Can Harry Kane Possibly Live Up To His Hype

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All football fans who have read an article, or turned on a television, know who Harry Kane is. As Spurs supporters, we know and love our wonderkid, and he’s one of our own. He is not only our star, but also the Three Lions newest and most promising prospect. Let’s just say that calling all the pressure and hype surrounding him “immense” may be the understatement of the year.

After his amazing and overwhelmingly impressive season, Hurri-Kane Harry faces what may be the greatest expectations of any young footballer on the planet. Can we realistically expect another outstanding season? Is Harry doomed to disappoint? We will delve into these questions, and learn what we can realistically expect this season.

Firstly, we must stay grounded in our expectations. When I say that, I mean that we cannot get carried away. Even though it hurts to admit it, Harry is just a man. He is not Superman or an angel, he is, though amazing, a mere mortal. We must recognize the fact he has limits, and we can’t expect him to score 30+ goals every season.

I am not saying he is not capable of this, I firmly believe that if he fulfills his full potential, he will be one of if not the best striker in the world. He has proven himself to be consistent. Most youngsters tend to fluctuate in their breakout season, they have an amazing stretch of matches, then they die down. Kane stayed consistent over the entire season, proving his skill. Did he have bad stretches? Yes, all great players do, but his were few and short. He showed he is the real deal.

Harry Kane has the talent to become what we all desperately want him to be. He has shown he has the pace, strength, stamina, and overall skill to be a great striker, but we shouldn’t expect him to be the next Gary Lineker, or Alan Shearer. He is one of a kind, and shouldn’t be compared to the past greats. He is one of the most special prospects in football, and historically players like him tend to break under the immense pressure. Kane is different though, and I believe he will be great for us this season and many more in the future. Unfortunately, we are going to have to wait a few  years to see if he will be our next great hero. COYS

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