There is still hope, even if it is a fool’s hope

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
Dom Le Roy

Our defeat to the gooners was sadly the final nail in the coffin of our challenge to qualify for the champions league, although I was pleased with the character and effort the lads put in, we just didn’t have the quality to make our supposed dominance count, I have often said that our squad is a diamond in the rough, and with the right manager we will be back on track, sadly Tim is certainly not that manager, when your own fans boo your baffling substitutions then the writings on the wall I’m afraid, also Tim’s tantrums on the touchline and his bullish and charmless after match interviews are certainly not winning him any friends, and if we fail to pull off a miracle against Benfica on Thursday, then our final eight premier league games are going to be torturous to say the least.

In their zeal some fans are even calling for Sherwood to be sacked now and others are calling for the head of Daniel Levy, neither of these things will help us, knee jerk reactions rarely do, what we need is clarification from ENIC and Levy about their plans for next season, swift decisive action is needed, at the end of the season Tim must be put out of his misery quickly, then if an agreement can be reached with Van Gaal, then please announce this early in the summer, so that everything is in place after Van Gaal has finished with Holland at the world cup, finally we need to get rid of Baldini and the DOF position so that Van Gaal has full control and there is no disputes on the signing of players, talking of signing players, a new left back and striker is badly needed, and after witnessing the gaping holes in the centre of our defence against Arsenal, a new centre back would be advisable too.

A lot of the criticism Spurs are receiving at the moment is that we have wasted 100 million, and the way we have failed miserably to qualify for the champions league, it is hard to argue against this, however it is not fair to judge players after one season, especially considering that ALL of our seven signings came from outside of the premiership, and were thrown in at the deep end of a squad which had already seen many departures last summer, unfortunately our expectations were raised high with the excitement of seeing so many international class players joining, while breaking our transfer record three times in the process, little thought was given to how our seven new signings were meant to hit the ground running straight away, and when our new manager arrives (Van Gaal please), I hope he builds his team around our young stars like Eriksen and Lamela, as these two (with the right management), have the potential to be our next two superstars.

We must look to next season for any hope, even if it’s a fools hope !, I believe Van Gaal is the man to transform us next year and do with us, what Brenden Rogers has done for Liverpool this season, as I have indicated above I think just a couple of shrewd signings can bring balance to our team, Van Gaal will also bring a concrete footballing philosophy to our team, and the days of seeing our high line defence split open or Dawson pumping endless hopeful long balls to Ade will be a thing of the past !. COYS

PS: Would it be too much to ask for the players to perform a miracle against Benfica on Thursday ?, To Dare is to Do ?……right ? COYS.

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  1. Nice piece pal, I concur with your analysis. Louis and Lamela to take us forward next year. I like Remy, think he would be excellent for us. COYS

  2. Yup come on van Gaal prove to us what a fantastic manager you are,if you dont go to Manu that is.I give you 4-5 games and if we are not top of the EPL,they'll want to hang you,its the Spurs way.How are Holland doing under you ?I think you lost the last game didnt you.

  3. Coys

    Pls tell me why i think we can do the unthinkable on thursday? We tore inter apart at the san siro maybe im still in dream land

  4. Knee jerks got us into this mess in the first place and hopefully AVB will show those particular jerks there error of their knee jerking ways at Zenit

  5. Great piece, I agree with what you say. Van Gaal has to come in the summer. My only worry is that we are being linked with Konoplyanka at the moment. I'm not saying he's a bad player but I don't want us to start signing players without knowing who the manager will be next season. Unless Van Gaal has told Levy to go and get him?


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