David Bentley number 23.

    • Only one player has more assists than Eriksen in the league so far this season. Only one player had more assists than Eriksen in the league last season. No spurs player has a higher percentage of forward passes by the way (74%), same as last season, but yeah very average, obviously…

      • Well Actually 4 Players have more assists than Eriksen, and a load of others have the same amount. How quickly people forget that although he was credited with 13 assists last season yet he had just TWO the previous year, so the master play maker has 18 assists in his last 78 games, and we had the top scorer in two of those seasons !! so that really is not impressive. He hasn't scored a free kick goal in over a calendar year. Yes that's right since the Swansea game in October of last season. Two of his goals last year against lowly Sunderland could easily have been counted as own goals they took huge deflections. Two of his assists this year came from that game against a sad Stoke squad and the first pass was intended for Wanyama but Son scored, the second assist he was given was when he rolled a 3 foot slightly forward pass to Son who with an amazing shot bent it in the top corner. A flattering assist. His 3rd assist was against the Baggies when after his shot was blocked it bumbled around his feet and he just poked it, Ali retrieved it and finished well but even Christian may tell you it was just a poke. A higher percentage of forward passes you say?? where is this stat from?? and if it is true perhaps that is because most passes are straight back to the player who gave it to him or sideways at best. Poch will eventually be forced to drop him and as time goes on, those fans, who full credit to you, for backing him are going to become really quiet. Unfortunately Eriksen is going to drift away and I hope it happens soon. We need to address the need for a real attacking creative guy. Can you Imagine if VDV was playing with this squad??

        • 3 players have more assists now, 3.. Prior to the ninth round it was only De Bryune who had more. "Loads" equal 8 apparentley.
          Your "analysis" of Eriksen's assists is laughable to put it mild and what you think you know about what's gning on in Eriksen's mind is irrelevant.
          You clearly only remember what you want to remember so let me refresh your memory: before rolling "a 3 foot slightly forward" Eriksen had made a brillant flick over the head of a charging Store defender and sprinted 25 yards towards goal laying the ball neatly at Son's feet. Son's finish was outstanding, but that shouldn't take anything from Eriksen's great work.
          His pass for Son's first goal was obviously meant for Son. I have no idea how you come to the conversion that it was meant for Wanyama..
          Same goes for Dele's goal. Eriksen man have just poked the ball a few yards to the right, but if he hadn't, how would Dele have gotten the ball?
          Two seasons ago Eriksen only had two assists yes, but he scored 10 league goals and many of them at crusial moments.
          Eriksen is a one touch player he keeps the ball moving quickly at all times and rarely tages unnecessary touches, you should try watching him more closely.

          All stats are from squawka.

          • Sorry Steve you are right 3 players have more at the moment. I do consider 8 players at the same number as loads.

            Haha, I hardly claimed to know what was going on in Eriksen's mind. If you are referring to the assist on Sons goal my opinion that the pass was intended for Wanyama was based on his pass. Steve just for a moment go back and look at it again. Wanyama is running in and Son quickly moves into his path. Eriksen as you keep mentioning is a great passer. If his pass was meant for Son do you think he would have hit it that hard at him making it that difficult for him ???? When he scored the ten goals I was happier with him and I wouldn't care if he played poorly all the time if he scored 10 a year. Fact is he doesn't, and if he is not creating he offers nothing else. Well he does clock up kilometres jogging around and is always just 3 feet away before they pass or walk by him. He took 95% of our free kicks last year so his assist tally should be higher, and corners. Now he has been terrible with them as well. Just an average player who I hope we get rid of soon. In two years time remember our chat. COYS!!!

  8. Lamela has a few bad games and he should be dropped. Eriksen's been shit since last season but the 'fans' are simply waiting for him to become the club's next Modric. Not gonna happen. This guy's bang average. One or two good games in patches and that's it. Even Capoue could do that. Rather give Lamela the creative role and see how he goes. At least he's improving season by season unlike Eriksen who's in a downward trajectory.


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