Harry Redknapp: A Tottenham hero but he should show more class

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Dom Le Roy

There can be little doubt that Harry Redknapp was one of the best managers in Tottenham’s recent history. He led the Club out of the relegation danger when he took over, and achieved two top-four finishes in the Premier League. Alongside that he led Tottenham to the Champions League Quarter Final, where we went out to Real Madrid. No Tottenham fan will forget that great campaign when we thrashed Inter Milan at White Hart Lane and when we beat AC Milan at the San Siro. These were memorable nights that us fans can only long for now. Redknapp was the man to thank for our success. He got the best out of players like Gareth Bale and Luka Modric, he added superbly to our squad with the additions of players such as Brad Friedel, Sandro and of course, Rafael Van der Vaart. However, most crucially he played a stunning brand of expansive football that won the Club plaudits across the country. Since his departure, we have longed for Redknapp’s style of football to be played again.

His departure was untimely and unexpected. After the FA had appointed Roy Hodgson as manager of the England national team, it seemed definite that Redknapp would stay and continue his fine work at White Hart Lane. However, Daniel Levy had different ideas. In the end Redknapp was sacked, and Levy must regret his decision ever since. Since his departure Tottenham have finished fifth twice, sixth once, but have in reality been miles off the top-four in the last two seasons.

Since his departure, Redknapp has become more prevalent in the media. We all know he has always loved to be on the media’s good side and be in the media spotlight, after all transfer deadline day is proof of that. However, whilst becoming more established in the media, Redknapp has taken several swipes at Tottenham. The latest came in his recent blog for Kicca, where he stated that “Tottenham have been a major disappointment since he had left.” He went on to argue that “all that £120m or whatever they spent from (selling) Bale and Modric has been pretty much wasted.” There is truth to what Redknapp is saying, we have gone downhill since he left and money has been wasted in past transfer windows, however, he should not be saying it. He should show more class and not pile more pressure on the Club’s current manager, Mauricio Pochettino. Redknapp’s comments make Pochettino’s job harder and his life more difficult, at a time when he is trying to build a Tottenham squad that is capable of matching and surpassing the successes of Redknapp’s.

Redknapp did a terrific job for the Club, but the past is the past and he should refrain from making such critical comments about the Club and its playing staff. After all, it will only detract from the great work he did at the Club.

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  1. Harry had two world class players in his squad (not bought by him) and he achieved virtually nothing with them. He wasted 90 million on crap players, only two (kaboul and parker) of whom were actually getting any game time in redknapp's final season. For all the criticism AVB faced, he led spurs to a higher points tally than any other manager in the prem, and all us to the quarters I the Europa despite having lost modric, got bale playing at a level that won us the 100 million euros and managed to get rid of most of the crap we had left over from harry.
    Sherwooods reign i'd rather forget, but pochettino has got us playing some really exciting football, has several our attackers looking top class and has barely spent a penny so far. Spurs are a couple of tweeks off being a proper champions league team under poch. We were always pretenders under harry as our record against the top teams showed.
    Harry should just shut up. He treated spurs like shit in the end and Daniel Levy treated him like he deserved.

  2. It's very easy to disagree with most things he says because he's one of the most self serving idiots on the planet.

    Didn't sign Bale. Said he would always be a left back and tried to sell him.
    Didn't sign Modric. Played him on the wing for ages.
    Didn't sign Sandro. That was entirely Ian Broomfield and Harry has said so himself.
    Didn't sign VDV. That was Levy dealing with Real. Probably the start of our "special relationship".

    March 2012 he says players don't care who their manager is next season when he is favourite for England job.
    May 2012 he says players worry if they know their manager only has a year left on his contract, unsurprisingly once the England job was gone.

    The man is a clown and deserves to be where he is now. Nowhere.

  3. I would not put Harry Redknapp anywhere near the likes of Sir Alf Ramsey, Bill Nicholson or even Keith Burkinshaw. More like Judas! Please no more talk of 'hero'!

  4. In short, Redknapp is a mouthy self serving idiot who brought about his own downfall at Spurs even when the club stood by him during his trial for tax evasion. Daniel Levy offered to extend his contract but his friends in the press/media assured him that he was a dead cert to get the England job and guess what, the clown took their word for it and he told Levy to leave any contract discussions to the end of the season, feeling that he will be offered the England job. At that point, we were 12 points ahead of Arsenal but this hero as you called him, was away with the fairies and neglected his duties to Spurs. The rest is history. Just a little something you failed to mention in your article. The clown had to go and duly was shown the door. He is just a bitter twisted classless little hasbeen who wont miss an opportunity to stick the boot in from as distance. His son is a definite chip off the old block.

  5. Yer his crap redknapp I mean what did he do at spurs took us from a relegation side to champions league in a season two top 4 finishes and one 5th wile playing great football . Not like all the other managers we have had in the last ten years he is the worst . Get a grip you bunch of melts

  6. Harry the twitch is not a spurs hero most of the player he brought in were 2nd rate yes he finished 4th so what lost a cup final and lost a fa cup semi to the club he sent bust Portsmouth hero my arse

  7. He specifically called Van der Vaart 'a gift' from Daniel (Levy).

    We played some great football under him, and had some great nights – but we also played some dreadful football where we couldn't break down bottom half teams who parked the bus. Funny, the myth-makers have forgotten those games. Hands up who remembers Mr Redknapp taking off a forward and bringing on a defensive midfielder in a game we had to win, against the absolute worst Villa team I have ever seen, at Villa Park.

    Yeah, Levy just couldn't helping sacking him and really regrets it now. Or in the real World: Mr Redknapp was a 67 YO who had just had heart surgery, been supported through a major criminal investigation, lost a 13 point lead through utter negligence as he thought he had the England job in the bag, and after having rejected a new contract (again, because he thought he had the England job) he suddenly decided he wanted to stay at Spurs after all, hired an aggressive new agent and proceeded to harass Daniel Levy about it when the man was literally standing at his mother's graveside burying her. Yeah, no reason to dismiss him what so ever.

    Look, he gave us some great memories and we played some great football – if it was just left like that most folk would be happy. But this mythologised Dutch 1970's Total Football BS is just that – BS, and it was probably the right time to let him go as he had reached him ceiling, and that is without restating all the other reasons mentioned above as to why Daniel Levy isn't guilty of just sacking an innocent lickle lambkins for no other reason than his capricious will.

  8. Our level of football was a lot better than previous years under Harry he was good for us but showing his self up now and he did get head turned by England job we will never get that football back till replace Luka modric I do like mason but he should not be a starter every week good squad player.


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